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(TPA) Vanilla Cupcake

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA)
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Needed a Boo Berry vape - one that tastes as close as possible to what I remember from too many years back. Try #1 was up around 20% flavours, tasted good - on the right track. So this is a scale back plus added in some super sweet.

Cereal: FW Cake (yellow), TPA Vanilla Cupcake, AP and Hazelnut is my attempt at the cereal component. My previous recipe was pretty good but I feel the cereal is not 100% there yet.

Milk: Bavarian Cream, Cream Fresh and vanilla swirl and meringue provides the milk.

Marshmallow and Blueberries should speak for themselves, though I think the marshmallow gets a bit lost in the milk. Need to find a way to separate it out. I though the super sweet might help with that...

Trying to find the balance between the cereal, milk, & blueberry with a bit of marshmallow. Any comments/critiques welcome.

This mix was adapted from Adam Biondo's "My vanilla custard" submitted in the first DIY or DIE comp and was a final 3 contender. I don't know how to link the recipe, but definitely check his out. I didn't have to do too much to it so he definitely gets the credit. I see a lot of people asking for custard recipes so I wanted to share this. His mix was what turned me onto this profile. It just needed some changes to better fit what I wanted.
If you don't have the Cream Charlotte you can just leave it out, it's good either way. I like it because it helps push that dense bakery note and has a rich quality I haven't found in another flavoring, it's one of a kind...and no doubt loaded with DA/AP.
I vape this mix more than anything else and I'm constantly tweaking it is why I never released it. The CAP graham cracker with the butter pecan adds perfect dimension to this and can't be subbed. The original uses TPA brown sugar at .75% but I prefer that dark note that this needs from FLV Milk & Honey...brown sugar can be obtrusive. Don't be afraid to play with this, or any recipe you like. That's why we DIY, to get exactly what we want. If you love custards and bakeries as much as me, I suggest you get cream Charlotte. Mix this up my custard addicts...it's seriously amazing!
The FW yellow cake can be subbed for JF if you don't want to use it.
As with all heavy mixes, they get better with time. I actually like this a lot at one week, but if you can push it 2+ weeks you'll love it even more.

This is a Corn Pudding recipe that's still in progress.
Made on "LIVE MIXING: AUTUMN VAPES (09/15/2017)"

Mr Churro, fried doughnut, caramel, creamy, one of my personal favourite mixes, its just amazing!!

This is a good vap
It is not my original idea
Taste like frosting , you can shake and vap
Flavor peeks at about 4 to 7 days


A fluffy cupcake drenched in condensed milk
Recipe created for the (FW) Tres Leches FlavorBook Entry
-> http://diyordievaping.com/2017/06/15/fw-tres-leches/

This is a nice sweet Apple and cream cake. The creams blend together to give a nice creamy mouthfeel. The vanillas work together to bring out the cake and the holy adds a little bit more richness to the recipe without overpowering it. The frosting combined with the meringue adds a perfect amount of sweetness. Thebcatalan cream gives it a tiny bit of spicyness to the cake to add to the Fuji apple true authenticity. I added 1 drop of rich cinnamon per 30 ml to give that perefect spiced note. The super sweet is optional, but I like my deserts sweets so I added it to make it taste great right from the Shake. Give this a full 7-10 days to steep for everything to come together.

Doughnut and doughnut, plenty of cream too, really sweet with tons of doughnut


This is my take on a Strawberry Cupcake, I really wanted to focus on the entire cupcake and not just certain parts of the profile. This Recipie does need some time to get its full potential of flavor. I reccomend 3-5 day steep. This is an ADV for me.

This delectable recipe was inspired by wanting to create a nice delicious strawberry bundt cake loaded with cream cheese all over it.

The strawberries Fused together gives the recipe a subtle but nice light strawberry flavor while still allowing the other flavors to shine though in the recipe. The Vanilla Cupcake mixed with Cap yellow cake give it that great cake flavor and add a touch of FA cookie to give it more of that cake texture. Lorans cream cheese Icing combined with the Cap NY Cheescake are the stars of the show that give the cake a perfect balance of flavor to make it cheesy and add a nice tang to it. The butter adds to make the recipe just a little more moist to like you would expect from a good cake recipe. FLV cream adds a nice dairy note and some added sweetness to the recipe to make this a great all day vape.

Steep 3 days for great flavor a full 7 day to have all the flavors meld together to make this cake recipe into perfection.

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