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(TPA) Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: custard vanilla

Used in 6380 recipes at an average of 3.128%.


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So, if you can believe it, Walmart sells a strawberry cheesecake ice cream that's actually pretty damn good. This is my closest approximation of it. Before you turn your nose up at it, I've given out several samples of this and received nothing but good feedback. It's a very simple recipe, to be sure, but if you're looking for a creamy strawberry cheesecake this fits the bill quite nicely.

INW Biscuit does a nice job giving us the little crumbs of crust that are littered throughout the ice cream.
TPA Marshmallow, CAP NYCC, and TPA VBIC give a nice, sweet cheesecake ice cream without any sour notes and a thick, creamy mouthfeel.
FA Juicy Strawberry was my go-to here because it gives a sweet candy strawberry syrup flavor that stands up well by itself among the creams.

If you don't have Juicy Strawberry, you can probably get away with subbing a Strawberry Ripe/Sweet blend with emphasis on the sweet strawberry, but you'll lose some of the inherent juiciness that you get from FA. I don't think people who get pepper from TPA VBIC will be bothered too badly by it at 1% here, and I wouldn't recommend subbing CAP in because the slight spice that comes from TPA VBIC fills in the body that would be a little thin using NYCC alone at only 3%.

*Edit: I knew I had cribbed this cream base from somewhere, but couldn't remember where. I went back and looked, and I have to give credit to @Thadentman for his excellent work.

This recipe is one of my all time favs. If you enjoy Vanilla Custards you HAVE to put this juice in your line-up. It could easily be a Shelf Seller even without all the added sweeteners a lot of big brands pile into their juices. Before I started DIY I vaped a lot of Colossus by Cyclops Vapor, which is a bold delicious and very popular Vanilla Custard. When putting this recipe together I kept that Colossus flavor in mind and went for something a little more special with an added creaminess that you don't see coming nor do you know exactly where it's coming from. My special ingredient here is NY Cheesecake! If you vape this mix as a Shake n Vape it is still very good, but you can tell and taste that the Battle between the Cheesecake and Custard has just begun. After a 4 week steep the Vanilla Custard is the clear victor but the battle leaves behind a extra sweet, thick, and creamy coat of armor that the Vanilla Custard wears with the utmost respect! I am very proud of and love this recipe. The way my friends and family try to fight me over it if I have a bottle laying around, i'd feel confident in saying they love it too... I'd love to hear your feedback, just make sure you make plenty because after the 4 week steep it will not last long!

I will probably update notes*** Time crunch

Fraise Blanc- a white chocolate truffle with graham crumbs and strawberry filling. I am feeling this one and can't put it down!!!

White chocolate, VBIC, meringue and marshmallow make up the candy shell. Juicy strawberry, strawberry ripe and creamy yogurt pair well as the filling. Graham cracker topping to accent.

damnit wayne! ive been working on this juice for 2 months now and got pretty close with:

TFA banana nut bread 2%
TFA gingerbread cookie 1%
TFA vanilla swirl 2%
TFA peanut butter 1%
FW sweetener 0.5%

then you had to go and suggest TfA bananas foster. off to BCV i go, tested and holy freholes batman thats the guy! best christmas present ever thank you!

the banana should die off quite a bit after a steep. but it tastes damn close. i am sure TFA VBIC is in there as i am sensative to its cardboard notes and that funk that i get seems matched at 2% with the advantage of adding smoothness, weight, and rounding out the throat hit of bananas foster. it does seem to be missing some bakery??? towards the top end that adds almost a toasted (almost burnt) bread quality. could be TFA/FW graham, or sugar cookie, etc...?

p.s. i went with the toasted because it has more of a buttery quality than the standard marshmallow, but it maybe overkill now with the VBIC.

This is just a simple Root Beer float. TPA VBIC is great in combination with their root Beer.

