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(TPA) Toasted Marshmallow

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Flavor Profile: additive bakery vanilla

Used in 1693 recipes at an average of 1.376%.


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Biko is a Filipino rice cake made of sticky rice, coconut cream, coconut milk, and brown sugar. Some recipes include butter; which is always a welcomed addition in the recipe, but not required. This is a traditional Filipino sweet and sticky rice cake that was often eaten during the holidays or during parties when I was small.

For this recipe, I wanted to capture this rich, delicious, and very much loved dessert my mother would make for us.

It is very tasty right away but 1 week steep would be optimal.

♥️ I hope you enjoy it ♥️

★Q & A

• Question: Is this very sweet?
• Answer: Yes. On a sweetness scale: 1 (not sweet) - 5 (very sweet). I would rank it a 4.5.

If you do not prefer added sweeteners like Super Sweet - feel free to substitute with Meringue. Or feel free to leave the sweetener out. It is nice & sweet on its own.

• Question: Can I mix at a higher VG ratio?
• Answer: Sure thing. 70/30, 80/20, whichever you prefer. However I would increase the steeping time. Approx. 1.5 - 2 weeks.

Photo Credit: Maria K

I needed something to accompany a Jack and coke so a here's mix of ry4 and malted cereal. I added caramel and toasted marshmallow in an attempt to tame the 'green' note i get from fw malt.

I was going for the soul custardy profile i've never tried it but this turned out nice


This was a challenge that Shakenvape007, aka, David and myself agreed to test each other. One a pumpkin Pie ( https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/63776#i_hate_pumpkin_pie_by_shakenvape007 ), the other a Sweet Potato Pie. We will let you be the judge.

Sweet Potato Pie! With Fall in the air and the holidays approaching, it's time to release some seasonal blends. Many mixers will probably be releasing their seasonal vapes and I'm sure there will be plenty of pumpkin ejuices to choose from. I wanted to do something a bit different with pumpkin and see if I could bend HS Pumpkin Pie into a sweet potato pie. Not sure if this is a southern thing but, around the holidays instead of pumpkin pies, many of us make sweet potato pies. It's hard to tell the difference if you don't know which is which, but they do have their subtle differences.

The sweet potato: A sweet potato pie, to me, has more of a richer, almost nutty, buttery note. Perhaps the "nutty" note comes from the skin of the sweet potato. If you've ever noticed the skin of a baked sweet potato, the essence of the skin gets drawn into the fleshy inner part and can color the orange a darker color. This is what gives it a richer, "nutty", almost caramel taste. To bend the HS Pumpkin Pie into that flavor, I introduced TPA RY4 Double. It has that slightly burnt caramel, leafy aroma that bends the HS Pumpkin Pie nicely into that rich, creamy, sweet potato pie that everyone enjoys. I also added CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl to add that spice associated with Fall seasonal vapes. You may wonder why I didn't use a pumpkin spice, well, for one, I don't care for that nutmeg flavor in most pumpkin spices and adding a pumpkin spice may have counter-acted the bend into a sweet potato pie.

The crust: Over the last few months I have been testing Wonder Flavours entire line. And while most are pretty good, they seem to not be accurate to what they are labeled as. However, they are still very useful. As I was testing WF Caramel Rice Crispy Treats, I found that it did not taste like the profile suggests. I instead got a moist, but somewhat, flaky, pumpkin pie crust. Now everyone's palate is different, but that's what I wrote down in my flavor notes and it was very helpful with this recipe. I also used CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl to bolster the crust just a bit adding a slight more pastry that the WF Caramel Rice Crispy Treats lacked.

The topping: With every sweet potato pie there is always a topping. Some will treat it as a pumpkin pie and top it with Cool Whip or whipping cream. The way I like to top my sweet potato pie is with toasted marshmallows. TPA Toasted Marshmallow was the obvious choice for that note. I added .13% of CAP Super Sweet to sweeten things up a bit. You may want to increase the Super Sweet to .25% if you're looking for more sweetness.

Can be a shake and vape but is best after a 3 day steep.
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Pastéis de Nata AKA Portuguese Custard Tarts. [Revisited]

A few months ago I shared a new recipe I'd been developing for a while, a Portuguese Custard Tart. Having now received a few concentrates from Wonder Flavors, I decided to give this another crack.

