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(TPA) Sweetener

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA)
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Used in 6407 recipes at an average of 1.191%.


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Do you even grape bro ? Seriously though, do you ? White grape, no skin, juicy ripe center with a tad bit of crispness. Thought of using fuji at .25% but I think it's good as is. Maybe cotton candy at 1% to push a Jolly Rancher taste ? Anyways, steeped in a warm water bath 15 minutes, shake and vape. Let the off notes breath and this really permeates the taste buds and the smell definitely is a strong fresh white grape. Feed backs appreciated and encouraged.

Smooth,fruity vape .a combnation of cereals-fruits and creams,balanced and yummy.enjoy!

This is my take on Vapor Maids Sticky Buns by Beard. It is a vanilla butterscotch custard bun with hints of cinnamon. I have never tried the original but the profile sounded delicious.
This is the first version of this, and as a snv it is pretty nice. I'll let this steep for a week and see how everythjng is settling.
Give this a try if you like sweet deserts and let me know what you think. Enjoy.

The mixture of sweet whipped cream, raspberry and gooey marshmallows It has a tangy, unique flavor.enjoy

Den Scoth

This one’s for the dessert lovers!
Thick butterscotch ice cream drizzled with caramel syrup and served in a crunchy waffle cone.

FW Caramel Candy has to be one of my favorite caramels out and FLV Butterscotch compliments it well. Throw in some LB Ice Cream + FA Vienna Cream and you’ve got the ice cream portion of the mix.

I see LB Belgian Waffle get some hate but I myself am I fan. I like it at 3% in this mix. CAP Cereal 27 brings it to life by giving some grit to the waffle cone while INW Biscuit adds a buttery note I enjoy.

Hope you dig this mix as much as I do. If not, that’s cool too. Would love to hear your feedback in the comments.

-Modesto Bravo


This remix is to mimic the New Dinner Lady Blackberry Crumble the shit is delicious and this remix does the job as well. It does need a good steep at least 7 days. I used Darren Cole's aka dazcole Lemon Tart Remix as my base then just removed the lemons and replaced them with the proper berry concentrates.

Caramel Candy Milk
(Biscuit/Caramel Candy/Cream/Dairy-Milk/Milk & Honey/Sweetener)

Let it steep for a week. At least a week to knock your sox off! The longer it steeps the tastier it becomes. Follow the recipe to replicate, different vendor ingredients will probably score different taste juice.

Feel free to crank up caramel candy in case you have a hole in your sox. I found it working just right for me at 3%.

A nice fresh raspberry gummy type flavour. Don't let the low percentages fool you. This has bags of sweet flavour. If you like it sweet, then this is your bag. Great snv, but 3-4 days, really helps it blend to make those flavours pop. Enjoy

Ummmm my best discription would be a Fruit Milkshake creamy and fruity

A delicious, rich and creamy custard with a nice vanilla punch. As always the sweetener is up to you ;-) to use as a great custard base to add fruits etc, get rid of the vanilla bean ice cream and knock vanilla swirl down to 1.5%

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