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Because I do not have any other type of champagne, I decided to just make an "artificial" champagne instead. To me this one is do simple to me it kind of became unsure what fruits I wanted to use so I went with Grape Soda by FW and Blueberry Extra by TFA in which support each other pretty well together. The sweetener by far was just the cherry on top. This is my version of what a candy like jolly rancher would taste like as a champagne flavor.
Please enjoy, vape, and provide some feedback!

Decided to try my hand out at a black currant lemonade.


I've used these 2 flavors in recipes and I have sft (OOO) Marshmallow (Vanilla). I haven't pushed the %s very high though so I wasn't sure where to start. The (WF) BB Gummy Candy is a great flavor also! It was difficult for me to know when to stop raising the %s and doubly difficult to decide where to balance and not kill one or both flavors. I added EM to add sweetness throughout the mix and it works for me. I have a feeling the mm will grow slightly as this has only set for 2 days. It tastes accurate to me....but what do I know. I do know that it was bound to taste good due to the fact I'm using 2 pretty (safe) concentrates meaning it would be pretty hard to screw this up...hahahaha. I tried 3 different fruits and 3 different mm before settling on this combo. Thank you to Developed and the entire mixing community as a whole for pushing me to explore my concentrates further. Enjoy.

I was inspired by an episode of noted, I-D10T reviewed FW Citrus Soda and said that it was close to Mountain Dew, and had some sort of powdery effervescence.. And he wasn't wrong. The problem is that the powderyness came off as dryness and harshness to me. The only thing i had to correct this was INW Cactus. One time while mixing this, i accidentally put too much cactus in, and actually liked it. The aloe quality of cactus at high percentages blends into the citrus of the soda and really tones down the soapy notes i get from Cactus. The soda gets wet, loses the harshness, maintains some of it's carbonation, and all is right in the world.

I'm also very sensitive to sweetener, so i use the weakest sweetener i have found and only put one drop per 30 ml. Obviously, use whatever sweetener you want and sweeten to taste.

Honeydew Melon's purpose is to sweeten the melon aspect of the mix and it does a great job. The Watermelon Candy, IMO, is to support the candy side of the mix along with a sweetener for the candy of the mix and it is pretty on point. As for the pineapple by FM is to provide a bit of sticky note to the candy. The cantaloupe provides a bit of fruit to the mix with messing things up. The sweetener is completely optional lol. SNV Certified, best after a few days.

This once was a free handed mix not thinking about it... Til I came back to it and realized it was another Cotton Razzy Mix.. It is nothing too special, If you like cotton candy with blue raspberry then this may be the mix for you. Enjoy!

So, when this recipe came to my mind I was wanting a very heavily creamy blueberry. Well what this recipe gave me was not what I was looking for but it was surprising. After letting it steep for two to three days it came out pretty good for someone who tried too hard with different blueberries lol.. Wayne is the reason why I have dedicated my mixing abilities to try and create a very good blue berry blend nicely with some heavy sweet thick cream.
As for this mix on the inhale I get the nice heavily and soft sweet cream with this juicy and slightly present sweet blueberry and the cream on the exhale.
I really hope someone out there enjoys this recipe who is just getting into mixing or wanting to try something new!
Feedback is very much appreciated!

So, yes, I am Obsessed with trying to get this confection or combination of ingredients down. I have had Wayne's Strawberry Lite Cream and it has literally inspired to do the same thing but with blueberry. It will constantly be a work in progress but until then enjoy and please leave some feedback on what might make it better! Thank You!

The reason for this recipe is that I tried a commercial juice called "Tropical Strawberry". For both me and my wife we did not enjoy the funkiness coming from the vape of the juice. It tasted amazing off the smell and back of the hand. So I thought about trying to make the tropical strawberry more "tropical" in a sense. Let me see how well this goes haha.

  • An easy, sweet, peachy Ice Cream with a good, fresh aftertaste and fullness thanks to HS.
  • Can be combined with Ice Tea and drinks.
  • Good taste on pod devices (!)
  • Use a little bit Vanillin, if you are into that, I mixed with Flavour Boss Sweetener (Sucralose, EM, Vanillin)

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