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(TPA) Vanilla Custard

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: bakery custard dessert vanilla

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Week 21 Flavor-pro week of the year or year in mixing or whatever it's called challenge. Custards - this one is basic and paired with apples and a little bit of crust and a bunch of cavendish which is a fav of mine. I'm a relative newbie to mixing - just fyi to other newbies looking at recipes.

Okay I found a 3 ingredient recipe that I tried simply because I had all the ingredients but I failed to label the bottle. I had assumed it was a new recipe. Now I have no idea how I found it. But I realize I did leave my flavors out where I left them it's obvious what goes in here and I kinda remember the numbers. I know the 4% strawberry ripe for sure but the others while I know are less I am less confident in how close I am. In any case it was great!! So trying to recreate it here. If you created this or almost this please claim your recipe and give me the name so I can look it up and leave a review. :)


So this recipe has been in the works for a while. Emily (mlNikon) and I liked different versions and after letting them steep I have to say she was right and After some minor tweaks we came up with one we agreed on, but staying true to form I just spaced putting it up on here . Lately a lot of people have been talking more and more about FA Corn and with good reason it's one if those flavors that is so accurate to its source you could sometimes forget it's a concentrate. Combined with the rest of the flavors here this for sure is not one To sleep on and as far as corn puddings go it's gonna pretty hard to beat.

Made for my BF but I really like it too - just plain old custard pie really - but it is soo yummy - even straight off the shake. The cap custard and tpa custard are the stars with pie crust and biscuit backing them up then adding caramel and butter pecan to give it interest. I now add supersweet to almost everything at .25% because I do believe it is kinda like salt - it brings flavors forward. I used to avoid sugar but if you use just a little it won't gunk up your coils.

This is the closest thing to the OG derailed from Suicide Bunny. If you are sensitive to the Peppery notes from TFA custard you can mix it with Cap Custard but I would lower the % to somewhere between 3% and 4%. This recipe benefits from added PG I'm not exactly sure why because I'm not a chemist but there is a difference when I made it max VG. Steep time is minimum 2 weeks. but best after 4 weeks.


Foreword: This is a continuation in my efforts to create the BEST Peanut butter Cream/Custard.

Review step 1: I mixed this, shook it, filled my RDTA and ran out the door for a weekend that I knew was going to blow... Detox. Yes folks, I too am an addict. I needed to go get right and I achieved that goal. Now as I push forward one day at a time, I am slowly finding my mixing legs again.
I'm pleased to say that I don't think I will be making changes on this one. Unless it doesn't steep that well, then I think I might go back and tweak a couple components.

Give this a shot and see if you think it's up to snuff for a weekend in a locked unit. ;)

A ripe strawberry custard filling with a cookie/pie crust back note. Simple and easy recipe that gets the point across. Very tasty after a few weeks of steeping, but also great as a snv.


Inw pineapple & lemon sicily = Pineapple
Caramel candy, bavarian cream & super sweet = caramel
Vanilla custard = Custard

= Pineapple Caramel Custard

This is attempt nr. Eight

This tastes great back of the hand and I am thinking I might vape it straight away although I'm sure a steep will do it alot of good due to the bakery notes. But yeah how can one go wrong with these ingredients right? LOL I put in country apple for a more baked apple flavor and the double apple to make it juicy then put in both tpa and cap custards just for the heck of it really and the tahitian vanilla cream because it is very good and then sugar cookie and biscuit for the crust - the vanilla and cinnamon should make it a bit more sharp I think we'll see. And the super sweet just to bring the flavors out.

A rich vanilla custard, lightly sweet with some good old Kentucky bourbon. Vape in the evening for a true whiskey lullaby.

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