(TPA) Vanilla Bean Gelato

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA)
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This recipe is very delicious! A nice sweet fruity summertime mix.
Good as a shake and vape, but obviously gets better as the creams come thru.

I have gone back and forth with cap lemon lime and fa lime Tahiti.
but definitely prefer the lime Tahiti in this recipe

TPA Sweet Raspberry at 3% adds the just the right amount of Raspberry with enough sweetness
CAP Sweet Tangerine & FW Blood Orange create a tasty orange flavor in this recipe
FA Lime Tahiti at .5" gives the lime flavor without overpowering the mix..

Inw Shisha vanilla adds a nice vanilla flavor reminiscent of a sherbet

TPA Vanilla bean gelato And cap vanilla whipped cream to attemp a sherbet feel

I have added .25% super sweet as it really does help brighten the flavors

Thanks for taking the time!


Everybody has that recipe that they can make last minute and run out the door with. If you didnt know, I love lemon anything. This is a simple, bare-bones lemon cream with just a touch of graham cracker as a textural accent. Medium bodied; S&V certified.

Well goddamn, I was looking to nail a nice coffee flavour to go with a nice Stout. By golly I think I did it.

FA UP is used as the main profile here for a coffee almost espresso flavour. The FA Caramel and TFA Vanilla Bean Gelato bring the UP right UP there adding in a smooth creamy touch to this package really rounding up that coffee, and the Caramel adding in some sweetness. Finally, Zeppola here I wanted to add some sort of doughnut base without being in your face. At 4% it's doing just that but in turn making a well rounded delicious vape.

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Needs some breathing the first two days. It comes around nicely on the 10-day mark.


A lightly floral, creamy vape with a pleasant fruit note

Suggested Soundtrack: Kusanagi by Odesza

A recipe that had gotten me thinking about what mixing means to me (besides just making a tasty juice) is Longing by /u/ID10-T. The recipe does more than deliver a pleasant profile, it delivers an experience, which is something I have always wanted to do.

Though the name obviously plays off of /u/ID10-T's recipe, it is also personal. Ever since I smelled FLV Persimmon, I fell in love. It's got this aroma that's floral, sweet, fruity, and just plain delicious -- everything I've wanted in a vape. Upon mixing up a SFT @ 1.5%, the taste translates just as beautifully as the smell, but the throat... oh the throat... so harsh... I tried bringing it down to 1%, 0.5%, and even 0.25% and it was still giving me trouble in recipes, but I knew there must be a way to tame it, and by golly I was on a mission.

I had tried mixing Persimmon in with florals, fruits, bakeries, cocktails, creams, etc, and nothing seemed to be working. I decided to try just throwing it on top of what I've dubbed now as my Cream Stone and was surprised that the throat was almost entirely subdued. Then I tried bringing it up a little higher and I was getting the full delicious flavor of FLV Persimmon, on top of a nice creamy base, with little-to-no throat (none on the inhale, slight tickle on the exhale). Originally I wanted to do this recipe with Cherry Blossom and Persimmon, but it wasn't working out, and I believe I achieved the goal of a similar style vape to Longing while still staying within the constraints of the contest it was a part of.

**"Oh how I yearn to relive
Those missed opportunities.
Lovers lost,
Careers canned,
Experiences expelled,
But they're gone...

Oh how I yearn to relive
Those happier times.
Carefree and spontaneous,
Excited and outrageous,
Jubilant and generous,
But they're gone...

Oh how I yearn to relive
Those eras of freedom.
To come and go as I please,
To try new things and
To feel new feelings.
But they're gone...

But that's not who I am
Not anymore.
I love who I am,
and the world around me I adore.
Oh how I yearn to live,
The future and all that it holds in store."**

A versatile and slightly sweet cream stone, perfect for layering other flavors on top of.

i decided to have fun with FLV persimmon and a vanilla base.
Persimmon has some peach/mango notes so i boosted the peach a bit since i like peach over mango.
I also wanted to see how FLV Frosting would do in the vanilla base and imo it adds some good backnotes! 0.5-1%)

give it 7 days.

one of my ADV's. perfect for summer.


Ho voluto fare il biscotto al cioccolato,con in mezzo la classica vaniglia,senza se senza ma,la swirl secondo me e' la scelta giusta per ottenere il risultato vanigliato senza eggy con un tocco vibg potete usare anche (cap) per dargli la giusta cremosita'.Supersweet facoltativo.

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