(TPA) Sweet Strawberry

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not mine, want to mix this, atf is a good website to do that.
by Centerfold
BTW TFA Marshmallow contains Act(acetaldehyde) and AP (acetyl propionyl), they also added citric acid. ADD AT YOUR OWN RISK

Something Different, thought I would give it a go and OMG its good

I can defiantly taste the cola with just a hint of strawberry at the end its not two overpowering its just right.
I could vape this all day. Please give it a go.
let me know what you think

This is Waynes recipe I just tweaked the strawberry combo’s around to suit my taste

This started out as trying to make a clone or something similar to SMAX's Pony on Acid. I think that after a snv it's decent and gives me a lot of close or similar flavors and mouth feel but it isn't complete.

This recipe has a a lot of pineapple in the beginning and then turns into strawberries and raspberries in a red syrup like glaze and then has a fresh whipped cream flavor.

This is also my first time sitting down and working from another recipe as a headstart or as hints. I do ask that if you make the liquid, please leave a review regardless of if you enjoyed it or not and anything you would change. Im Hoping the feedback can help give me ideas as to what I'm missing and perfect the recipe.

I hope that you enjoy this recipe and lets keep vaping.

Built on the shoulders of giants with a couple of increases and enhancements this is as close to a commercial juice I've ever made a lot of sweetener in this recipe if you mix this sweeten in your own way but I'll say for sure that this recipe is amazingly delicious.

Been vaping this for awhile now and feel like it's worthy of joining the masses of strawberry and cream recipes out there. This one is heavier on the cream side but has a nice sweet strawberry in the background.

Yes.......I know.......


Deep, red strawberry blended into a rich, decadent cream.

A strawberry cream, as opposed to strawberries and cream. I thought I’d switch it up a bit!

FW Hazelnut does amazing things to the strawberry. It really ripens and deepens it (there is no actual hazelnut flavour).

It needs 5 days steep minimum. At 4 days or less the hazelnut is still evident.

I’d really appreciate any feedback. Thanks!


Soft cheesecake on top of a crispy graham crust with hints of strawberry and lemon
Sweetener not necessary but recommended to make it more desert authentic.

This mix is my take on something unique and delicious. Everything in this recipe just blends so well to give you a balanced and refreshing vape.

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