(TPA) Tutti-frutti

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Alright, folks here is the official release of The Red Dragon by West Coast Clouds (https://bit.ly/2tsJBci). This is a commercial juice blend we use for West Coast Clouds and now you can make it at home! Don't feel like making it? Try the one shot over at TBV (https://bit.ly/2JYOHYD)

Before you get all huffy about the high flavoring percentage, its the only way I was able to punch that Dragonfruit out once everything else is added.

Dragonfruit by TPA is the main note and we use CAP DragonFruit to round it out. Using Starberry (Ripe) to give some more authentic flavor, and FA Strawberry that lends to this by adding some body.

TPA Tutti-Fruitti and FW Juicy are used to make the Dragonfruit punchy and bright.

TPA VBIC is used to add that bit of depth and deepness to the entire mix, very very subtly.

Would love to hear your feedback on this as it was one of my first recipes I ever created.

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