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(TPA) Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: custard vanilla

Used in 3859 recipes at an average of 3.284%.


230 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Inspired by Wayne's weekend mixing assignment.
Works good as a shake and vape, you mostly get a peanut butter caramel cookie, with a lovely texture. Tasty, moorish and not harsh in any way whatsoever. Not much Icecream coming through yet but that'll come with the steep, if it lasts that long that is! First time working with FLV and already impressed; can't wait til this has steeped a few days!
Any feedback appreciated!

My adaptation of Shindo's D-Cream, a bangin re-imagined version of Mustard Milk. Basically, Shin came up with the idea to mix up Fuji and VBIC, and I decided to dive in and refine it. So, before anything, shoutsout Shindo for fuckin around and giving me the ideas in this recipe.

FA Fuji / FA Pear / TPA Pear - if you've been paying attention, the combination of FA Pear and TPA Pear creates one of the most accurate and delicious pear notes in the game right now. By itself, it tastes great, but using these two as the support to FA Fuji is nothing short of heavenly. The pears help soften some of the harsh ends of FA Fuji, while also adding some sweetness and depth to it. You don't inherently taste the pear notes here, but they add something special to the fuji. This is gonna be my new go-to when I want to add FA Fuji to recipe as a base note.

TPA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream / HS French Vanilla Ice Cream - another winning combination. Usually, in recipes like this, we see TPA VBIC at a much higher percentage because it gives a decent mouthfeel on the shake and vape, but steeps into something magical. However, in this recipe, the use of HS FVIC in tandem with the TPA Marshmallow, I was able to keep TPA VBIC low. While not only helping to cut out some of that inherent pepper note that some people pick up on, using TPA VBIC at 2.25% keeps it from overpowering the mix after a few days of steeping. The HS FVIC picks up the slack by adding a more authentic vanilla note, some incredible maltiness, and a very rich sweetness.

TPA Marshmallow - I still have an obsession with this concentrate. It can work as an emulsifier, it can be a sweetener, and it can add some real flavour. In this recipe, I'm making it implement all three. The marshmallow is here to help bind the fruits together, act as a boost of sugary sweetness to the creams, and just include a touch of some marshmallow flavour. Not that I'm trying to create any sort of mashmallow flavour profile, but using it as an accent note to the ice cream is just perfect. This flavour can be altered to your own personal liking, but don't push it over 3%, that's where you will start changing this profile into a fruity marshmallow cream. But hey, if that's your thing, go for it.

Steep time - this shit bangs as a shake and vape. However, it will feel separated, and the Fuji will have a much sharper bite to it. Even just an overnight steep helps mellow things out, but let it sit for about 4 days to get a really rich profile. This is the kind of recipe that just keeps getting better over time. But, you know, don't be fucking stupid and steep it for 6 months and then wonder why it tastes like shit.

There we go. Thanks Shindo, you're my prince.

A milkshake made from Masala Chai ice cream.

RF (SC) Masala Chai
Everything you could ask for in a Chai concentrate.

TFA VBIC/ TFA Malted Milk/ FA Vienna Cream/ FA Fresh Cream
This is the milkshake. The body is provided by the VBIC all the wholesome goodness you need in a milkshake. Malted Milk gives us a solid maltiness where we need it, and fresh cream lends a great dairy booster. Vienna Cream really brings the whole thing together like magic.

You can sub FW Hazelnut for the TFA Malted Milk in a pinch at 0.75%. Feel free to add a bit of FLV Rich Cinnamon and/or Koolada if that is your kinda thing.

This is the first of 3 recipes that I will be releasing soon. I was watching Food Network and was inspired by a place in Louisiana named the Creole Creamery. They are known for putting very interesting flavor profiles into ice cream. I went on a search for a few different flavor profiles and I think I have found them.

Each recipe will be based on Indian flavor profiles, and for the most part, also incorporate some florals. I wanted to jump outside my comfort zone here.

This first one is Krishna. This is a Vanilla Ice Cream with toasted almond and fig, with slight honey swirl. This profile is a very common profile in India (from what I have read, and heard while speaking to a few friends that have visited/immigrated from that region) and is a great dessert. Not a very dense dessert, but heavy with flavors and some complexity even with the basic ingredients.

TPA - VBIC/CAP - VC: This is the ice cream base. Gives a creamy ice cream, with a slight thickeness from the vc, which adds a little more vanilla here.

TPA - Toasted Almond: I tried FA - Almond first, and then adding some sort of "toasted" feel to it, including a little pie crust and such (wanted to create the toasted feel on my own) and after a few tries, realized I should just see what Toasted Almond did. I started around 1.5% but it was very muted, especiallly with the Honey Bee in the mix. Started to shine around 2.4% and then I landed with the % I'm at now. Great toasted almond flavor here

FA - Fresh Fig: I enjoyed the flavor of this. I got a slight skin, but a slightly sweet fruit taste here. I think it works well in the ice cream by not being OVERLY sweet, adding a slight tart to balance it out. It's not really tasted in the mix, but I feel if it wasn't there, this could be an overly sweet mix. Again, I started low here, and slowly worked my way up to a place where the honey didn't over power this and it meshed well with the toasted almond.

FLV - Honey Bee: This one gave me some problems. My first mix I had at 1%, way too high and it was like that due to me just putting too much. But I went with it and wanted to see how it would go. This is a very strong flavor, very floral to me as well. It was overpowering upon shake, and after a 1 AND 2 week steep, gave me an almost "urinesque" odor to the mix, which was odd. I knew it was this, as I did another mix without the honey, and a different one with a different honey and this was it. I then slowly dropped it down. It is sitting very low now, but the honey/florals come through very nicely. It is still dominant, but tasty, and allows the other flavors to come through.

I suggest at least 5-7 days steep due to the Honey Bee. It needs time to die down a little, and find it's place in the mix. I recently tried it after a 3 week steep and all flavors are still there, and is an enjoyable mix. I mix at a 35/65 PG/VG, but of course you can mix as you like. I dont know how well this will do at max vg to be honest, but it's worth a try.

Needs some breathing the first two days. It comes around nicely on the 10-day mark.

was mess'n around and it turned out pretty good, I heated in the Microwave of 10 Sec then used a frother. Taste good right away and maybe better by tomorrow if there is any left. Tastes like an ice cream float I think the red licorice adds a nice sweetness.

A sweet glass of strawberry milk rich buttery milky cream with a nice sweet strawberry that will make some bunny love to your tongue.

V1 has a really green taste, like you're eating the stem with the berry. or some of the leaves.

I thought that I would take an idea from wayne and try to make a donut flavor with some apple jacks along with some other things and see what happens and maybe if wayne sees this he could critic it and see what thinks it will prolly need a week steep for everything too fully come in

This is the first recipe of my own that I've deemed worth sharing. Was going for something different but what I ended up with reminds me of the blocks of chocolate fudge that you get at the candy shop. If you're a fan of rich chocolates, this should be pretty damn enjoyable. No idea how long this should steep to reach its final form, I've had it sitting for 3 days and find it delicious.

From @Queuetue : The Derringer is my choice for testing, in a mix or with a single flavor. Please support creative people by buying authentic atomizers, but I also keep a number of these clones from Fasttech on hand so I always have a an atomizer ready to go while I'm mixing.

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