(TPA) Vanilla Custard 2

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Here we have "Pâte à Choux" or French Cruller. This is a very airy puff subtle pastry with a light Vanilla-Lemon type Frosting. It comes alive after 7-8 days. The icing seems better developed as the Custard adds a touch of that eggy note. Hope you like it as much as I do...Enjoy!!

Nice malty banana shake that goes well with morning french vanilla coffee. devon cream gives this choclate note but its creamy buttery goodness overrides after a day or so. Vanilla custard and yogurt has alwasy been a favorite of mine when it needs a thick creamy custardy vibe. Its another must try... Enjoy #JMWP


A simple Strawberry Shortcake utilizing the new FA Vanilla Cookie

This is something I put together with some of my favorite dessert flavorings. I ran out of yes we cheesecake which is what I usually use as a base but the custard and ice cream along with Graham cracker may do a better job. Great summer treat. I hope you all enjoy summer after covid had us all indoors.

If you love hazelnut and custard, this recipe was meant for you. Based off my 3 day steep custard (which can actually be vaped before three days) the vanilla pudding, cookie, vanilla custard 2 and super sweet make a delicious custard base that you don't have to wait weeks for! Creamy Hazelnut and Dx Hazelnut work like a dream together here and it's already became one of my ADV vapes!

This stuff makes me think of amy from silverback somewhat, smooth vanilla, peanut butter, and malty goodness. yum

After tasting WF Creme Brulee Cookie and with the new Orange Cream out I had to create this to showcase these two flavours.

VT Creme Brulee is one of, if not my favourite Creme Brulee, so adding this is in was always on the cards, at 1.5% this gives a creamy creme backbone with a wonderful caramelised sugar topping that works perfectly with WF Creme Brulee Cookie, the creme brulee in this flavour gives depth to the VT, the cookie note forms the basis of the cookie part of this recipe, the cookie is further enhanced with the use of CAP Sugar Cookie to enhance those crispy cookie notes amd WF Cookie Dough to give depth and provide the cookie mouthfeel.

WF Orange Cream is a silky blend of cream and a great orange flavour even if slightly artificial, the orange isn't too juicy/wet in this so is perfect to use for creamy mixes without making the whole thing 'soggy'

Vanilla custard 2 added for a boost to the creme part of the VT Creme Brulee and add some additional vanilla to the mix.

FLV Vanilla pudding used to thicken up the whole mix and add a rich deep vanilla

Vanilla Custard STUFFED Glazed Doughnut, an homage to my original recipe, A Better Glazed Doughnut. that recipe was very hit and miss with some due to cap glazed donut on its own giving off that playdough vibe. this combo of cap wf tfa help that go away some for those sensitive to it, and at the same time add some more depth to the donut flavor in the recipe.

shake and vapeable, but probably best after a week or two steeping.

Traditional Vanilla and caramel custard with hints of cookie bits that have been soaked into the custard pudding

Inspired by the description of a commercial juice.
A tasty blend of Skittles candy and silky cream
Tested on a profile 1.5 @ 0.13ohms at approx 100w

MB Skitta at 5% is good enough to stand out as the only Skittles type flavouring needed, pretty authentic on it's own, WF Cotton Candy Jelly Bean @2% just gives the extra sweetness, mouthfeel and candy coating needed to recreate the iconic candies.

Bavarian cream from FW used here at 3.25% to give a delocious lightly stiff cream and to give some light caramel like notes in the bacground, clotted cream fudge from CCW at 1.75% thickens the overall mouthfeel up whilst further enhancing the 'chewiness' of the candies.

Finally TFA VC 2 used to give a thick almost pudding like mouthfeel to the cream layer and to pop up some of the vanillas.

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