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(TPA) Sweetener

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA)
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This is the first batch I have mixed up. I will see how it goes and add notes after steep.

This is still a work in progress. I am trying to go for a plain straight forward strawberry ice cream.

After many different raspberry and lemonade combinations this is the one I'm most happy with. Hope you enjoy.

Trying to create a Cloud Stout VSOP clone!
The longer the steep the better it gets. I don't remember where I got the recipe from, but the percentages and the ingredients have been tweaked by me to make it a better companion to coffee.
If anyone knows where this recipe is from, please let me know and I will put their link here to give credit. Thanks!

I'm almost convinced Juul has a proprietary blend of Mango as I've experimented with a rather large variety of Mango concentrates and combinations. I haven't yet nailed it 1:1 but this is close enough for me. Juul also likely uses 1000mg/ml nicotine solution to achieve a 70/30 mix with a 50mg nic solution as we also know their nicotine derivation is proprietary. I like to mix it 55/45 for maximum flavor and at 30mg because I don't need 50mg. While it's not a 100% dead on clone of Juul's Mango pod, It is close enough for me to be happy with it. Sometimes I throw in a little WS-23 to give it a cooling vibe.

this recipe has served more for my records than a community contribution, but thought I'd share because I enjoy it

FLV Cantaloupe helps round out a juicy and creamy orange texture.

TPA Dragonfruit lends a boost to the fruit.

TPA Sweetener to invite some maltol to the mix.

FLV Mango / CAP Sweet Mango obviously pair to contribute the Mango note.


This is a lite sweet and creamy coffee vape, for those that like a darker blend, I would add a touch of Espresso. This recipe was created on Interactive Mixing on the Diydownunder network.

Use of the LA cream cheese credited to steam. Worked out good thanks for that. Used it a bit lower and went with Vienna cream/cream fresh as milk base. Few days steep or as a snv.

This is a ADV for me it’s my crack to vaping. I go thru a bottle 60 ml in three days. Shake and vape certified. Mixed at 70/30


This is a Tribute to Ohio. A chocolate and peanut butter milk shake. Goooooo!!! Buckeyes!!!!!

Fuji apple, strawberry plus a little stone fruit twist.
Sweet, crisp, fresh and juicy.

Fuji + Shisha Apple + So Sour
This combo gives crisp, red apple with a green apple sour hint. Definitely on a candy side.

Shisha Strawberry + Red Touch
Sweet, syrupy strawberry. Not much more to say about this combo.

Apricots + Peach White
One of my favorite stone fruits combo. Apricot gives some ripe accents to the peach, mellows edges and brings a little bit of softness to the texture.
This combo tastes a little bit like a nectarine.

Meringue + Sweetener
MOAR SWEETNESS! The half percent of a meringue is here for sweet, sugary mouthfeel. That's what makes it taste commercial-like, which I like.
Omit sweetener and lower Meringue to 0,25% if you hate shelf, oversweetened juices.

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