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(TPA) Sweet And Tart

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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This is something of a concept recipe. A few people have seen this before, hopefully one of them chimes in.

sweet and tart, dweeb candy, and Bubblegum- la bubble gum is a delicious pink bubble gum, it becomes the canvas,on which we're going to paint this weird-ass candy. Weed candy gets the mix a hard candy shell. Sweet tart ads contrast, sweetness, and the dryness of the concentrate, pairs perfectly with Bubblegum.

Been on a bit of a Blackberry kick lately. It's like Frank's Red Hot sauce I put that shit and everything. Pairs great with the sweet strawberry, add sweetener and boom.

hope you enjoy.

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Not rocket science here, you can sub out any BlackBerry for super concentrate BlackBerry, but it is definitely unique, and would strongly advise adding it to Your Arsenal ASAP. You don't have to take my word for it here is a review from mlNikon.


TFA sweet and tart- so if you are looking for a sweet tart flavor this is it. I was surprised how accurate the flavor was by itself. But the name can be misleading, sweetheart candies aren't very sweet or tart 🤔🤔🤔Unfortunately it does fall short in the tart category, if you're going for that Sour Patch Kids malic acid sort of thing.

Here's my take on a Green Slushie, it is my ADV of the year, just can't get enough of it. Must have vaped more than a liter by now...
Enjoy and comment.

The Apple Fuji, and Watermelon Clear are the base fruit flavors. I used the Juicy Lemon and Lemonade Natural to tang it up and the sweet tart and jelly candy really work well together. There the ones that give it that original, never had before, taste!!! Co existing and making it taste like a gummy bear rolled in pixy stix dust. I was absolutely floored when I first tried this. Very Tasty. My childhood treat.


My version of the popular fruit drink "Orange Kool-Aid"


This is my closest recipe to the nerds Candy. Sweet and sour candy pebbles we loved as a kid.


Nerds Ropes are an awesome candy. You have a long chewy licorice rope encased in yummy nerds candy. It is like two candies in one!
So for this candy, we had to start with the rope. That was easy with TFA's Red Licorice. Next we had to figure out what to do about those nerds! What are nerds really? Nerds are the essence of skittles but without the chewy insides, and that is where the rainbow drops come in. You have to be careful with this flavor though, because if you use too much, it turns into lemon pledge (Like so many fruit loops recipes). The insides are rather a different story. The insides are more like smarties candies, which is where the Sweet and tart comes in. The flavors work, they are accurate, but they are a little rough on their own. This is where the dragon fruit comes in. If I had the luxury of a fifth flavor, I would have kept the dragon fruit at .25% and added 1% of Tfa Meringue to both emulsify and smooth things out. As I am allergic to all artificial sweeteners and that fifth flavor is not an option, I had to work a little magic. I bumped the dragon fruit up to 1%, and was thrilled to find that the mix was just as good as the .25% dragon fruit/1% meringue option.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: DOD WORLD MIXERS II Round 2

This is the 3rd version of this recipe and screams Sour Patch. All the flavors work so well together to create a wonderful cady vape. This profile is not really my style but I love it when I need a break from bakerys. I hope you all enjoy it. Please rate and comment. Thanks


Smarties was one of the first profiles I went for when I first started mixing way back yonder. It's only fitting this is the first recipe I post. I used to mix sweettart at like 10% when I was Vaping out of cartomizers so needless to say my old mix needed a little tweaking. After reworking this thing for the past six months i think i've come up with a pretty good representation. I wanted to capture that chaulky ambiguous fruit flavor where you can't tell if the different colors are different flavors.

Sweet & Tart- It's called Sweetangy on ECX, idk how many names they've had for this flavor but its the sweet tart candy flavor from TPA. A little of this goes a long way for me. This is really more like a sweet tart than smarties but at lower percentages adds that fruit flavor that you just can't get anywhere else. This flavor is a little bitter though and doesn't provide much sweetness, hence the sucralose.

FW Jawbreaker- Seeing this flavor was what inspired me to take another stab at this recipe. i was so disappointed when i cracked it open and smelled nothing but fucking juicy fruit gum!!!! Well i did a test anyways and figured out it was really just the smell not the taste when vaping it and at low enough percentage the juicy fruit smell steeps off and you're left with a chaulky candy quality that works great with the sweet tart. This can work up to .5%, after that juicy fruit stays.

Almond- This was the other missing link. One thing i really like about Wayne's marshmallow cereal milk is it reminds me of the white candy cigs i used to blow through packs of as a kid. I couldn't isolate what flavor i was getting that from until i noticed it again in Krucial's butter almond custard. Fantastic recipe btw. This flavor works some kind of magic to blend the other ingredients and add depth and density but doesn't steal the show in any way.

Everything else is pretty much to smooth it out and add sweetness. I tried my best to make it work without sucralose but my other sweetening option weren't working out. You could try jacking up the ethyl maltol and sub out the FA marshmallow for TFA or use whatever sweetener you like. It is a candy recipe though so sugar that shit up.

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