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(TPA) Vanilla Custard

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: bakery custard dessert vanilla

Used in 1690 recipes at an average of 2.798%.


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Trying to create a Cloud Stout VSOP clone!
The longer the steep the better it gets. I don't remember where I got the recipe from, but the percentages and the ingredients have been tweaked by me to make it a better companion to coffee.
If anyone knows where this recipe is from, please let me know and I will put their link here to give credit. Thanks!

This is my take on a pistachio tobacco flavor. I let mine steep for about a month.

TFA- Vanilla Custard - I only used this because I ordered a 4oz bottle on accident. It would probably be leagues better with CAP vanilla custard V1. If you use V2 idk what to tell you I don't use it.

WF- Vanilla Ruyan Custard - The main Tobacco note here. I started off by grabbing some to add to my regular vanilla custard at .25%. It's a very rich creamy tobacco.

INW- Yes, We Cheesecake - This is used here to pair with the custard. You can use CAP New York Cheesecake at 2.5% and Some INW Biscuit at .25% instead if you don't have this.

TFA- Pistachio - My personal favorite pistachio. All of the others are too dry to use for this recipe. I suppose you could use pistachio cream at around 1.25% instead if you do not have tfa.

VT- Butterscotch - Personally I do not like caramel so I use butterscotch instead. You can sub your favorite caramel or I would have used FW butterscotch ripple at 2%.

INW- 7Leaves - Used here to boost that tobacco note slightly.

FLV- Popcorn - Used here for its butter notes.

Also you don't have to add any additional sweetners or additives they are only there because that is how I personally like to vape them. You can sub the EM for FLV cotton candy at the same percentage. If you use CAP vanilla custard V1 don't use vanillin you don't need it.

STEEP TIME- I steep all of my custard for a max of 30 days if I can. Give yours about a week and you should be good.

Obviously,a creamy tobacco mix.I hope you mix and enjoy this!

Actually i was working on a base, but i love this Custard Mix pur to much! A strong vanilla taste, with a hint of lemon. I can imagine, the people who like a stronger lemon can add some FA Lemon Sicily and it works fine.

A revised version of the original bunny clone. This e-liquid recipe is as close as you will get to the original as it hosts a great taste along with great vapor production. Taking longer than usual to craft is certainly reflected in the quality of this e-liquid.
VG65/PG35 Base (No nicotine specified)

A Cinnamon Sugar Poundcake mixed for August's Mixers Club.

FW Caramel Cinnamon Roll, JF Yellow Cake, and FLV Poundcake are my cake base here. A good fluffy cakiness that's heavy on the tongue, bolstered with TFA VC to add some egg and butter notes. TFA Bavarian cream keeps it wet and helps it vape smooth. TFA Brown Sugar as the primary sweetener and to add that vibe of the brown sugar marbling throughout the cake.

the theme was lazy, so I went uber lazy with the percentages but it's a pretty good mix! Warning: It's vapeable SNV then over the next few days the cinnamon gets really strong. After about a week it'll die down and the custard and creams will open up a bit.

EDIT: bumped up TFA VC, after a 3 week steep my original test wasn't nearly as thick and buttery as I intended.

Boysenberry tastes a lot like a cross between a blackberry and a raspberry. It has the juicy intensity of a blackberry, the sweet, floral character of a raspberry and a little bit more of a tang than either of its parents. Top that off with bilberries with an overall complex, tangy and sweet flavor. The main role of the marshmallow and the whipped cream is to increase volume, without adding any dairy or weight. You could pump up the sweetness with a few drops of ethyl maltol but I don't think it was needed in my case.

I found that it is best to let this one sit for a few days to allow the texture to build


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So this was created because for the last few months I have been seriously struggling to taste my usual adv custards. Well not just my own but pretty much all vanilla profiles I have tried. I have used LA buttered popcorn and some biscuit bases with some success and that has driven me to start playing with some other angles. This time I went to the dough side adding zeppola and a couple other things to help it along. To me it’s “ok” but not amazing although his may be due to my issue. TPA vanilla custard is sort of helping with the sense blindness to Capella Vanilla Custard V1 and most French vanilla profiles.

I hope this is enjoyed and improved upon since I’m certain it can be made better or even just give some inspiration to somebody. And if you do enjoy it please let me know. Alternatively if it gives you inspiration go ahead and link me up since you may also help me once again enjoy my Custard addiction haha.

⚠️Buttered Popcorn (FE) is Buttered Popcorn (VT)⚠️


Popcorn Custard Mr & Mme.

Find a delicious, crunchy Popcorn with a superb, realistic Vanilla Cream. Wonderfully Gourmet!

The Concentrated Aromas Mr & Mme are made in France by Vape District.

A nice forward sweet tobacco custard that's amazing any time of the day. Enjoy!

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