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(TPA) Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: custard vanilla

Used in 5631 recipes at an average of 3.166%.


324 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

0wee0 Cookie Cheesecake. I've been working on this profile(Oreo cookie crust cheesecake)for quite some time having made about 10 different versions. After testing all of my batches, I decided this one was the most authentic. As many know, an Oreo cookie flavor is a very hard profile to get right. And as this recipe is not perfect, it comes as close to a real Oreo that I can develop using the flavors out there. The dark, dry cookie is created using FA Cookie, TPA Double Chocolate(clear). The sweet creamy frosting like center of the cookie is represented by the TPA Bavarian Cream and CAP Sweet Cream. Now imagine taking the Oreo cookie and crushing it and making the cheesecake crust. That's what I've tried to recreate.

I have also been trying to create an authentic cheesecake. Now there are many cheesecake flavors to choose from, CAP NY cheesecake, FW cheesecake, TPA cheesecake graham cracker, etc....However, these flavors while good seemed to fall short on an authentic fresh baked cheesecake and that's where HS cheesecake hits the mark. Most cheesecakes I have tried either are too lite in that cream cheese flavor or too heavy on the graham cracker crust. And while they are good for a "bright" cheesecake, I feel they fall short on an authentic cheesecake. HS Cheesecake works very well as a blank canvas, especially when using it with "darker", heavier accents like an Oreo cookie crust. I've only used this flavoring at .5% and one might think there's not enough cheesecake in there to be a cheesecake. However, with the TPA Bavarian cream, CAP Sweet Cream, and TPA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream combined with the HS Cheesecake, it makes for a nice fresh baked cheesecake. You have to be careful when using HS Cheesecake because if you use it at higher %'s, it has a burnt flavor that can take over the recipe.
I added .5% CAP Super Sweet to brighten up the HS Cheesecake as well.
This is not a shake and Vape. This needs to steep for at least 5 days.
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One of my greatest pleasures in life is Star Wars. I grew up watching the original trilogy on VHS with my father and even broke my arm after falling while dueling him with those Target/WalMart lightsabers. Star Wars has been one of my greatest influences in my life. If a moisture farmer can go on to be a bad-ass Jedi and save the galaxy, what can I do?

Anyways, my favorite movie is The Empire Strikes Back and my favorite scene from that movie is obviously the Vader and Luke fight on Cloud City from the planet, Bespin. When I was a kid, I thought that Cloud City was a real place, (as a childish mind would make you believe) and I always wanted to visit there. Obviously, as I grew up, I learned that Bespin is a planet of fiction and my dreams were ultimately destroyed. However, I learned that in the movie, Cloud City is actually a large painting with the actors digitally placed in the scene. Mind=blown.

I've always loved the colors in the painting and love the atmosphere it brings to the movie. So in preparation for The Last Jedi, I have created a recipe that I believe perfectly captures what I feel when I think of Cloud City.

With this recipe, I set out to make a Toasted Vanilla Marshmallow. Perhaps people are tired of marshmallow vapes or believe that it is a novice profile geared towards those who are just getting into DiY, but this is my recipe so I don't give a fuck.

I set out to create a recipe that gave you a dense, chewy marshmallow with a nice vanilla accent that made you feel warm in the upcoming winter. So I worked on this recipe with some new (to me) concentrates and I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Makes me feel like I'm up in the clouds.


TPA Toasted Marshmallow and TPA Marshmallow - These two concentrates combine to give us our marshmallow base. TM is the main note of the recipe and it brings a decent marshmallow flavor with some light toasted notes. One of my biggest gripes with this concentrate is that it almost has no mouthfeel whatsoever, it has SOME, but not enough for what we are trying to achieve. At too high of a %, TM can bring some nutty notes and I didn't want those to be present in the recipe, so I opted to go for 3% as a starting point. Marshmallow does what you'd think it would do: add some more marshmallow flavor and helps in boosting that mouthfeel that we are trying to achieve. With these two concentrates, I had my marshmallow base.

CAP Sugar Cookie - we all know why this one is here: "chewy" texture, sweetness, helps with the bakery aspect of the recipe. Keeping it at a low % gives us what we need without overpowering the entire profile.

TPA Bavarian Cream - to me, this concentrate almost has a "dark vanilla" flavor to it, so it is used here to add some vanilla while also adding some toasted aspects to the profile. Keeping it at a low % allows this one to be a SnV as well as not taking over the marshmallow aspect.

TPA VBIC - this is one of my favorite concentrates and I utilize it here just to add some vanilla flavor. 1% was all that was needed to add that flavor without turning this recipe into a weird mess. Can substitute for CAP but I'd suggest bumping up to 1.5%

INW Shisha Vanilla - so this is my first recipe in which I've utilized this concentrate. I can't believe it took me this long to pick this one up because this is such a delicious and versatile flavoring. This goes well with ANY creamy/bakery recipe you are trying to achieve. When I twisted the cap off, I immediately knew this would work well with my marshmallows; it almost smells like a marshmallow just by itself. Enough rambling, this is used to boost the vanilla flavor and I believe is crucial to the recipe.

