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(TPA) Vanilla Cupcake

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA)
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This is a baked custard filled pie that's wrapped in a sugar cookies rather than a pie crust. I got the concept from the holiday pie they sell at McDonald's. It's nothing fancy, but damn is it good. That new custard is pretty much CAP V1 but without the sharp vanilla. If you sub it out here, this will still be good but it's not close to the same thing. The actual pie isn't full of vanilla, it's just an egg custard with sugar cookie and that's why this FA premium works wonderful in this mix. It fills out the INW and takes that dryness it has out and leaves you with a rich egg custard with a full body and buttery back note. If you like custard you need this new custard for sure

Fun fact. The origin of the lemon is unknown, though lemons are thought to have first grown in Assam (a region in northeast India), northern Burma or China.

This is a lemon frosted vanilla cupcake that focuses on the cake aspect. You get delicious vanilla cake followed by nice sweet lemon frosting. The lemon frosting is apparent, but not in your face. FE lemon is perfect for the frosting. I really wanted to focus on separating both the cake and frosting.

This is a recipe I worked on since mid November and mixed many variations. Mix it up and leave some feedback.

In return, I will mix up one of your recipes and give you an honest review.

I vape this primarily in an rda (Wasp).
60 VG / 40 PG or 70 VG / 30 PG

Steep time: 5 days

Good as a shake and vape but like anything with cake notes, a few days really helps bring this recipe together.

Vanilla Cupcake TFA:

Cake base.

Yellow Cake FW:

Cake base.

Lemon FE:

Sweet and tart candied lemon for the frosting.

Vanilla Cupcake CAP:

The frosting.

Meringue FA:

The frosting.

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream TFA:

Boost the frosting, vanilla, and adds some weight to the cake without making it too dense. This brings the recipe together.

Super Sweet CAP:

Using this at 0.5% adds enough sweetness while not overpowering the tartness of the lemon. This is optional.

Acetyl Pyrazine TFA:

This really helps bring out the grainy note. This is not an ingredient that must be used, but really does make a difference.

I won't consider this to be a completed endeavor for quite sometime... There are so many different ways to play with this idea... Heavy on the banana, heafy on the raspberry? Light banana, with a touch of shisha strawberry for a syrupy feel to the raspberry?? I don't know.... I need your help. This one is going completely public use. Who cares if some sh***y company decides to rip it, they would either way.

Let me know what you do with this. Let me know if you hate this, love this, or sold this recipe to a candy shoppe for a fat check. :) I hope you all get something from it.


Salted caramel cupcake. Work in progress as I've run out of some ingredients.

i Was loooking for something sweet to make. Lately I’ve been on this dessert vape kick. So I decided to mess around a make a nice frosted Cupcake with some sweet goodness.

TFA Vanilla Cupcake : Such a great flavor that works so well to build that nice moist cupcake taste with nice vanilla notes.
FLV vanilla Pudding.: This flavor is just such a great flavor perfect in so many desserts. I brings that nice creamy feeling to the recipe while adding a bit of wetness.
Cap: French vanilla or DiyFS french vanilla. just adds a bit more creamy vanilla flavor to recipe. If using caps give it extra day or two to steep.
FW : Butterscoth This Flavor is just reall delicious when mixed low brings that sweet flavor that you would taste in a Donut or a nice balanced cupcake.
FW Buttterscoth Ripple: This works well with the butterscoth to give a bit more richness to the cupcake and plays well with FW Butterscotch.
FLV Frosting: This Flavor provides the nice icing flavor that you want on a real cupcake. It just adds that perfect amount of sweetness.
Inw biscuit used this to add a bit of texture to the recipe authenticity of a real cupcake.
Cap Supersweet: This Flavor is optional but I like it as it adds just a bit more sweetness that I love in a recipe.
I mixed this up at 70/30 and it taste good after a shake. I steeped for 5 days and it’s just so delicious everything just blends together so well to make the perfect sweet creamy Cupcake. Give it a try , I absolutely love it.

This is a nice well balanced textured Peanutbutter and chocolate cupcake. Taste Good on the Shake. Great after 3 day steep. Mixed at 60/40. Nice and sweet just like I want it to be. Plus this uses my absolute favorite chocolate concentrate. If you.
Never had inw Chocolate Cream it’s. A must have.


This is a recipe ive had for some time now. It was an attempt to use fa pandoro in a recipe where the lemon wouldnt be out of place.
A lemon frosted cream filled cupcake.
Cap lemon meringue pie was used as a supporting lemon. Because the lemon in pandoro gets a lil weird and bitter to me.
The 2 cupcake concs hardly scream cupcake by themselves but like most flavorings i try to use them for their good qualities. Cap is almost all frosting to me and tfa has alot of frosting but with some cake underneath. The cakes notes blend well with pandoro and what kind of maniac eats cupcakes without frosting?
Cap butter cream is used to help out the richness of the cake AND the cream filling.
Pur marsh and cap van whipped have been my first choices in any twinkie like recipe so no mystery that i would use them here to complete my cream filled lemon frosted cupcake.

This is a DAAP loaded mess of a recipe that turned out really tasty. I personally have no problems vaping diacetyl and diketones every now and then, as there are sooo many more in the cigarettes i used to smoke. Plus they create great flavour. This mix is a very sweet, cakey, and hammered with caramel and sugar. I suggest you only mix and vape it if you have no respect for your coils and cotton. Enjoy!


Quick and simple Banana Nut bread Covered in peanut butter.

Banana Nut Bread Is the main profile and using a little bit of vanilla cupcake helps to fluff it up
Banana cream accentuates the banana flavor and adding creaminess to the peanut butter
GCC helps to sweeten up the recipe a bit without providing the cookie feeling.
CDS gives it a nice twist from regular banana nut bread

Cookies filled with orange cream, hazelnuts and coconut. Needs good steeping.

Flavor Notes