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(TPA) Vanilla Swirl

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: additive bakery custard dairy dessert vanilla

Used in 7703 recipes at an average of 2.065%.


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Inspired by the most recent episode of Noted. I had been wanting to mix Yakima Hops with FLV Mango but wasn't sure in which way. I had completely forgotten that I owned FE Mango. So, I slapped those three together and began thinking what else would go with it. A mix of TFA Vanilla Swirl and VT Yoghurt Drink to mix it into a smoothie type situation. CAP Golden Pineapple and FLV Sweet Coconut seemed like perfect complements, as well. Finally, a heaping dose of WS-23 to cool it all down. This is smooth as hell and vapable right off the shake. Hope this scratches an itch for somebody . . . enjoy!

My take on a fluffy pink cotton candy that one may get at a fair or carnival.

I'm just a newbie in the mixing game and this is my first shared recipe, so be warned lol. But after 3 people tried it and said it was a good vape that fit the profile I was going for I decided to jump off the high board and share it.

All critics, comments, and reviews would be greatly appreciated.


Chocolate creamy pudding with a Graham crust for Mixing with me Mates!

A creamy butterscotch RY4 inspired by the deliciousness of Glas Basix "Butterscotch Reserve."

Even though I was initially going for the Glas profile, at the end of the journey it turned into something completely different. This recipe ticks all the flavor profile boxes and is a satisfying desert tobacco vape that you can enjoy almost immediately. I always try to keep some on hand, but if I run out...shake and vape, baby! It just gets better over time.

Flavor profiles:

Creamy. TPA DX Sweet Cream and Vanilla Swirl combine to add a creamy sweetness with no custard notes. The ripple from FW Butterscotch Ripple also adds to the creaminess. The foundation.

Butterscotch. FA Butterscotch adds punch to the FA Caramel. Butterscotch Ripple adds a creamy roundness to really bring out the above flavors and enhance the caramel notes in the RY4.

RY4. RY4 Double--a staple and the star of the show. At this percentage it holds up to and is enhanced by all of the supporting flavors. The other flavors round out and smooth the RY4 Double, which can sometimes be overly harsh. I tried a number of different tobacco flavors and keep coming back to RY4D.

RY4, Sweet Cream, and Vanilla Swirl has been a solid ADV for me for some time, but this recipe really hits the spot when I'm looking for that something extra, which recently has been most of the time. Enjoy!

Going for a Julius here..It's not all the way there but it's pretty good! May have to find another orange to add in to make it a little more orange punchy...

I decided to try out my FA pear after watching the latest DIYORDIE Noted episode! Really happy with the way this turned out!

FA PEAR- This is the only pear I have right now and it does a great job of giving you that juicy and sweet inside of a pear while also giving a subtle note of the skin and texture of the outside.

FW GUAVA- This concentrate is so versatile. I have actually never tasted real guava, but i love the way that this helps gives the strawberry a different dimension.

TPA STRAWBERRY- Probably my all time favorite flavor. A sweet candy like strawberry that works almost anywhere.

RF STRAWBERRY- A softer candy strawberry that gives the TPA Strawberry a juicier, chewier quality that I love.

LB VANILLA ICE CREAM & TPA VANILLA SWIRL- These 2 ice creams together add the perfect creamy vanilla finish, while also helping to blend everything together and smooth them out.

If you havent checked out BADESIGN over on ELR yet you are missing out. He showed me the ropes of DIY and helped me really come to enjoy mixing my own recipes.

Lemme know what you all think!

I found this recipe, but i do not take credit for it! (forgot where i saw this posted elsewhere) and I thought it deserved a post here! Im not sure what kind of license it should have so I left it as is!

All I can say is this recipe REALLY reminds me of pink starburst....


Strawberry, Guava mix great for summer. I hope that you enjoy. Please comment.

Thick creamy bananas blended in a decadent rich milky smoothie.

Not my recipe!! But so good especially for those who love Menthol...Supposedly this stuff will clear out Vaper's tongue and I have found that it clears you out period!! LoL ..I added some ws23 to give a little more throat hit

Original Recipe here

Flavor Notes

By: Chrisdvr1 Score: 80 / 100 Solo: 5.0% Mix: 2.5% Steep: 3 days Difficulty: 60 / 100

Smooth sweet cream with a sharp vanilla, and a lite buttery finish.

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