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(TPA) Sweetener

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA)
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Rationale behind the marriage of rosemary, vanilla, and lemon: From time to time, my wife will simmer a pot of vanilla extract, slices of lemons, and sprigs of rosemary with water to scent the house. It is a delicious smelling aroma . . . and apparently, one of the scents that Williams-Sonoma uses to scent their stores (hence the name). I've always been enthralled by the scent and thought it might make for an interesting vape. Recently, she bought a cool mist aromatherapy diffuser and got amber vanilla, lemon, and rosemary scents to use in it. I found myself drawn to it. The amber vanilla added an almost bakery type aroma to the mixture, and I decided to get some rosemary concentrate to try my hand at this flavor. I got into DIY to scratch the itch for flavors that I could not readily buy . . . and this is something I've been wanting to try for quite some time.

I wanted vanilla to be dominant with lemon and rosemary falling in line behind it. This was not originally intended to be a custard, but I felt lacking the body of a custard really affected this and made it fall flat rather quickly. I knew I wanted it to have that same full-bodied flavor that I was getting from the aroma, so it needed that thick mouth-feel that only a custard can provide. This also helped add to the richness that I was getting from the aroma my wife concocts . . . when she boils water, lemons, rosemary, and vanilla, the scents come together to equal something much greater than the sum of their parts (I suspect it is due to the ingredients slowly cooking in the simmering pot).

The Vanilla: I originally went with DIYFS Holy Vanilla and INW Shisha Vanilla weighted evenly at 1.5%. I was in search of a creamy vanilla that could hold its own against the acidic bite of the lemon and the herb notes of the rosemary. After testing my first iteration of this over the course of a few weeks, I decided that I wanted the vanilla notes to be bumped to the front a bit more, so I increased the Holy Vanilla to 2%, leaving Shisha Vanilla at 1.5%. I really love these two vanillas working together!

The Lemon: Getting this where I wanted it to be was the most challenging aspect of tackling this recipe. FA Lemon Sicily and CAP Juicy Lemon were my first choices for the lemon (because they were the only lemon flavors I already had). I didn't want this to be too lemon forward, so I tried to keep it light and bright. I started out with each at 1%. It started off well, but I soon found that the lemon began to overpower the mix and become the dominant note in the liquid. It almost started tasting like a flat lemon soda the longer I vaped on it. I decided I needed to broaden my horizons, as far as lemon was concerned. Dazcole’s Lemon Tart remix was a revelation and so masterfully done that it propelled me towards purchasing FW Lemon Meringue Pie (as well as FA Custard Pi 3.14, which I’ll get to later). To try to tame the lemon I dropped the CAP Juicy Lemon completely. I added the Lemon Meringue Pie at 1% and dropped Lemon Sicily to 0.5%. This seemed to hit the right notes for me. It was adding just enough lemon to be noticed, but it didn’t take a front seat to the other flavors the way it had before.

The Rosemary: INW Shisha Rosemary was the only choice that I found for this recipe and, at the percentage it’s used, is not too strong in comparison to the other aromas. I did find it to begin laying lower in the flavor the longer it steeped in the original recipe, so I ramped it up over the course of a couple different iterations from 1% to 1.4% where it seemed to hit the sweet spot for me. I truly enjoy this flavoring . . . the challenge for me is going to be trying to fit this into other flavor combinations in a natural way..

The Custard: In the original recipe, FA Meringue and INW Custard were used to add a little bit of that bakery note I was getting from the amber vanilla scent my wife was using in the diffuser and for mouthfeel. I started out with INW Custard at 1% and Meringue at 0.5%. As this evolved into a more straight-forward custard (as opposed to simply trying to mimic the potpourri my wife makes), I opted to drop the Custard in favor of INW Crème Brulee at the same 1%. I felt this would give it that rich depth I was getting from the inspiring scent. It needed that deeper note of the caramelized sugar crust. I kept Meringue at 0.5% and added FA Custard Pi at 1.5%. This served two purposes in my mind. It helped propel this towards a custardy dessert, and it bolstered the lemon aspect without being too acidic. I felt like the vanillas I was using worked well on their own, and the lemon notes I get from Custard Pi helped out the Lemon Sicily and Lemon Meringue Pie in a very positive way (as dazcole’s brilliant recipe highlights).

TPA Sweetener was used just to round everything off with a last slight touch of sweetness. I started out at 0.5% and moved it around the recipe a couple of times before finally landing at 0.35%, which added a noticeable sweetness without being too cloying, in my opinion.

Flavors beyond the pale were my goal getting into DIY (spurred into fruition by ID10-T’s remarkable Longing recipe). This is exactly what I was looking for in this flavor. I mixed it up, shook the crap out of it, and gave it a try. For me, it is very approachable as a shake and vape. However, after a 7-day steep this really blossoms into a full-bodied custard. I’ve vaped several different iterations of this over the last 2 months and feel like it is finally finished. I’m taking ID10-T’s sage advice and dropping the lemon from the title to make this represent what it has become: a rosemary-spiced vanilla custard . . . the lemon acts solely as an additive to brighten up this mix. If you mix it, I hope you thoroughly enjoy it! This will not suit the tastes of everyone, but it was something I needed to get out of my system.

Based on the food pairing concept, i came up with the idea to combine the fruity notes of orange, rasperry, lychee with the mellow, strong notes of peanut butter.
Sounds crazy? It is for sure a bit unusual but wow, the peanut does a good job in this recipe.

This is my take on a strawberry cheesecake. The flavors kind of speak for themselves but I chose JF Sweet Strawberry because it is one of the few strawberries I can taste. I think the CAP Sweet Strawberry helps out the JF and adds some sweetness.

