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(TPA) Sweetener

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA)
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Used in 3578 recipes at an average of 1.215%.


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I have been searching...and searching...for a ADV that can be equivalent to my YouGotEJuice's Sugar Cookie. It has not been easy, I have mixed so many "Sugar
Cookie" recipes from others and recipes of my own and finally I think I may have started on to something that is similar if not better than. (well...maybe not better than....we will see after steeping) But I am vaping it 24 hours later and I'm going to mix some more so I can keep vaping and steep at the same time. It is good, I would love to get your opinion. I totally welcome constructive criticism, I am new to this and want to improve. I know it takes much time to become masterful and I am willing and wanting to put in my time but to get something vapeable is so exciting. I hate when people walk into something get a descent product and think they are all knowing......that is not me, I assure you, I am feeling hopeful though, that I have stumbled on something I can work with. Love to all...Kitten

A delicious cookie dough flavor sweet chocolate with a rich buttery cookie flavor gotta have the dough.

DIYorDIE Weekend Assignment

This is my take on a cookie dough without using a cookie dough flavoring. I wanted to create a light chocolate chip flavor with a peanut side note.
FW sugar cookie 1%. Used as the cookie base and adds a slight sugary note
FA cookie 1%. Used also as cookie base and to add texture
CAP vanilla whipped cream 2%. Used to balance out the chocolates and adds a creaminess to the profile.
CAP vanilla custard 2%. Used to make the recipe a little denser and to add an eggyness to the profile.
TPA pie crust 1%. This was the first time using this flavoring but hoping it will add to simulating the "cookie dough" .
TPA Brown sugar 0.5%. Used to add a dark sugar for the chocolate.
FLV peanut butter 1%. Just a bit of peanut. It seems to be a little dry but at 1% it seems balanced with the CAP golden butter at 1%.
TPA sweetener 1.5%. Well who don't like sugar.
CAP Golden butter 1%. This seems to give the FLV peanut butter the creaminess it requires.
TPA bittersweet chocolate 0.5%. I like to use this flavoring at a low % to give it a chocolate chip feel.
TPA double chocolate (clear) 1%. This pairs well with the TPA bittersweet chocolate to give the chocolate a more balanced flavor.

I may not have nailed the cookie dough base in this recipe, however, it has a great flavor with hints of chocolate and peanut butter on the exhale. Can be a Shake n Vape but I would suggest a 3 day steep. This is a first version. I normally post my first versions of recipes and keep 2nd or 3rd versions private for commercial purposes. MaxVG ....Enjoy :)

A light, fluffy Chantilly cake, with a French Creme centre, topped with berries and a hint of graham.

It's a lot of flavours used, but they all seem to work well together.

JF Yellow Cake, CAP Vanilla Cupcake, TPA Marshmallow and CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream are used as the cake base in this recipe. I find this combination makes for a very light and nice vanilla cake.

CAP French Vanilla and CAP Vanilla Custard adds even more vanilla and gives a creamy texture / mouthfeel.

FA Red Touch and TPA Strawberry Ripe were a no brainer to use as the combination to get a nice strawberry, and the addition of FW Blueberry melds nicely with those strawberries.

Finally I added a touch of TPA Graham Cracker Clear to give a hint of graham, and the TPA Sweetener has an obvious use here. It could potentially go up to 1.5-2%.

I would to hear people's thoughts on this one as it's a recipe I've been wanting to make for a long time, and any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

As a shake / vape its pretty tasty, I except about a 7 day steep to really make this shine.

A sweet glass of strawberry milk rich buttery milky cream with a nice sweet strawberry that will make some bunny love to your tongue.

A Remix of the great Re-animator 2 by Le french Liquide.
It is a Schweppes Bitterlemon alike, with great fizz on the Tongue.
For me the best Summervape ive tasted so far.

the most important Flavor is not listed in the Database, so i wrote i here:
Pure Flavours Tonic Water - 0.3%!!!
(You can try FA Bitterwizard as Sub, but i dont have tried it)

Yeah, i know thats much of Flavours, but ive tried many combos, this version is for me the best.
Best 50\50, otherwise the fizz is not so present.

This is the first recipe of my own that I've deemed worth sharing. Was going for something different but what I ended up with reminds me of the blocks of chocolate fudge that you get at the candy shop. If you're a fan of rich chocolates, this should be pretty damn enjoyable. No idea how long this should steep to reach its final form, I've had it sitting for 3 days and find it delicious.

I've been working on a chocolate mousse for awhile now with a lot of failures. Chocolate is one of the hardest profiles to get right. I'm not 100% there yet, but I've come pretty damn close. I wanted to make a light, fluffy slightly mocha chocolate mousse that was not dark in color to hopefully help with not burning up the coils so fast - I think this recipe does that. I have a back-ground in cooking and while not a chef, I am pretty good combining food flavors and that experience has played well with mixing e-liquids.
Notes: TPA Bittersweet chocolate. This is a very strong flavor. I used only .5% to give the mousse a light bitter "mocha" note
CAP Golden butter. When making any chocolate food recipe, butter or coconut oil is a must. CAP golden butter has a slight creaminess that lends well to the chocolates and rounds out the sharpness of the chocolate.
CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream. This adds to the "airiness" of the recipe and makes the chocolate seem fluffy and creamy.
TPA Dairy milk. Combined with the CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream, this seems to add that sweetened condensed milk that is used in so many chocolate dishes.
TPA Sweetener. Just enough sweetener to balance out the recipe
TPA Double Chocolate (clear) one of the best chocolate out there. This adds a deep chocolate to the recipe. You might want to up this to 1.5% or even 2%, but I prefer it at 1%

This is still a work in progress, however, It's a nice creamy, fluffy chocolate mousse vape that I hope you will enjoy.
* I have mixed up several chocolate flavors and stored them in plastic bottles and sometimes they seem to leach out the plastic giving it an odd plastic chemical taste. I suggest mixing this recipe in a glass bottle.
This can be a shake and vape, but I suggest a 3 day steep. This is a first version. I normally post my first versions of recipes and keep 2nd or 3rd versions private for commercial purposes. MaxVG ....Enjoy :)

Taste like a thick rich blackberry infused cheesecake. This recipe gets better after it steeps for a few days.

This Recipe has come a long way from where it started. When I first started with it I wanted to taste the Blueberry Jam (CAP) so I mixed it up, that wasn't good so I added sweetener...that was good but lacking so I ordered Bilberry (FA) and that was very strong so I remixed it with wayyyy less Bilberry and added Creamy stuff. It was great. In the meantime I was testing the Creamy Yogurt (CAP) on its own. I vaped it along and I loved it and thought "this would go great in the Blueberry Cream stuff I made". And that is my brilliant conception of this Recipe...lolol I use the word Brilliant very lightly...lol Anyway, it's good, you can go more or less on the Yogurt depending on how you like it, I love it. You can use Greek if you like that flavor instead but the whole thing is yummy and great mouth feel.

From @Queuetue : This is the gold standard of scales for the home mixer. Good price, great accuracy and repeatability, bright readable display, fast response, it comes with a cover for storage and it cleans up easily.

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