This new revised recipe is a lot more with what I wanted, on the draw you get a face-full of rich custard; on the exhale you are met with a nice flaky, golden, buttery pastry that lingers on the tongue.

I have included updated notes below.


This is the base for the butter pastry cup. The first batch of the new revisited recipe omitted the Funnel Cake, without it I found the pastry cup tasted raw and underdeveloped, The funnel cake adds a cooked and somewhat caramelized note to the pastry. The WF Crepe give the pastry dough more weight, it adds a nice denseness without distracting from the flaky pastry you get from WF Butter Tart.

This is obviously the custard filling, the vanilla custard and cookie dough create a nice dense custard with caramel notes, having the vanilla custard at such a high percentage means the eggy notes are pretty obvious and up there which is what I wanted, however adds a lot to the steep time. In the original recipe I used CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl to add a bit of a spicy note, this is now done with FLV Rich Cinnamon, which adds more authenticity to the profile and doesn't bog it down with too much of a bready note.

This works with the cookie dough and toasted marshmallow to create a caramelized and 'burnt sugar' taste to the custard, like it's fresh out of the oven. The toasted marshmallow was also added to fluff everything out and provide the nice mouth feel you get from the recipe.

Give this bad boy at least a 10 day steep to let the custard really come together.

As always, constructive criticism is always welcome.

If you're interested in comparing at all, the original recipe can be found at https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/53890


Brought back a recipe I did for Beginner Blending's little contest MIXXED. The profile was strawberry apple compote, which is basically a chunky fruit jam used as a topping of sorts. Delicious as it sounds, obviously we were a tad limited on what we could use. This flavor would need to consist of cooked apples and strawberries, a touch of cinnamon all cooked with sugar and a bit of apple cider. This idea came from a Google search of strawberry apple lol since that was 2 of the flavors we were supposed to use. TFA Strawberry Ripe/JF (or FA) Fuji and last but not least CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl were the flavors. The rules also said no more than 3 extra flavors. Anyways, needless to say, I didn't win. Boo hoo, oh well.

Now, I really loved the profile once I stumbled on it, but to me, the one I made just did not hit the level I was looking for. Everything was there, but it just wasn't as realistic as I wanted it to be. The CDS really screwed up a lot in that one, simply because even at a really low percentage, that pastry note would come through. I tried to cook the fruit with some FA Liquid Amber and while that would certainly work for such a thing, I wasn't digging it. Strawberry just isn't the type of fruit that does well getting "cooked" by Liquid Amber imo. I mean, in a compote, the cooked aspect isn't what you're trying to achieve anyways. It's just a scrumptious, chunky jam as I said so it really just needed to be darkened up into a jam-like version. Here, I took SB Ripe, gave it a touch of red (see what I did there?) to add a bit more realism to it as well as darken it a little cuz FA Red Touch to me is already like a bunch of smashed up strawberries. Of course, I didn't have to do a thing with the apple aspect because JF Fuji is so tasty and tastes much more realistic than its FA counterpart. To me that realism and the fact that it's not quite as sharp as FA, it was perfect for a bakery apple. FLV Rich Cinnamon is the ultimate bakery cinnamon so 1 drop per 15 mls is all you need. You can even go 1 drop per 30mls if you're really sensitive to it. I used FLV Caramel and TPA Toasted Marshmallow to complete the compote. The Caramel is there simply to give that browned sugar effect but its not as sweet as I would want so I paired it up with the TM which has its own caramelly notes as well as a nice slight bakery burnt touch. This combo really helps with the whole "cooked down w sugar" idea but the marshmallow also helps to soften everything down as the cinnamon can be kinda harsh.

So there you have it. A strawberry apple compote! This recipe really hits the spot in the fall. That baked apple is the best when its a little chilly outside. If you find the cinnamon to be a little harsh after the steep, try it at 75-77% VG instead. It's not much of a difference but it seemed to help a lot when I make this.


