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(TPA) Vanilla (bourbon)

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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So while in Discord talking with friends about different custards I came up with my very own... This is a nice vape off the shake but it will need a minimum 2 weeks of a steep..
The recipe will be dark after the shake but it will get darker and the flavor will enhance with time as all custards will do..
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A simple yet tasty Honey Bourbon Vanilla Mead brought to you by the Vikings of days long past.

This recipe ia a strawberry dipped in white chocolate and vanilla Bourbon.

This a Kentucky inspired bread pudding. I hope you enjoy (great vape but will gunk up coils and in 2 days)

After a ton of thought and many trials I have this recipe nailed.. You could add fruits or nut flavors to the recipe to your liking.
The cereal notes are very smooth with slight hints of the marshmallow and coconut. The Vanilla Bourbon is used as a slight malt note.

Liquor portion inspired by https://alltheflavors.com/users/Juicefairy and her delicious Tipsy Coconut (It's great!), but I bumped up the "call an Uber" factor a smidge to make sure the creams don't drown that aspect out.
FA Cinnamon Ceylon for good measure.
FLV Wild Melon and FLV Cantaloupe make up the melon profile. FLV Wild Melon is great, but I've not used FLV Cantaloupe before...no time like the present.
Bavarian Cream, Cream and Vanilla Swirl complete the recipe with a thick and rich milk base to tone down any sharpness found in the liquors and tie the whole recipe together.

This recipe was originally called Red Hot Melon Horchata and I used FLV Red Cinnamon which is a fireball/red hot candy type flavor. I thought it would be a good twist but even at 3 drops per 30ml it took over the entire recipe. I was forced to go with a safer FA Cinnamon Ceylon.

This was created for the #theyearofmixing weekly challenge. https://www.facebook.com/groups/flavorpro/ http://flavor-pro.com/the-year-of-mixing/

Nice Canadian holiday pie.. gooey pecan goodness in a vape.
Both of the pecans play off each other with the toasted almond adding the extra hint of smooth nuttiness with the Biscuit, Fried Dough. Golden Butter and Pie Crust bringing up the rear for the flaky crust.. Accented with AP, Sugar Daddy and Vanilla ( Bourbon ) to blend everything oh so well.
This can be a desert vape or an everyday vape with ease...

This is a smooth and rich Ry4 tobacco, and an excellent pairing with menthol.


Totally worth the wait for this recipe .. The Bourbon is very sweet and mellow after the long steep and zero breathing of the recipe is needed. This recipe was originally made by me in Aug 2017 after approx 2 months of trial and error..

There are many clones of Ripe Vape's VCT available and this is just my version. It's not quite there but it has been my ADV for the past couple of weeks. You should let it steep at least two weeks.

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