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From @Queuetue : I find boston rounds to be the very best bottles for mixing and temporary storage. I use them for my VG and PG as well as on the scale while I'm making a mix. With a top that's easy to fill, easy to cap and with minimal access to air, I keep a bunch on hand for unflavored base, or whatever project I may be up to for handy, quick access.

The tip is small enough to use with most top-fill RTAs or RDAs as well.

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(TPA) Toasted Marshmallow

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: additive bakery vanilla

Used in 1411 recipes at an average of 1.375%.


94 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

A remix of the fabulous idea by Tootall with more convenient ingredients for European mixers and an extra twist with CAP Funnel Cake that I found to be working great in this profile. Of course any good reviews on this must go to the original recipe.

A rich and creamy cheesecake with buttery biscuit base and a punchy blueberry topping served with clotted cream.

Bananas are boring, strawberries are sweet, cinnamon is spicy. You're a tough sale, but that's okay! How do you like... Them apples?

Toasted Redux #3. Pulled that cinnamon, threw in some apple, and adjusted the base. Upped Cereal 27 to compete with the crispness of Fuji. Dropped Meringue and Cream Fresh a touch because the apple sticks to them and they were taking over. Makes for a nice dry cereal and tart apple cream vape. Notes for everything but apple are over on Toasted.

Flavor Notes:

FA Fuji is my guy. I needed a crisp apple to drop right next to the cereal, and there's nothing better than ol' faithful. At 2% it doesn't totally take over, but it begins to command the recipe. Fuji's tasty. I know it, you know it, we all know it. Boom.

This is good off the shake, but after 5 days it starts to become whole. Fuji will recess a bit and the creams will settle.

Happy mixing. 👽

This one was made for my girlfriend but it turned out amazing and super addicting. Based off Special K Cinnamon pecan cereal.

CAP Cereal 27/FLV Cinnamon crunch/FLV Crunch cereal
These 3 create the cereal base. A lot of people dislike FLV crunch cereal, and I understand why. If you use it high it taste funky as hell, but at .75% WITH the cereal 27 it bends the flavor away from the standard corn cereal taking it more into a wheat grain cereal, and the cinnamon crunch brings some cinnamon sugar coated grain flavor to it to bring the base.

FW Butter pecan/FA Nut mix
Being a pecan flavored cereal FW butter pecan was a pretty obvious choice, but I didn't want it to go to far into a candied nut flavor, so using FA nut mix in a small % adds a vague nut flavor without being to obviously any single nut in order to bolster the pecan flavor.

FA cream fresh/TFA Van swirl/FA meringue/TPA toasted Marshmallow/FW Hazelnut
A very basic creamy milk base. Adding the TPA toasted marshmallow to it brings some brown sugar type sweetness to the mix emulating the sugar mixing with the milk in the bottom of the bowl.

If you want a slightly drier texture to it .25-.5% of AP will help with that. It's good without and depending on how you prefer the cereal would decided if and how much you'd use.

This was my VERY first recipe I attempted 4 months ago. After many variations I feel that I perfected it. If you mix this please let me know what you think of it. This requires at least a 5 day steep for the Dragon fruit to mellow out but 7 days is where the magic happens with the creams. Shake it daily for best results.



A simple very smooth and a bit on the sweet side whipped butterscotch treat. I took some notes from tootalls terkish blend clone but i wanted something better. The bavarian cream is suddle but def. Ups the cream and smoth finsh with the vanilla whipped cream. Butterscotch its up front not over powering not under powered but just right. Toasted marshmallow adds to fluff of the cream and custard IMO. This is my ADV about 500mls a month and i couldnt be happier. Not looking for feedback as its designed for me but always like to know how vapers like it. Thanks guys enjoy

This is my bourbon burnt sugar ice cream. For a more authentic ice cream you may want to add some form of a cooling agent because as is its more of a melted ice cream which is good for me because I like to melt my ice cream a bit and stir it up.

Bourbon Burnt Sugar:
Flavorah Bourbon is a perfect bourbon flavor. I haven't ever tried any other bourbon flavors so I don't know about substitute's. I started at 1% Bourbon which was good but it was just a little better at .75% Bourbon. The burnt sugar I made using brown sugar by tfa at .25% and higher amounts of toasted marshmallow by tfa and crème brulee by inawera. I pushed both to 2.5% to really bring out the toasted notes in both and it worked. The crème brulee also helps bring that eggy note that artisan ice cream and its also quite creamy at this percentage also. I was worried about the ethyl maltol in the toasted marshmallow but it seems to blend the flavors together. Meringue by flavor art at 1% also adds a sugary type of note to the mix.

The ice cream a.k.a. "melted cream":
I used Vanilla bean ice cream by tfa at 4% and then I used 2% French ice cream by hangsen I find these two ice cream flavor's work really well together. I also used 1% of sweet cream by Flavorah this helps bind and smooth out the two ice cream flavors.

Use it if you want and don't use it if you want your choice!!!
Me I only use one sweetener lately and that is Flavorah sweetness I normally only have to use .25 % for the perfect a amount of sweetness for me. I don't know what it is about Flavorah's sweetness that I like so much but its good and a 15ml bottle will last you quite a long time.

STEEP TIME= 10-14 days

Pastéis de Nata AKA Portuguese Custard Tarts.

This recipe came about after seeing Grimm Green review a juice called 'Taruto', it sounded delicious but being from Australia, I wasn't able to find it without paying exorbitant shipping costs; thus I decided to try and make my own take on the profile.


This is the base for the butter pastry cup. They all mix together well to create a nice flaky, all butter, decadent pastry for the custard to sit on.

This is obviously the custard filling, the vanilla custard, dulce de leche and cookie dough create a nice dense custard with caramel notes, having the vanilla custard at such a high percentage means the eggy notes are pretty obvious and up there which is what I wanted, however adds a lot to the steep time. The Dulce de Leche adds more of a sweetened milkiness to the custard, it adds a brightness and really boosts it into something delicious and unique. The Cinnamon Danish swirl is there to add the cinnamon, is also adds a bit of fluffiness to the pastry base. I would have just gone with FLV Rich Cinnamon instead of CDS, however I don't have it, give it a try?

This works with the cookie dough and toasted marshmallow to create a caramelized and 'burnt sugar' taste to the custard, like it's fresh out of the oven. The toasted marshmallow was also added to fluff everything out and provide the nice mouth feel you get from the recipe.

Give this bad boy at least a 10 day steep to let the custard really come together.

As always, constructive criticism is always welcome.

Lucky charms cereal. This is my first attempt at this recipe may need tweaking

I wanted a Vanilla, a good vanilla, something creamy and sweet with a cookie base. This is good as a shake and vape I will let y ou know how it is when steeped.

From @Queuetue : I find boston rounds to be the very best bottles for mixing and temporary storage. I use them for my VG and PG as well as on the scale while I'm making a mix. With a top that's easy to fill, easy to cap and with minimal access to air, I keep a bunch on hand for unflavored base, or whatever project I may be up to for handy, quick access.

The tip is small enough to use with most top-fill RTAs or RDAs as well.

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