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(TPA) Sweet Cream

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: creamy dairy dessert

Used in 3974 recipes at an average of 1.921%.


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The Blueberry Custard to end all blueberry custards. Or is it a Blueberry Cream? Wait, it kind of tastes like a Cheesecake, too! This mix plays tricks with your mind. I've even heard some getting waffle from it. FW Blueberry, TPA Blueberry, and FA Bilberry complete the trinity, along with INW Lemon Mix to really drive that blueberry forward.

INW Custard, INW Yes We Cheesecake, TFA Bavarian Cream, TFA Sweet Cream, TFA Marshmallow and DIYFS Holy Vanilla all combine to give a well rounded creamy as hell custardpiecakewaffle.

This is as close as I’ve seen, mixed it a little by accident but as soon as I smelled it. Knew I hit the jackpot. Enjoy

Don’t sub flavours with other brands, especially the custard.

A delicious jam covered waffle. Shake and vape certified. On mixing gives on strawberry jam flavor that calms down with time.

Jam - Shisha Strawberry, Strawberry (ripe), Sweet Strawberry - These 3 strawberries make up a sweet delicious strawberry jam.
Syrup - Golden Syrup - Fills out the middle of the vape for me. With a 4 week steep, the Golden Syrup really pops.
Waffle - Belgian Waffle and Waffle - The combo of these two is great, you get some of the fluffy Belgian waffle while still having some of the burned waffle from straight off the waffle iron.
Cream Topping - Sweet Cream and Whipped Cream - This finished the recipe with a bit of cream for good measure.

It's been far too long since I've shared a recipe. This has become a favorite of mine. A simple and straight forward mixed berry milkshake. The HS French vanilla ice cream, Sweet cream, Hazelnut, and LB Vanilla ice cream form a rich and thick milk shake base. The VT Forest mixed berries combined with the FA Forest mix make a nice sweet berry blend. The berries and ice cream balance well together to become a deliscious and rich berry milk shake. This is not bad right away, but after 7 days this sets up perfectly. Enjoy.

Coquito is normally made with Bacardi Dark Rum but since I’ve not had a Rum that replicates that taste the closest thing I have to that warmth is FL Bourbon and it worked. Combined eggnog and horchata to create the spicy thick cream base. Coconut Candy adds the coconut notes and the macadamian nut adds a realistic nut note to the blend. Sweet cream and cream fresh create the buttery milk notes and the FA Bavarian cream rounds it all out without adding too many vanilla notes.
Optional : Add 0.5% FW candy cane for the picture authenticity. Enjoy and Merry Christmas Familia.

Vanilla peppermint cream a holiday favorite with a touch of white chocolate.

The 2 strawberries and the vanilla bean ice cream were new flavours for me so I threw this experimental 30ml 50/50 3mg mix together to try them out and rather wish I'd made 200.

It's been on my ADV shelf since birth, vaping in an Aequitas dual clapton 0.23 ohm rig for 6 days, it started well (if a little sharp on the TPA strawberry) and has improved steadily since.

The TPA strawberry has calmed down a little, no longer a distinct flavour to the Shisha strawberry, and the whole thing is smoother and richer, very nice.

I've nearly run out so am trying to persuade myself to put it away for a week so I can see how it steeps, or maybe I'll just mix some more and cane this one !

Based on Stark's Custard Cream, I'm trying to get to something approximating the eponymous biscuit we have here in the UK, but not too faithfully.

I'm really liking the touch of Bavarian Cream I added in the last couple of experiments, the first batch of those is nicely steeped now after a week and tasting gorgeous to me, and will hopefully be even better in another week or three; it's become my firm ADV so I thought I'd share it.

Next batch I'll try a bit more biscuit, I've not had any steeping long enough to see how it all balances out but it might need a bit more. I just made 200ml of this so am sorted for a supply of this for now, time to make some 10ml experiments !

I've been playing with adding some chocolate direct into a nearly empty tank of this to get a Bourbon Cream (similar biscuit but with cocoa), hasn't worked yet, I only have two choc flavours (TFA double chocolate & Chef's Vapours chocolate concentrate) and neither is even close, if anyone has any suggestions for a good choc/cocoa to use, I'll buy it and try it.

Vaping it on a Radar RDA dual alien .22 ohm setup, mixed at 50/50 with 3mg of Nic, though I make 50/50 with pretty much every recipe so it's not a specific recommendation for this recipe.

A shortbread cookie ice cream sandwich. Shave it. Vape it.


Strawberries and vanilla cream, slapped in a graham cracker crust! Named after my brother-in-law, Anthony Richard, who loves this stuff!

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