(TPA) Vanilla Bean Gelato

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA)
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Coconut forward recipe with a fresh pineapple back creamy sweet delicious

I’m trying to get close to the feeling of this Chinese ice cream that I love.

Feel I’m close enough to share.

I know... I know... TPA’s Honeydew is a f*cking flavored flavor. And 4%? Hell I know. But it is what it is.

The Tres leches gives me a sensation of Brazilian “condensed milk”. If you are sensitive to it, try to swap it to OoO’s milk (cream undertone) @ 2% that blends well too.

Hope you enjoy!
Lots of love and flavor <3

Lime and Lychee infused Custard. The Vanilla Bean Gelato is more of a Vanilla flavor than a Gelato flavor. FA Custard Premuim is by far the best custard flavor on the market. I know that it is a difficult flavor to get your hands on so it can also be replaced with TFA Vanilla Custard or CAP Vanilla Custard V2. They do their jobs quite well as replacements.
Let it steep for about 7 days and you should be good to go! This is going to be my ADV, its damn good!




I have been on the quest to sort out flavors I can use vs what needs to be gotten rid of to make room for all the new stuff and this little gem was born.

ONE PEACH - Weak but pleasant canned peaches in heavy syrup. No throat hit for me from this one.

TPA VB GELATO - Vanilla creamy non eggy goodness. Adds some mouthfeel as well.

VT HONEYCOMB - This is used to add some Caramel type of a flavor to darken the cream a little and add some sweetness

JF HONEY PEACH - Love this peach. Sweet kinda dark with a little honey note. For me I prefer this one after a steep.

FLV CREAM - Just a great cream for all this peach to hangout in.

FW SWEETENER - This is my goto sweetner as of late feel free to sub whatever your preference is.

FA ARMENIA - This adds some Juciness helps brighten the other peaches adding and there layer to the fruit.

Apple crumble! The apple is not subtle, the cinnamon is not overwhelming, and the crumbly graham is on point :) Hope you enjoy it!

Apple Fuji FA + Pair of Pears INW make a nice melty apple, Two Apples INW is added as a fruity apple sweetener. Two Apples INW can work on many fruit mixes as a sweetener, if you keep below 0.5 the apple taste won't be overwhelming (give it a go in pineapple mixes!). The apple in this recipe is not "baked", but sweet and melty.

Cheesecake (GC) TPA + Biscuit Base VTA + Graham Cracker FW create a crumbly, slightly buttery graham cracker base.

Bavarian Cream TPA + Vanilla Bean Gelato TPA are added for mouthfeel, fluffiness, and to blend everything together.

Cinnamon Ceylon FA is a bakery cinnamon, not spicy at low percentages. Can be omitted if you don't want the cinnamon in here. I wouldn't replace it with a hot and spicy cinnamon in this mix.

Let it steep a bit, the crackers used here need some time to develop the full flavor and mouthfeel.

This is still a work in progress. I am trying to go for a plain straight forward strawberry ice cream.

To be honest not quite there yet. I still leaves a lot to be desired. Mix if you would like but I would go ahead and pass over this one.


This is a Tribute to Ohio. A chocolate and peanut butter milk shake. Goooooo!!! Buckeyes!!!!!

This vape is a lovely watermelon laying in a sweet cream base, I hope ya'll enjoy this recipe. I do;)

Vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two shortbread biscuits. No faff, no bells and whistles, just a good ice cream vape.

This no-nonsense recipe is for indulging those summer ice cream cravings from childhood. It's simple, tasty and sweet.

CAP Vanilla Bean Ice Cream at 4% is nothing special. It's a generic but tasty plain ice cream with nice thickness. You can of course sub it with FW or TFA's equivalent. Have been growing fond of TFA Vanilla Bean Gelato lately. It's an old school flavour I've grown to like and thickens the ice cream base while adding some cheap but tasty bright vanilla notes; like in commercial ice creams.

As it stands, the ice cream base lacks buttery creaminess, however, don't want to resort to CAP Vanilla Custard, which throws the recipe off. LB Vanilla Ice Cream is a better fit here as it's loaded with diketones and lends buttery undertones at low percentages. Only a smidgen needed though as it runs riot when used over 1%.

For the shortbread sandwich, 2 % WF Shortbread Cookie is a no-brainer. It's a buttery, light biscuit flavour and FA, Cookie, which was raised from 0.50% to 0.75%, gives some crispy crust it lacks. By the way, I avoided adding chocolate here- an ice burger's biscuit contains a hint of cocoa- as it was too rich: wanted to keep this recipe straight forward.

Finally, to bump up that store-bought sweetness, 0.35% FLV Sweetness.

Best after 3 days, when the light buttery biscuit peeps through , but that didn't stop me from digging in the next day.

Boozy after-thought: It's funny how smells and tastes can encapsulate and evoke memories: that's why vaping will always trump smoking any day.

AP is one or two drops per 30ml
Steep 7 to 14 days. I hate steeping too but you know.

Australian chocolate and the VBG make the milk chocolate ish chocolate. The salted caramel and butter pecan and AP make the caramel pecan base.

This takes about a week to settle down and in. I lost my sample bottle for 2 moths. It was good after a week but after two months it held up very good and was slightly better.

The chocolate is well just what chocolate is when its vaped. Just ok at best. I do think TPA VBG does add some milkiness to chocolates. The salted caramel and butter pecan really have a nice butter caramel aftertaste. The AP really brings the nuttiness of the butter pecan out,

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