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(TPA) Toasted Marshmallow

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Used in 3797 recipes at an average of 1.313%.


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Rich base with a zingy lime running throughout

Best at around a 10 day steep although the lime will begin to mellow out at around 4 days. Super tart/ overpowering lime if vaped before then.


Needs a week steep to properly shape up and smooth out. The idea here was to have cantaloupe inform mango with some creaminess among a simply delicious KB/TM combo. Add a bit of FLV cream or FA Fresh Cream if you want more of a creamy texture. Some TFA Vanilla Swirl would be pretty good here as well.


I used Fa marshmallow to bog down the cream. Also used toasted marshmallow for the top of the meringue and it works well. Fa custard for some body and extra lemon. Ive been after this profile for a while and this version is exactly what I wanted. Only 3 days to age which is a plus as well but does get better over time. DO NOT MIX!!! I have no idea why I thought this was good, I just remixed it and its just soooo bad. But, if you did mix it give it the zero out of five stars that it deserves.k thnx bye


A very creamy strawberry cheesecake. Shake and vape but 2 weeks is incredible. Fw natural strawberry can be subbed for flv or whatever you want but flv is similar. I know the % looks strong but it's worth giving a shot

A Space Jam Venus clone. Shake your peanut butter before you use it.


Banana pudding with vanilla wafers - Can sub MF with NN Banana Cream Pie

credit to /u/empirevapor


Fruity Pebbles with milk.


Delicious corny goodness.

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