Trying to create something else, this Strawberry Cream came out. Its something between Strawberry Cream and Strawberry Milkshake.
I like it very much, it is very close to my taste, and I like to share with you all.

Vanilla Custard FLV can be subbed by Vanilla Custard V1 CAP @ 2% but it will need +1 week steeping.

I hope you enjoy it.

This is my remix of Mr. Hardwicks - Threesome: A beautiful and authentic melted neopolitan experience.

Spending summers at my grandmother’s house was one of my favorite things to do as a kid. As a city mouse, riding horses, fishing, diving into crystal clear waters of the swimming hole on the other side of the pasture were what I lived for. Most of all I loved picking the blackberries, blueberries and dewberries that grew wild, doing my best not to get stuck or be bitten by the occasional snake hiding in the brush.

I remember running back to her house with purple stains on my face and a T-shirt filled with as berries as I could carry feeling like I’d conquered the world. She’d praise me for my harvest then churn up some of the best homemade ice cream I’ve ever had. My job was to turn the crank on add more rock salt and ice as it slowly melted, which was very serious business. I knew it was almost ready when I smelled the aroma of sugar cookies wafting in the breeze while I labored on the back porch.

Once the cookies cooled enough she’d carefully sandwich a scoop of the berry ice cream we made between two giant sugar cookies then smush it together. We’d both sit on the swing on her porch licking our fingers until every drop was gone. I finished the night catching fire flies and watching for shooting stars until it was time for bed. Before she passed away years later I would bring her blackberry ice cream and sugar cookies when I’d come to visit as an adult. She loved The Golden Girls so we’d enjoy our treat while we watched her favorite show together. This ones for you granny.....miss and love you.

FW Blackberry - this is the best blackberry I’ve found and serves as the main berry flavor in this recipe. It’s dark and sweet, with a very slight tang to it, but somewhat one dimensional.

FA Bilberry - helps sweeten the blackberry a little more and add some depth and weight.

TFA Strawberry Ripe - also adds sweetness and smooths out the blackberry, while giving it brightness and body to make it taste more realistic.

FA Apple Pie - is the secret ingredient to this recipe and is what ties everything together. It adds a baked quality and more texture to the sugar cookie without being too intrusive. FA Fuji could also work, but can be rather strident if too much so cut the percentage down to 0.25% if you’re subbing. I prefer Apple pie though and the additional AP it brings.

FA Vienna Cream, TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream - together make the ice cream. If TFA VBIC is too peppery for you try using FW VBIC. You can also sub HS French Vanilla Ice Cream if you don’t have Vienna Cream.or whatever cream you like. I prefer the richness of Vienna cream because it adds more density to the ice cream.

CAP Sugar Cookie - it’s of course creates the sweet sandwich and at 2% adds the right amount of texture. The extra AP in the Apple pie helps it greatly IMO.

It’s good as a SNV, but needs a day or two or three to really shine. Give it a try, it’s quickly become one of my favorite recipes!


The VBIC, Fresh Cream and Sweet Cream make a nice milkshake base, the two creams have been my go to for milky bases for a while, I added a little bit of Vanilla Custard just for extra thickness.
I typically use TPA Strawberry Ripe and CAP Sweet Strawberry as my realistic strawberry stone, but as I was mixing, I was hit with the desire to throw in a strawberry flavor I almost never use, TPA Strawberry, which has that nice strawberry hard candy flavor.

Dr. Gonzo strikes again! Just saw an old terrible strawberry milkshake profile from a mix I'd tried to make in some of my first attempts at recipes (this is why keeping notes is so handy!). Immediately started a fresh attempt. Last minute I decided to add TPA Strawberry and CAP Vanilla Custard.

You can SnV, but for once I wouldn't actually recommend it, the first week it actually has a freeze dried ice cream kinda vibe to me, but I'd wait at least a week if you want to get that creamy malty milk shake taste and texture.

Hope you enjoy, as always, any feedback at all is most seriously appreciated ✌️

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