Unlucky; Marshmallow front, Sweetened Oat Cereal, Milk exhale.
Inspired by: Lucky Bird
"In your ears bears the number thirteen. A sequence of success."
This recipe was given a pretty awesome review by Wayne Walker in his "This Week with Wayne: UNLUCKY recipe" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4zMhLGetDU&t=193s). It was a great little segment featuring my recipe and then he talked about Flavorah's new comings. Which at the time fit perfect for the video. However after making this recipe, Wayne took the words right out of my mouth with it lacking authenticity in being actual lucky charm/aplhabit cereal which is the goal here, fucking dried sugary marshmallow bits, sweet OAT ceral, not fucking corn or rice, and the finest milk your bank account affords. So I went back to the lab, after consuming a bowl of alphabit marshmallow cereal like a fat kid in my childhood, determined to get this "better", because its always out there. (insert shitty meme) Along with this recipe ive been picking apart Bluebird in which ive only had once and Lucky Bird ive only smelled a bottle once. Not much to go off when ya just smell it, however in recipe development its crucial. Theres something i noticed they both had in aroma. That would be Jungle Flavors Biscuit. I dont know if it is at all what they use, i just said that, nor do i really care, that shit right there to me tastes exactly like if you took one lucky charm/alphabit cereal piece, put it in your mouth, and just let it dissolve on its own. (Highly recommend you try this method in actual foods to really pick them apart). Anyway i cant believe you are still reading this shit, get yourself a cookie. Like FA cookie, this is what gives JF biscuit the softness and slight dryness thats just about to meet the milk. Picture a piece of cereal floating in milk, JF biscuit equals the part that met its fate of milk while FA cookie is still waiting for your lazy ass to either forget about or submerge those little sweet fucks in the milk. Pheww....
Soooooo a bit of backstory that brought us here:
Sometimes we come across a flavor thats hyped up and its not at all to our expectations. We throw it to the side, but not away. Thinking, almost wishing "hey if i hang on to this maybe it will suddenly work." Thats the exact example of FLV Cereal Crunch. Either i have "lucked" out and unlocked its secret by drowning it in things i like, or its just a simple change in perception on the concentrate entirely. Using this without the help of a lot of other ingredients is pretty gross, like card board left out in the rain, dried and then rolled in sugar. Thats pretty awful and no human should be subjected to vape that. But when we throw that wet sugary card board into a bowl of things we are more accustomed to, we kinda like it. But ya know what? Fuck that, because (insert previously used shitty meme) FLV Cereal Crunch is more like a greasy sweet dough, which is good and all but it turns coils into doo doo brown city real fast. Sure its complex and yea maybe it could be steered towards what we all want, but thats where we are reminded of the benefits of sometimes being unlucky with a flavor. I cant shit on the flavor too much, it kinda got noticed and that felt pretty good, so thanx FLV crunch cereal R.I.P
Here is my take on that nostalgic Marshmallows, Cereal, and Milk.

FA MARSHMALLOW/CAPS MARSHMALLOW/TPA BAVARIAN CREAM: I used these to make up the dried marshmallows that have been sitting in milk.

JF BISCUIT/FA COOKIE: Here is the sweetened puffed oat cereal grain note. Fa cookie helps to boost the grain perception and help flv crunch cereal from falling apart into nothing but wet cardboard. This combo however stimulates and reminds me of that edge of the cereal thats peaking up over the milk as its floating there, waiting to be consumed.

FA WHIPPED CREAM/OOO CREAM MILKY UNDERTONES PG/FLV CREAM/FA CREAM FRESH: Theres a million milk bases out there, ones we all know and love. After Unluckys review i gave myself a little challenge to not use TFA Toasted Marshmallow towards the milk. While OOO Cream Milky may be a common usage now as well, i dont care and i am more interested in achieving the best profile for the recipe. FA whipped cream has this dairy note that hits the front in a non cheesy or sour way. I wanted a thick heavy whole milk so i went with these. FLV Cream is what gives the milk a slight thickening texture, while FA Cream fresh helps to bring all the creams together in the front while adding "wetness".

TPA TOASTED MARSHMALLOW: Ya know im not sure what this stuff does but its essential to the mix. Its adding to depth of the cereal grain and baked oat perception while also stimulating the perception of milk that has had cereal in it. I tried to do this mix without it but nothing i have on hand hits the spot, so i kept it.
FA MERINGUE/FA WHATEVERYOUWANTITTOBE: I chose now to keep this separate from the profile notes. It really should be called FA whatever you want. This is playing three roles in the recipe. Add to the sugary cereal notes, the texture of milk, and the smoothness of binding the entire profile together. Without it, i feel like you'd be left with a harsh dry mess.
I marked this as a shake n vape because its developed to get better over time as you vape the warmer or colder your device gets the more notes are brought out. Enjoy the exploration that is FA Meringue, or milk, or cereal, or egg whites and sugar and awesome, yea.......
I know it may seem like a lot of ingredients but trust me on this they are all key to bringing each layer together.
"Trial Notes"
*Marked this as in progress because im toying around with the milk and marshmallow base to see which is the best. if nothing works, tfa toasted marshmallow will go back in. Which it did, nothings quite hitting that special something to bring this all together.

