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(TPA) Toasted Marshmallow

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: additive bakery vanilla

Used in 2213 recipes at an average of 1.333%.


136 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Blueberry lemon meringue pie ice cream. Yep thats right suck it down people!!!!!!!!!!

This Vanilla Chai Latte needs no introduction...

Chai Tea (Cap): The go-to for the main profile. Does it pretty well without having any kind of off notes. Does need some help becoming a latte of course.

Dairy Milk (TFA): the milk, in the latte.

Graham Cracker v2 (Cap): used to give the profile more of a sweet brown sugar effect. Can not sub for v1, as v1 has much more body to it.

Super Sweet (Cap): optional, but preferred in this recipe.

Toasted Marshmallow (TFA): this is what makes the mix in my opinion, this is used to add some froth to the latte. Does a great job at that in this recipe, it’s delicious.

Vanilla Custard v1 (Cap): this is simply used for its body in this recipe. At 3% it adds some vanilla to the latte without taking over and turning it into a custard.

Needs at least 3 days to steep for the flavors to settle down.

This recipe has been an easy ADV for me. Let me know what you all think!

This is a creamy cheesecake with a graham cracker crust. What can I say it's straight up cheesecake .

Some people say that this one is better than the original , one thing is 100% , that is not 100% clone of the original,maybe a next batch will come closer to the original but is near 85-90% qaccurate clone ..youe feedback would be 100% usefull for me !

steep time 25-30 days

This is a slight variation to a LIFA Vapes recipe that is a variation to a FRESH03 recipe and is essentially a remix of a remix of a key lime pie. "LIFA's" version had TPA Greek Yogurt. I was out of that and subbed with 6% Caps Creamy Yogurt. I also subbed the TFA Bavarian cream for Flavor West. Straight off the shake I am impressed. The balance of lime to creams and mouth feel is "on point!" IMO. I dedicate this recipe to the original and awesome creator "Life Is Farking Awesome Vapes". Not only did he initiate the now famous discount code code "Pink Pussy" but also provides such awesome "Craic" to the social media vape world. As the recipe name says "Sub to LIFA" at LIFA Vapes on you tube to learn more about the "Life Is Farking Awesome Side" of social vape media. FYI mix this up and sub to LIFA Vapes on You Tube and your luck will change! Enjoy! :)


Just an overnight steep required... Pretty sure yam is now available at ecx and bcf.

"Terkish Maize is a unique mix of butterscotch & corn"

I recently got some of M.Terks Terkish Maize after once again, seeing Grimm Green rave about it. My only experience with the original Terkish Blend was with Tootalls remix (found at A Terkish Remix) and loved it. As soon as I tried Terkish Maize though I instantly knew it was just Tootalls remix with some added Cap Cereal 27 for the corn, also I get some tobacco in it as well so added some FA Soho to get that going (This may also just not be in there).

So to sum up, this remix really belongs to him...I love standing on the shoulders of giants, and Tootall is pretty tall I reckon. Be a good cunt and give his other recipes a go, eh?

Tootall Recipes here

Don't let the small percentages fool you.. Boysenberry and Fuji Apple are potent enough flavors that they still shine in this recipe. The Bavarian Cream as well as the Marshmallows smooth out the vape where the Oba Oba gives a slight extra Vanilla to the mix.. This is a recipe play off of a recipe I had on ELR that I have tweaked and Played with for a little while.. This vape is in my daily rotation of vapes juices. This recipe has been looked at by a few in the past as it was called ( Cloudy Fruit Juice 1.2% flavor ) but I changed the name when I added to the recipe.

EDIT: I bumped up the FLV Boysenberry to .75% and now it is a very very nice mix also steep for 2 weeks minimum.

I originally got the idea for this recipe from the 11/18/2017 "SaturDIY'ing with fresh03 and Friends!" show where they were doing tribute recipes to the band AC/DC by basing the recipe names off of their song names. One of the recipe name ideas was TNT, and I thought of the flavors "Tobacco-NY Cheesecake-Toasted Marshmallow". With that in mind I came up with this recipe after a month or so of mixing. While vaping the final iteration of this recipe I was thinking how classy it vaped, and since there are a lot of e-liquid recipes already named with "TNT" I decided on "A Touch of Class" for the recipe name.

For the tobacco note I went with TPA RY4 Double. I really like its mild tobacco presence in the vape, and I also thought the caramel flavor in RY4 would go well with the cheesecake base notes.

The cheesecake base is a blend of Capella's New York Cheesecake and TPA Cheesecake Graham Crust. I have tried these cheesecake flavors individually, but they each seem lacking with regards to the intended flavor outcome. A lot of cheesecake e-liquid recipes out there blend these two flavors together so I went with the average ratio I found, and it works fairly well even though there is this slight coconut flavor present (at least to my tastes.)

Of course I settled on TPA Toasted Marshmallow for that flavor note in the recipe. I added FlavorArt Meringue to round out that overall toasted marshmallow flavor which seems to work quite well to my tastes.

There is no doubt that New York Cheesecakes are pretty sweet and rich, and so I added a slight amount of Capella's Super Sweet to impart that sweetness. I also found that it brings the graham cracker and toasted marshmallow flavors to the pallet at the end of the vape.

I would not consider this e-liquid recipe as an ADV, but it definitely makes for a good slow, methodical, purposeful, evening after dinner vape. When I vape this recipe I get the RY4 tobacco notes on the inhale and the initial exhale. At the end of the exhale the cheesecake flavor comes into the vape. Finally the toasted marshmallow and graham cracker flavors settle on the pallet that lingers for quite some time after the vape.

Update: I reduced the Cap Super Sweet by 0.25% as I was finding 0.5% a bit cloying over time. If you have a sweet tooth by all means stick with the original 0.5% level.


This recipe is one of my all time favs. If you enjoy Vanilla Custards you HAVE to put this juice in your line-up. It could easily be a Shelf Seller even without all the added sweeteners a lot of big brands pile into their juices. Before I started DIY I vaped a lot of Colossus by Cyclops Vapor, which is a bold delicious and very popular Vanilla Custard. When putting this recipe together I kept that Colossus flavor in mind and went for something a little more special with an added creaminess that you don't see coming nor do you know exactly where it's coming from. My special ingredient here is NY Cheesecake! If you vape this mix as a Shake n Vape it is still very good, but you can tell and taste that the Battle between the Cheesecake and Custard has just begun. After a 4 week steep the Vanilla Custard is the clear victor but the battle leaves behind a extra sweet, thick, and creamy coat of armor that the Vanilla Custard wears with the utmost respect! I am very proud of and love this recipe. The way my friends and family try to fight me over it if I have a bottle laying around, i'd feel confident in saying they love it too... I'd love to hear your feedback, just make sure you make plenty because after the 4 week steep it will not last long!

Flavor Notes

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