(TPA) Waffle (belgian)

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Seductive,delicious taste of banana waffle with chocolate.hope you mix and enjoy this recipe.needs 15 days steeping but i think it is worth the wait


Just absolutely on point. I’ve made a crap ton of waffle recipes but none like this. This is a one shot. Blows any blueberry pancake waffle recipe completely out of the water. My customers love this recipe they just love it. Blueberry graham waffle lacks in the waffle so I backed it up with the Belgian waffle and biscuit. Obviously the blueberry from fw is more of a candied blueberry witch fits here because as soon as you dump maple syrup on a real blueberry you’ve got candied blueberries. And the whip cream just tops it off and it’s supposed to be sweet but really it’s not that sweet. It’s just right. You can literally taste the separate layers in this recipe. I will be supersizing my 10 ml bottle of blueberry graham waffle by flavor west. You could use either maple syrups fa or tfa there both great


The Jam monster cloneeeeeeeee!

This is my first mix I have posted I've been mixing for adopt 6 months stalking on reddit and diyordie wed site just been in the back learning as I can
I went with FW blueberry graham waffle as my foundation and used the others to kinda back it up as I felt it needed lots of help

This is my recipe for killer waffles.

We start with the top
I decided to follow the direction of blueberry and raspberries.

The waffles.
For the body I use Cap sugar cookie, Fw yellow cake, Tpa Belgian waffle and Cap Vc to complete the waffle combo.

I decided to leave the syrup as an accent note and not take it to the front for that Cap caramel and Fw Dulce de Leche.

Thats it a killers waffles.


Remix of French Dude


Waffle Me This? This is my final version of Strawberry Waffle. As I mentioned in V1 of Strawberry Waffle, my local vape shop mixed this recipe and I fell in love with it when I first started vaping. It got too expensive for me to buy and that's when I began mixing. This was a riddle that I had to crack.....10 months later I finally think I have it where it needs to be.
To celebrate "remix" month or "clone" month I'm releasing this recipe.

This recipe has a nice Belgian waffle taste smothered in maple syrup and strawberry syrup with a slight hint of freshly whipped cream. It has a great full mouth feel and is perfect with a nice cup of your favorite coffee. You may want to lower the CAP Super Sweet to .25% if you want less sweetness, but I like it at .5%

Steep 5 days is best
Please comment, mix, and or rate,...it makes us all better mixers. Enjoy :-)


Gofry its banana strawberry waffles Still in progress. All feedback is appreciated


One version of a "French dude" remix that I've been working on.
A very sweet, buttery waffle base drizzled with blueberry & maple syrup.

Notes and subs:
JF biscuit can be subbed for INW at the same %. They are close enough to sub and I just prefer the JF in general.

This mix needs to steep, off the bat the biscuit dominates and needs time to calm down.

Super sweet can be upped to 1% for more store-bought sugariness.

French Vanilla Creme can be subbed for TFA VBIC at same %

If you don't have INW waffle just leave it out - it adds some authenticity to the waffle base, and is definitely a worthy inclusion but not 100% necessary.
In a pinch you could sub the INW waffle for FW at 2-3%

Happy new year!

Base idea was taken from Wayne's recipe Strawberry icecream cone.I changed a few ingredients to make it taste more like a belgium sugarwaffle than an icecreamcone.Also the ingredients for the icecream are changed. I already made a batch of this last week, did came out really nice after one week of steeping. On the inhale you will taste this typical sugarwaffle that they make here and on the exhale a nice creamy strawberry icecream. Have fun with trying it out and please give me some feedback.

With greetings from belgium Chefproject

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