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(TPA) Sweetener

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA)
Buy From: bcv wizard

Flavor Profile: Not set yet

Used in 5769 recipes at an average of 1.178%.


307 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

A holiday spiced Gingerbread RY4 with a hint of whipped cream. A bestselling Chef's Flavours One Shot from the 2016 Christmas Collection.

Developed for the #TheChristmasMix. Lets raise some money for Saint Judes!! Enjoy

No Description.

This is just sugar cookie. NO lemon, NO cinnamon! Just delicious fresh-baked sugar cookies. Enjoy!!

***If you sub CAP Super Sweet, I wouldn't go any higher than 0.25-0.5%


7-14 days

70% VG.

Made with 1.25mg

**You may not reproduce this for commercial use.

**You may not post this to other websites.

My attempt at a sweet apple cinnamon oatmeal cookie... I feel like I started in the right place and it's really good but it could be better with tweaking... Help me make this awesome!!! Thoughts and opinions are wanted and would be appreciated!

damnit wayne! ive been working on this juice for 2 months now and got pretty close with:

TFA banana nut bread 2%
TFA gingerbread cookie 1%
TFA vanilla swirl 2%
TFA peanut butter 1%
FW sweetener 0.5%

then you had to go and suggest TfA bananas foster. off to BCV i go, tested and holy freholes batman thats the guy! best christmas present ever thank you!

the banana should die off quite a bit after a steep. but it tastes damn close. i am sure TFA VBIC is in there as i am sensative to its cardboard notes and that funk that i get seems matched at 2% with the advantage of adding smoothness, weight, and rounding out the throat hit of bananas foster. it does seem to be missing some bakery??? towards the top end that adds almost a toasted (almost burnt) bread quality. i used 2% TFA graham because it seems they are only using TFA but it could be FW, CAP sugar cookie, or even just AP.

p.s. i went with the toasted because it has more of a buttery quality than the standard marshmallow, but it maybe overkill now with the VBIC.

Usually you leave sugar or gingerbread cookies for santa, but I wanted to switch it up a bit.
Lime sugar paste on top of a nice fluffy cookie
For my foundation I used the AP FA Cookie and de TFA Lemonade cookie which helps boost up the citrus from the lime.
FA meringue+sweetener create the sugar paste
adding a bit of AP helps with the grittiness grom the cookie.

This is my remix of bazooka sour straws.
Blue raspberry by fw complete the blue Razz.
Pineapple pomegranate and sour make the sour and tart flavor.
Than dump a bucket of sweetener in to give it that "hype" flavor profile.
Add 1% menthol if you want the on ice version.

A delicious cookie custard.
Tpa milk chocolate gives it a nice creamy chocolate.
Tpa Bavarian cream adds a nice creamy profile to the cookie.
Fa cookie and tpa ap make a nice cookie profile.
Cap vanilla custard makes up the custard profile.
Tpa sweetener adds in that nice sweetness.

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