INW Creme Brulee - this is a weird flavoring and a potent one too. Initially I had solo'd this flavor at 2% and tasted something similar to a burnt clearomizer coil from back in the day. Yuck. At 1%, I got a light custard with some burnt sugar on the exhale. Yum. At .5%, I got a slightly "burnt" flavor with some light vanilla. Honestly in this recipe I don't use it for its "egginess" or vanilla components, but more for its burnt sugar aspects. When vaping this recipe without the flavoring, I felt that it wasn't "toasted enough" and almost released it as-is, but when I received this concentrate it literally completed the recipe. You can leave this flavoring out as I know there are folks out there who just CAN NOT use this flavoring, but I would highly suggest mixing with it. You won't regret it.

Sweetener is weird on this one. Some days I like it with .25% just to make it I guess more authentic, but honestly I think it is even better without any. The sweetener masks some of those toasted notes that I have implemented into the mix and I find myself vaping this recipe without sweetener nine times out of ten.

So there we have it, folks. I've been working on this recipe for almost two months now and have just recently deemed it worthy of posting to the website because of the addition of the Creme Brulee. This is a fantastic SnV, if you can hold off until 5 days, the creamy concentrates meld into the marshmallow base a bit more and its like you are taking a bite out of those golden clouds from Cloud City. But hey, I can't even make it that far half of the time.

I think this recipe is perfect as-is, I've worked on it for a long time and am pleased with where it is right now. But if you think you can make it better, I'll be more than happy to vape your adaptation.

I hope you guys enjoy this recipe as much as I do, may the force be with you. Always.

Live mixing on the fly. This recipe was mixed on DMC Live 10/15/17. It's a chocolate milk recipe. It need a week steep but has a nice chocolate caramel flavor. Enjoy

Flavor Profile - Corn cereal generously sprinkled into melted vanilla ice cream (going for a bayer's ice cream).

Tasting Notes: After a few days of steeping this one is turning out quite nice, its a nice creamy corn flake recipe. There are a few minor changes i will make as develop the recipe, but my girlfriend and i have been loving this version so i wanted to share! Her and i really love juice with a corny note to it,

Notes for v2: want to get a better vanilla note from the recipe and try to give the corn more "brightness". It's quite nice how it is now though, kind of like a corn flake pudding which is close to what I'm going for. Any suggestions are much appreciated! Think I'm gonna change TFA Toasted mm to fa mm. Vaping it some more it almost has some fortune cookie notes on the exhale, i wonder if i could adapt this to bring those notes out more... would be cool to have a good fortune cookie recipe. Also had some ideas of turning this into some type of nut corn flakes, like a honey nut corn flake/corn pop recipe.

Flavor Notes:
Acetyl Pyrazine - Additive, using this as it is normally used - to add to the cereal notes of the recipe in this case.

Cereal 27 - the main cereal note. Brings the main corn flake flavor. Backed up with flv crunch cereal.

FLV Crunch Cereal - using this flavor to back up the CAP Cereal 27 and add a bit of cereal sweetness and corn notes.

FA Meringue - one of my favorite creamy flavors, just love the eggy creamy amazingness this brings to a mix. Using along side Vienna cream to make it more of a milky base. Just such a nice flavor to mix with creams.

TFA Toasted Marshmallow - using this flavor as an emulsifier and to add that nice toasted note to the cereal flavors. Might change it out for FA Marshmallow and go for more maltiness if this one doesn't work out.

TFA VBIC - the main creamy, delicious, ice cream note. Using it along side meringue and Vienna cream to really build a nice melted ice cream.

FA Vienna Cream - using this to add some more light vanilla and creamy dairy notes. Another one of my favorite creamy flavors, also has some eggy notes which I like.

Possible substitutions/additions for future versions:
FW Hazelnut - to add some more interesting notes to the creams, will probably do interesting things with the cereal notes as well.

TFA brown sugar - might use this to give a dark sugar glaze on the cereal

Milk and Honey - might use this to give some honey notes and more diary milk notes. I think the honey would add to the cereal notes and give more complexity to the recipe.

FA Meringue sub for FA Fresh Cream - might change out these two if there is too much eggy notes and note enough dairy.

Berries ice cream. Used the usual ice cream stone. Don't go very high with the raspberry (INAWERA).

A bright, tasty strawberry kiwi cheesy cream with a hint of caramel from the creme brulee. Feel free to experiment with it. I really enjoy this one and hope you do too

Sweet, but very good on its own (by itself I don't add the sweetener). A work in progress. I'm aiming for a generic pistachio base for tobacco and dessert flavors. I've been tasting every few days and even though I liked it after 5 days, a little more time brings out the vanilla). Image of Mr. Stachio by my 14 year old daughter.

Mocha and pecan ice cream. Used my usual ice cream stone and added espresso and chocolate to emulate a mocha like flavor.

A strawberry ice cream. A little heavy ice cream with my favourite strawberry stone.


I couldn't find this on ATF and wanted to mix it up so thought I'd share. All credit to Wayne at DoD for this recip. Find it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wc-kNTLH0-c&t=38s

Flavor Notes

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