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A mangosteen tea. The sweet tea really mellows out the funky taste of the mangosteen. I think the sweetener is necessary. You may not.

FLV Chai Spice is reeeeally fucking good. It's my favorite of the new flavors.

So Chai Spice Latte's are something that's really special to me. Kitty and my first Christmas together we tried Samurai Chai tea from teavana and we absolutely loved it. So it's become a tradition in our 15 years together to get Samurai Chai every holiday season and enjoy it together. Sadly teavana is no more.

Luckily there's FLV Chai Spice, cardamom, cinnamon, glove and ginger oh yeah this stuff is amazing. It takes the center stage here at 3% you get a really nice spice note for the TPA Sweet Tea. Sweet Tea is so good but it's really weak, I'd recommend picking up at least a 30 ML because it goes fast. Now the thing that make's Samurai what it is is the little bits of orange peel, when the Samurai steeps that orange blooms, it bitter and floral and the perfect compliment to the Chai. I used FA Bergamot here for the sour orange flavor and it's perfect. It sits right in behind the Chai giving it that nice little bit of tart Orange.

Lastly, because this is a latter we need some creamy mouth feel. FLV Cream is nice and thick with a little bit of that spice, pairs up really nicely with the Chai and 2% VT Coffee Milk froth for that foamy buttery goodness on top.

This recipe is really great and I hope you get a chance to try it out!

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Tpa sweet tea & fa bergamot make a delicious tea blend.
Tpa giving us our base, fa adds a bit of earthiness.

Fa raspberry & inawera raspberry.
Fa gives a solid raspberry with a small amount of inw to add a tang.

La lemonade is my favourite lemonade flavour so there was no other choice for me.

Super sweet is optional, remove it or add more... Its up to you.

This also works really well with a small amount on Ws23.

Can be used in both mtl or dl.


DEVELOPED Episodes are back! On this episode we tackle a type of Arnold Palmer but with a twist, ...Passionfruit. Our goal was to make a passionfruit lemon sweet tea. It's tropical, refreshing, and perfect for those hot days to come. Full recipe notes at https://youtu.be/B9NXBHABX0M .

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Trying to make a delicious MTL iced tea flavor

V2 added Green Tea (2%) and sweetener (0.5%) to the mix, lowered R.berry Sweet to 1% from 2%

V3 brought Green Tea down to 1%

V4 Green tea up to 1.5%, R.berry up to 2%

V5 trying to make it more coil friendly, sweet tea from 10 to 6, green tea up by 0.25, and half the SS. Trying peach instead for variety.

A sweet, tart and floral green tea.

SWEET TEA AND GREEN: brings a wonderful authentic green tea flavor.

HONEY BEE 🐝: for a touch of honey and sweetness

HONEYSUCKLE: adds some body and a floral fruity flavor.

RHUBARB: is rhubarb.

CHERRY BLOSSOM 🌸: adds to the floral part of the honeysuckle

No need for sweetener here. Honey and sweet tea does it perfectly fine.

This is a blackberry sweet tea. The real recipe is 5.5 river flavors sweet tea and 5.5% tpa sweet tea. The blackberry I used was flavor monks at 1%. Flavor monks and river supply is not on here yet.


I made this recipe for my friends in the northern hemisphere that miss summer and those in the south craving for something sweet and refreshing to deal with the heat.

Do not get carried away by all the tea flavors in this mix, the combination of Sweet Tea, Lemonade and Ruby Red Grapefruit makes a great juicy base, very fresh, fizzy and with a much needed contrast between the tanginess and sweetness of the fruit that turns any regular fruit mix into a tropical delight.

Sweet Currant is the perfect additive and plays a roll similar to what Hibiscus brings to this kind of profiles. It is a deep syrupy flavor that blends perfectly with any lemon or tea and adds an extra dimension and sweetness to the mix.


I have been searching for a good green tea for a while. I am a big fan of the drink and like vapes that are not too sweet. I finally sat down with all my green teas and dripped them on my Wasp Nano until i found a combination that works.

I think the FLV Eisai Tea provides the earthy notes, the FE Green Tea the high notes and the TFA Sweet Tea brings it all together.

It takes at least a 2 week steep to get the earthy notes ( i also mix it and put it in a water bath when i first make it).

Still need to work on the "tea" aspect, but it's getting there and it's tasty the way it is.

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