Thanks to wayne again for the review and mentioning my work on ATF, and everyone doing there thing! Keep doing you things!
-Liquid Antlers


Here's my recipe that was submitted for the 1v1 mixing competition. Judged by the crew over on Noted. Thanks y'all.

You know what it is, a "simple" attempt at a grilled pineapple. With a five flavour restriction, there wasn't a whole mess of room to get subtle nuances in here, but what we're left with is something that is reminiscent of some grilled pineapple. Notes and my fucked up reasoning after the cut.

TPA Pineapple / CAP Golden Pineapple - This is not my go to pairing for a pineapple base, but that heavy handed use of CAP Golden Pineapple gives us a nice and sweet pineapple note to play with. I know there is an aversion to TPA Pineapple within this community, but other options just didn't hold up to the other flavours. CAP provides the best pineapple note to suggest the fully cooked fruit, while the TPA is here to bolster that tart bite when mixed with these other concentrates.

TPA Toasted Marshmallow - one of the best concentrates when trying to achieve a baked or cooked fruit note. At 1.75%, we achieve that caramelized note needed in a profile such as this. Furthermore, this helps round out the offensive edges seen when using TPA Pineapple. To it's detriment, it does add a bit of creaminess to the mix, but that added mouthfeel is quite nice for this mix. This does cause the profile to stray away from the "authenticity," but I believe it is a success for the overall flavour.

TPA Kentucky Bourbon - simply here to add a touch of warmth to the recipe. The added woodsy, earthy, and oak notes just play into that grilled profile even more.

FLV Red Burley - a fucking tobacco in a grilled pineapple recipe? Yes. While Red Burley adds a little extra sweetness to the mix, it gives a touch of nuttiness that plays really well into the suggestion of this being cooked fruit. Finally, anything that adds some earthy snap to a recipe titled as a grilled pineapple is just pushing this closer and closer to being a true success. A weird idea that seemed to work out quite nicely. I count that as a win, if only for my personal notes.

Steep Time - DO NOT, FOR THE LOVE OF SCIENCE, VAPE THIS ON A SHAKE. It's trash. Mix it and let it sit for 5 days at least. After that, the sickly sweet notes from all the concentrates calms down and we're left with something actually vapeable. This is not, nor ever will be, an all day vape. But if you're lookin for something weird and strange, give it a shot. It's not a perfect grilled pineapple, but the idea is there.

Fuck you.

RY55: it's a little RY4 and a little 555 and a little bit more. It's tobacco, cocoa/chocolate, nuts, and vanilla.

The cocoa note here is coming from the FE MLB. It basically tastes like FE Real Cig with some dry, unsweetened cocoa. Kind of an ashy Tobacco as far as the FE tobaccos go. Not really DNB type of dirty, but it's decent. But this recipe is far from what I would consider "ashy." Cocoa note is most prevalent.

The nutty comes from the Hazelnut and Tobacco Symphony. CAP Hazelnut has been the only one I've used since I started mixing. I used it in my first diy adv, and never really bothered shopping around for a different one. It's rich and has a nice, full mouth feel, so I still use it. If it's not the best, feel free to sub. Tobacco Symphony is a wonderful nutty tobacco. It's a rich peanut type of nut with a nice mellow tobacco.

Vanilla for Pipe is decent enough as far as vanilla goes. I'm not a huge fan of vanillas these days in general, and CAP Vanilla Custard in particular. But again, feel free to sub for your favorite vanilla at what you feel is an appropriate strength.

I think the possibilities for an RY55 are just as endless as the possibilities for RY4, and it's always been a profile that I've been more interested in.

a fruity-candy tobacco recipe.do you remember the days when you used to snoke and chew gum at the same time?enjoy!

Flavor Notes