(TPA) Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

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Made for a coworker.
Working on a pineapple coconut vape, goes well after a few days on the steep. Added cream and cheesecake to hide the coconut off flavours. Still needs some work.

First time to try, want to reach thick coffee and chocolate ice cream taste

first time to try this, i want to mix coffee with butter scotch with a hint of cream

Chocolate And Western Mixes Really Well, with notes of Vanilla to add Flavor

This is my version of cheesecake, there are many like it but this is mine. Seriously it's just a plain cheesecake and I'm pretty dang happy with how it turned out.
In my house, cheesecake is ALWAYS made with crust, it's okay if you're house does it wrong (grins). I don't judge how you make cheesecake (at least to your face) so you leave my beautiful graham crust filled version alone and no one gets hurts (lol). I really enjoyed the creaminess of this and hope you will too!

A damn delicious gooey pecan ice-cream! *WF coconut custard is very crucial here in this recipe and could not be subbed out a really great addition to the ice-cream, while not a custard to me it's a nice creamy coconut if used at low percentages and 0.5% is perfect here since I didn't want much of it.


This is loosely based on the Deivine E-liquid O-Negative which is a described as a blend of blood orange cake, well balanced vanilla, rum and a light touch of mint.

I created something similar to the very popular commercial e juice here in Asia that I use to vape but in a better version. Since you already know most asian juices are very sweet and not really authentic.

This is a Straight up mango ice cream without the cone. The star of the recipe is the wf island mango but i added flv mango in the recipe to make it shine even more and not adding a musky note, with the wf island mango alone it is still missing something.
Hope you enjoy!


Mango Ice Cream based on the awesome "Longing" by ID10-T: https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/31323. All the delicious ice cream coupled with also delicious mango.

Thanks to folkart for the reccomended banana cream (TFA) percentage

Is a creamy banana and butterscotch ripple ice cream, simple as that.

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