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(TPA) Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: custard vanilla

Used in 7751 recipes at an average of 3.091%.


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Been working on this one a little bit. I like it enough to be my first public recipe. After trying Charlie Noble's Raspberry Ripple, I knew I needed to try my hand at it. This a pretty close to what I remember about it.
The raspberry sweet is obviously a great choice for a sweet, almost jammy raspberry, but lacked a little body. That's why I threw in the FA Berryl.
The rest is easy, just get a rich, deep, creamy vanilla ice cream. Feel free to sub out your favorite VBIC if you can't do the TPA.
I feel like the white chocolate and the vanilla shisha provide a really delicious touch to the ice cream, with the shisha providing a very nice spice vanilla note on the finish. It really does remind me of a vanilla bean ice cream with a generous swirl of raspberry puree in it.
Give this one a good 5 days to come together, but as always, the longer the better.
I mixed this at 70/30 vg/pg and vape exclusively out of a Hurricane 1.3 RTA and it's very flavorful.
I really hope you guys dig this one. Please let me know what you all think, good or bad!

Something simple and something very delicious,doesn't need a long steep,good snv and just get better after few days,enjoy.and dont be afraid to rate it.

A complete cannoli recipe. The Burlone(Joker) from Flavourart’s Pazzo collection is all you need for the shell. Add that a 4%. The mascarpone in the Italian Cream gives it the authenticity of a cannoli cream. The other creams and cheesecake gives it body.

Tropical happiness in a bottle. The papaya, cantaloupe and dragon fruit blend to make a bright vibrant, tropical sweet base for this smoothie. The french vanilla, coconut and and meringue create the milky cream base with a touch of coconut on the finish. Rainbow sherbet is the glue that hold the creams and fruit together and at 2.4 is more of an additive then an actual prominent flavor in the mix . Koolada adds a note of coolness on the exhale which I really like with tropical flavor profiles . This was made for a DIYDOWN under challenge that required 7% papaya and 2.4% rainbow sherbet

it is enjoyable as a Shake and Vape but the creams come forward and the the papaya settles down after 5 - 7 days
NOTE: This would work in a low wattage tank or if mixed at 50/50 or 60/40 would be good in a pod or a low wattage system very well and actually shines in these type of set up !!!

Thought I would do a take on my version of a Chocolate Milkshake

-subLIME Bar-

This is my take on a Lime Creamsicle Bar. I've been trying to keep my recipes simple and to the point recently and I think I executed this one beautifully. This is a nice zesty lime flavored Popsicle with a decadent Vanilla Bean Ice Cream center.

Holy Vanilla/Marshmallow/VBIC - This is our Ice Cream. The holy vanilla really boosts the vanilla note and makes it extra creamy. The Marshmallow adds some mouthfeel, and great sweetness. Lastly, VBIC as a great ice cream base - It's one of my favorite flavors.

The Lime element is my go to combo - Key Lime and Lime Tahity CP. Its juicy, a bit sweet - and tart.

The vanilla ice cream base, i use when i need something Quick. Just add what ever fruit you like. Vape it right away or let it sit for a good 2-3 days 😊

Vanilla bean ice cream: This is the main ingrediense. My go to ice cream flavoring. You all know it.

Vanilla custard: gives the ice its egginess, adds a bit more vanilla and also provide a nice mouthfeel.

Merinque: adds dairy and sweetens the ice a bit.

Brie cheese: this i where the magic happens. For me it adds that Soft outer layer of the ice cream, when it have just melted a bit.

Add what ever sweetener you prefer. I add 0.25% super sweet.

Add ws23 if you like your ice cream vape cold
I like to add 0.25% in a 20% solution.

Delicious watermelon ice cream.It can be snv but tastes a lot better in a week,after the watermelon settles.enjoy!

this is my version of a chocolate milkshake with alil touch of almond added into which makes nice and rich & at the same time got a little thickness to it which I enjoy so guys mix this up and 70vg 30pg and tell me whatcha think guys and keep mixing & venge on

I'm bad with words.
Give it at least 7 days steep but it gets better with longer steep.

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