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(TPA) Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: custard vanilla

Used in 9233 recipes at an average of 3.079%.


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Just trying to do a simple strawberries n cream for my first development. Thats where most start, so thats where I started. With limited money and flavors. I started slapping flavors into the bottles. Not knowing what I was doing, I just following my dumb tastebuds. I started this all in Aug 18, Nov.18 I felt it was good enough to hold its own place amongst the great recipe on ATF. Must be steeped 2 weeks.

Plain vanilla ice cream in a cone. This is the simple version of my first recipe which was good but I just want to see how it comes out if I simplify things.

After I have let it steep for seven days I love it. Even better than my first recipe. Mix this and try it if your looking for a simple all day vape.

The 2 strawberries and the vanilla bean ice cream were new flavours for me so I threw this experimental 30ml 50/50 3mg mix together to try them out and rather wish I'd made 200.

It's been on my ADV shelf since birth, vaping in an Aequitas dual clapton 0.23 ohm rig for 6 days, it started well (if a little sharp on the TPA strawberry) and has improved steadily since.

The TPA strawberry has calmed down a little, no longer a distinct flavour to the Shisha strawberry, and the whole thing is smoother and richer, very nice.

I've nearly run out so am trying to persuade myself to put it away for a week so I can see how it steeps, or maybe I'll just mix some more and cane this one !

This Cheery Custard vape was made on/for Interactive Mixing the Xmas month long steep mix.

This is a tart and sweet Pineapple and creams. This was created on/for Interactive Mixing on the Diydownunder network.

So I have been wanting to try WF peach pie & cream for a while. All I can say is wow this is probably one of the best peaches that I don’t get a perfume note from. It lacks a little in the pie department but it’s a easy fix. Paired with JF biscuit, Cap Vanilla whipped cream and touch of Tfa vbic makes WF peach pie & cream shine. Great job Wonder Flavours. Don’t be afraid to push this one 5 to 7 % range.

I'm after one of those ice cream cornets that are thicker and wrapped into shape, not the thin moulded ones if you know what I mean, with a big dollop of raspberry ripple ice cream, not sure I'm all that close to the target but it's bloomin' lovely after about a week, so a shame not to share :)

This is the first batch I have mixed up. I will see how it goes and add notes after steep.

After steeping for 2 weeks I have tried it out. I really enjoyed this. Vanilla ice cream forward then it finishes with a buttery cone. I am very pleased. I will be trying out a V2 of which I have already posted a recipe. My reasons for changing to a new recipe is I think it could have a bit more dairy flavor. Please don’t let this stop you from mixing it. It really is enjoyable. I like simple flavors and this hits the spot.

This is a very vanilla custard, sweet and thick. I used 2 week steep but if you give it 4 weeks you wont be let down. This recipe was created on Interactive Mixing on the Diydownunder network.

The creamy pear recipe that no one asked for.

As soon as I started mixing I set out to create a clone of Akina Oil by Thick Oil. This is one of my failed attempts at it. I mixed my 3rd 30ml today so I figured I'd share, just in case someone craves pears as much as I do.

If you grew up eating canned pears, like me, cause your dad wasn't around, try this out.

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