TFA Cheesecake GC, CAP NY Cheesecake and Sweet Cream make up the main body of the cheesecake it's creamy, rich and delicious.

TFA Graham helps boost the graham in the cheesecakes and Biscuit and Acetyl Pyrazine are there to give it some more grainy, buttery goodness.

I love a bit of FA Coconut so I added it for something extra.

This is the first recipe I have made that I feel is worth sharing so feedback is welcome.

I like my recipes strong so I think the 20% flavoring is necessary. Sweetener is optional.

I recommend at least a 2 week steep.

Please rate it if you mix it!

Another blind attempt at one of Grimmgreen's juices. This is based on Rainbow Sherbet in the Dark. This will definitely undergo some tweaking in the future, but it's good as is too. In the current format the Lime and Ice Cream base are too dominant. Since I made this I had the original, and that is more orange dominant with what tastes like FW blood orange.

The gelato is in this just for the eggy flavor it brings which I like. It will probably be dropped because the meringue should carry the egg white/sugar needs.

Caramel-Cream/Apple-Berry Cheesecake .
First official flavor. I just went with Wayne's advice, and a few others and this came out. I've tweaked only three times, and I said if I wasn't even close on the third attempt, I'd give up - hence the name.

IT'S RICH...but you need one of those in your cabinet. I loved Forest Fruits so much, and wanted it in a cheesecake.

The apple and caramel and cream hit the spot to take down the bite of the Forest Fruit. The cheesecake is heavy with the Vienna Cream but in my opinion, it balances really well. Like, real well.

This one goes great with coffee - and I wanted one of those.

Bring on the help!

This is as close as I could come to an exact clone of Blue Bird e juice. I picked up a bottle for remix month and was pleasantly surprised it wasn't that bad actually pretty decent. The flavor profile was hard to find in writing but what I could find basically say a blueberry cheesecake with a crunch berry crust. In my opinion I was able to make this flavor in my opinion 95% of the way there. I started to vear away from the flavor attempting to match the dark yellowish tint to the original e liquid so I had to forget about the color and go back to the flavor and in my opinion I am very close to the authentic e juice they are doing something different because of the color of the e liquid but as far as the flavor I think you would be hard pressed to pick which one was the authentic in a side by side in my opinion my version is a little more flavorful. If you have tried the original e juice Blue Bird and enjoyed it give this a try and let me know how close you think I got. ENJOY!!!!

This is my representation of what a sweet vanilla custard vape should be. A delicate, smooth sweet velvety mouth feel with vanilla accents and sweet undertones. Each cream compliments one another to support cappella's custard with the marzipan/sweetner giving it that melt in your mouth sweet goodness. I was going to keep this private but just want to give back to the diy community. It is imparitive that this mix steeps for atleast one month and be at a 75/25 vg/pg. Comments always welcome. Enjoy.

This is the first recipe I made my own.
It has been made through my first steps in DIY. So dont be harsh at me :D

The main idea behind this recipe, is a pie which has strawberries as the main note, a crusty base with a hint of buttery biscuits (thats why I prefer INW Biscuit). Also there is a tone of caramel between the delicious Cream mixed with the Strawberries and the base of the Pie.

Maybe for some people this Recipe seems a little wrong, but its taste is realy good and realy close to what I wanted to be.

I will publish also a v2 of this recipe, where short of I keep the flavour result and I improve the using of the concentrates.


Inspired by Vaping Breakfast Classics pancakeman

Released just in time for the cloning month

Pancakes topped with strawberries and syrup simple and delicious

This recipe looks heavy admittedly but it's what was needed to convey that full mouthful bodied vape and it's surprisingly delicate layers merge together giving you fluffy delicious pancakes

As for the maple syrup Flv Milk and Honey jumps on the back end of the sweetness of the strawberries just enough to give that syrup taste.


This is my remix of another famous e-liquid made by Dinner Lady from UK and my contribution to the "Remix Month 2017" by the DIYorDIE community.
As you would expect, the main profile of this e-juice is a rice pudding-flavor and it is topped with raspberries or a raspberry sauce. If you like the original I suggest you give this a try, since it is pretty close to the original. And even if you are not a big fan of Dinner Lady's version, but are attracted to this profile in general, give this a try and please let me know what you're thinking. Many of my friends prefer my version, saying it is more round and full in taste. In my opinion, I have to work a bit on the "rice-flavor" and maybe try other flavorings; please let me know if you have any suggestions on that. Hope you like it and if you do, I'd be very pleased if you leave a small review ;) Enjoy!!

Some "quick" notes:

CAP Horchata / TFA Rice Crunchies

Horchata gives the impression of a rice milk but also leads to some weird off-notes when used to high in this context. I used TFA's Rice Crunchies to add more of a rice flavor to the mix.

TFA Bavarian Cream / FA Fresh Cream / CAP Vanilla Custard

The combination of these three flavourings gives a nice milky impression of a pudding with some vanilla notes. Fresh cream adds some light "milkyness", while Vanilla Custard adds some more heavy and buttery/eggy cream notes, leading to a thicker pudding-like vape experience. The Bavarian Cream adds more vanilla and is used to blend everything together.

CAP Raspberry V2

I used Capella's Raspberry, because I didn't want a too realistic and more syrup-like raspberry flavor as a topping and it does a very good job in this context. Note that I used the V2 just because I don't own V1. Since I don't know if there is a big difference between Version 1 and 2, I can't say for sure that you can substitute V1 for V2, but you probably can...

Mix @ 70/30 VG/PG. You can shake&vape this, but i suggest to let it sit for at least 2-3 days.

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