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(TPA) Toasted Marshmallow

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: additive bakery vanilla

Used in 1192 recipes at an average of 1.39%.


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No better way to start the day...and go banana's :)
Banana drink with a light creamy coffee flavor and sweet butter toffee.

RF SC Butter Toffee is a winner by itself. Smooth, creamy with a touch of caramel toffee flavor.
Solo tested at 2.5%, the recommended.maximum, steep 3 days.
a buttery, sweet almost creamy taste and texture of caramel, Perfect mixer for coffee, tobacco, chocolate and some fruits that needs a caramel layer.

s/v 24 hours to settle, after 3 days the coffee is more noticeable and makes this mix balanced and delicious.

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This is a mild sweet tobacco that is very smooth but still has that satisfying tobacco feel. I've been messing with this profile for a while and its been difficult because a lot of tobacco flavors I've tried taste like green beans or have notes that don't pair well with my goal for this recipe. Also the majority of maple flavors I've tried taste like cardboard or are extremely harsh and unvapeable.
TPA Western is a flavor I've liked for a long time and i actually prefer it over RY4 double. it's a very hard flavor to describe, it doesn't have any real distinct characteristics but adds a mild "tobacco" flavor and has a bit of the same feel of RY4 without overdoing it. This flavor is best at low percentages paired with more pronounced flavors.
I just recently tried Soho and really like it as a mild tobacco that you can add pretty much any profile to and it will work. That's kinda what i like out of a tobacco flavor so it works perfectly for this recipe and my taste.
FA Maple syrup is by far the best maple flavor I've tried, and so far the only one i can stand to vape. I've tried a few others and although they all tastes great on the back of the hand, FA was the only one that doesn't tear my throat out.
I added the frosting to sweeten things up and toasted marshmallow blends it all together and adds those great toasted notes.
This is one of the most mild, smoothest tobaccos I've had but it still has that satisfying tobacco feel that keeps me interested in the profile. Enjoy.


This recipe was inspired by Grack Juice by Philosaphucker. It's a flavor unto it's own, and isn't really based on anything. It does have a nice Kiwi taste, with some back notes of strawberry, and is accented by the cactus well. What ties everything together is the Cucumber, with it's cool relaxing flavor, and that bitter Rhind note to contrast the sweet fruits. The Koolada smooths everything out, and wraps the whole experience up in a one of a kind flavor that is easy to vape all day. The Toasted Marshmallow is added to lighten and sweeten the mix, and add that little something special over regular Marshmallow.

The lime and blackcurrant are just supporting flavors to keep the mix bright and vibrant, and they work to that end very well.

After 3 days, the mix comes together as a sweet, and bright mix with an excellent and different flavor. The cucumber kinda takes a back seat, but lends to the juicy wetness of the mix. The fruits and cactus blend together and the koolada comes down just a bit.

No treat is more beautiful than an strawberry dipped into a bath of rich white chocolate. Strawberry White Chocolate e-juice is the next biggest thing!

Summer- To me it means time for the annual camping trip with fire and alcohol and food that can be cooked on a stick. All the best stories and ideas start with alcohol involved. This one would be the later. We had all the makings for a traditional smore on my last camping trip as well as the liquid ingenuity on tap. We also had Reese's peanut butter cups and bananas. Get where I'm going with this now? You would think the combo was thought up by someone under some other flammable influence.
Chocolate-peanut butter-banana smore
3% tfa peanut butter I get creamy generic peanut butter from this when the batch is a good one.
1% cap peanut butter brings the creamy peanut butter closer to the jif or Reese's type I know and love.
.25% flv milk chocolate this gives the Hershey's type milk chocolate syrup note to help give the melted milk chocolate taste of a smore.
2% tfa double chocolate clear while flv milk chocolate is good on its own right it can be a bully and we want some of that chocolate bar-not quite melted all the way taste.
3% fw graham cracker used this more than the usual 1% I tend to use it at to keep the crunchy Graham cracker present in this Uber smore.
2% tfa toasted marshmallow tgives you that perfectly even browned ocd compliant toasted campfire marshmallow taste.
3% tfa banana cream if you haven't tried putting sliced banana on a smore I recommend giving it a try. There isn't a plain ripe banana concentrate (that I've had to date) that doesnt get a "runty" note. This a treat and as such I want it to be candyish in terms of sweetness but creamy too to compliment the marshmallow.
1% .9% saline solution optional but I feel if you have any recipe with chocolate in it you'd be doing yourself a disservice without it.
.5% cap super sweet another optional one but the malic acid that it has and maltol tend to be another must have to help chocolate flavors.

Best after 5 days mainly due to the banana cream and peanut butter but surprisingly shake and vapeable.

so this is my first stab at a captain cereal and I threw alil graham cracker too give it than thickness and the cinnamon too make it that cinnamon captain crunch taste and the cereal 27 to add a little flakey taste too it and with the dairy milk & sweet cream give it a nice milky taste as the milk sitting in a bowl

Every mixer has their classic Strawberry Milk recipe. This is the version I like to mix. It's sweet, creamy, milky, strawberry goodness. Pretty self explanatory, but this was a long process to get it to where I was actually happy releasing it.

fig's all grown up! fig smokes cigarettes with his friends and stays up too late! fig didn't finish college because he started working in the service industry and just partied all the time instead of going to classes! fig ends up working in an office cubicle surrounded by people he hates who he's sure make more money than he does! fig questions his own existence and writes sad poetry! fig doesn't sleep well anymore!

so. this is a fig tobacco that's got a nice roastyness to it and a sweet mouthfeel. flv's cured tobacco is really great, it boosts the soho and adds depth. soho is clearly a favorite of mine, it has a caramelly, better-than-ry4 vibe to it, and meshes really well with other tobaccos. cap's fig is dark and sweet and has a stone fruit/dark berry note that pairs beautifully with tobacco- it's a lovely, earthy combo. if you like tobaccos, you'll like this. this is my V2 and i feel like it's mostly done. if i change anything it might be to boost the nuttyness in some way but i'm unsure if it's even necessary- this is great as it is.

sweet fruit loops with nice milk, was trying to clone a flavor and came up with this


Instead of pouring cinnamon powder on my cornflakes, I chopped up some sugar-coated strawberries and tossed them in the bowl.

This is my Toasted recipe minus the Rich Cinnamon with a couple strawberries added in. I also bumped Cereal 27 from 3% to 5% so it will stand up to the strawberries enough. Really simple adaptation, yet it radically changes the profile. See Toasted for the cereal notes if you're interested.

Flavor Notes:

CAP Sweet Strawberry is a bright, sugary, kind of candied flavor. It's exactly the kind of Strawberry you want in your cornflakes. At 4% it plays with Cereal 27 as a top note. It's presence is also felt on the bottom of the recipe in the milk.

TPA Strawberry Ripe brings a touch of that authentic, fresh strawberry flavor to the mix. 2% isn't very apparent, but it fleshes out the CAP Sweet Strawberry. There's not much else to say about it.

This is a good shake and vape. Let it sit for 1-3 days first and you will be rewarded.

Happy mixing. 👽

This stuff is super weird ... and a little bit addictive. Sweet, salty, spicy, sour ... and it annihilates vaper's tongue. Shock your palette and get flavors working right again. Pretty cheap, too.

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Flavor Notes