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(TPA) Swedish Gummy

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Just was trying to make a nice tangy Strawberry taffy flavor. This hits the spot for me. Would like a bit more sour bite to it but overall I’m satisfied with it mixed at 75/25. SNV

A really good remix to sour belts. The OOO Strawberry apple was a good start and gave a good base to the whole mix, but it needed help in every aspect. The Strawberry, apple and gummy aspects all needed a little boost.

I like my juices sweet. If you want you could hold off on the sweetener or use your preferred sweetener but I highly recommend you don't pass up on this and give it a try.

Any thoughts on making the recipe even better are greatly appreciated.

Nice light fruity vape not sure what its compairable to but its dam good

Nice Mango tangerine flavor with a nice sweet creamy vanillla Finish. I wanted to see what I could mix with mango other than peach and this worked out so well. Give this a whirl. You will not be disssapointed. Sweetener is optional. Taste good off the shake. Steep 3 days for great results.


This is a REMIX of Candy Kings Sour Worms. It's pretty damn close to the original, if not better.
-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jY_TGE2vnQA

Weekend Assignment - Blue
Shake & Vape certified, best after 24hrs to round out

When I think of the color blue, I think of a light, bright blue. So what would blue taste like to me? To put it simple... refreshing! Like a crisp winter sky. Now to emulate that into a flavor...
I used FW Blueberry, but at 3.25% it's not what you are tasting here. It's a thick syrup style blueberry that is giving the HS something to sit on top of and give it some body. HS is a bright, very candied Blueberry and these two combined is very good if candy is what you're after. The jelly candy/marshmallow/Swedish gummy is to give this a chewy candy base, like a soft cloud and the whipped cream helps round the sharpness out. Sweeten it up, drop in some extreme ice, and you have my idea of blue. A cool, sky blue gummy candy that's as refreshing as it is good.
**If you don't want a slight menthol note, sub the extreme ice with 1 drop koolada per 10ml or any other cooling agent...but the Menthol/mint in extreme ice adds an interesting touch.

This is a strawberry watermelon kazoozle candy. It is a strawberry rope with a watermelon filling in the center. I made the strawberry rope with strawberry taffy by Capella and Swedish gummy by tfa I made the watermelon center with watermelon candy and watermelon by tfa and I sweetened it all up with sweetener by tfa.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: DOD WORLD MIXERS II Round 2

Here we have an imitation of a Kasugai Kiwi Gummy candy from Japan. The source material is a sweet, soft, and juicy gummy that features actual kiwi puree in a gelatin + pectin based candy. Kasugai gummies are softer gummies that are more in line with a gummy lifesaver than a Haribo gummy bear--almost like a thick jello.

The flavor: The kiwi in the candies is a blend of kiwi puree with artificial kiwi flavoring. My task, then was to make my kiwi candy-like with a hint of realism. TFA Kiwi Double hits the candy kiwi in this mix. The actual gummies feature the occasional kiwi seed from the puree and therefore present a more realistic element. E-liquid is a homogeneous mixture though, so I modified the fake, cloying taste that Kiwi Double can impart by brightening and lifting it up with a touch of TFA Quince. The result of the Quince addition adds a missing 'tart' element provided by the seeds that would otherwise be lacking.

The gummy: The source candy is a sweet, soft gummy, with juiciness overriding much of the stickiness. To suggest this, I used a combination of CAP Jelly Candy and TFA Swedish Gummy. CAP Jelly Candy provides volume for the profile without the chemical off-notes that something such as TFA Gummy provides. TFA Swedish Gummy suggests the waxy texture found in Swedish Fish and so was used to provide a bit of structure and softness that Jelly Candy can lack.

Overall Profile/Conclusion: The candy is very sweet and I relied on the flavors themselves to provide much of that. A bit of Ethyl Maltol was added to smooth it all over and keep the candy vibe alive. The Kiwi Double/Quince combo infuses itself into the gummy base to provide an illusion of juiciness that might not otherwise be present with weaker, duller flavors. The overall vape may be a little bit tastier than the actual candy, but that cannot be helped--flavor is paramount here.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: DOD WORLD MIXERS II Round 2

I've never been able to eat just one Swedish Fish at a time. This was modeled after "red" Swedish Fish.

TPA Swedish Gummy: This flavor can be an outright pain in the ass. It's very accurate to it's name, but it carries a vicious throat hit if you use it much higher than 1.5-2% At 2% in this mix it started imparting some unwanted harshness, so I dialed it back to 1.5% in the final recipe to help keep things smooth, while still imparting some sweet gummy flavor.

CAP Jelly Candy: A bit of a sleeper flavor, you don't taste this very much in the mix. It's intended purpose is to lend some body to the Swedish Gummy, which I think it does well. Standalone this flavor is very similar to the inside part of a jelly bean.

TPA Watermelon Candy: A bit of a weaker watermelon flavor, this helps keep the strawberry balanced from it's usual syrupy self, while still contributing to the overall sweet "red" flavor of the swedish fish.

TFA Sweetener: What's a little candy with some sugar, eh? Earlier versions included more, or less sweetener. At 1% it started overpowering the flavor a bit, but at .5% it just wasn't quite there so I landed at .75% to try to catch the best balance between sweet candy and gross syrup.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: DOD WORLD MIXERS II Round 2

A tasty vape that emulates the delightful Maynard's Swedish Berries. This candy is extremely similar to the American red Swedish Fish with just a slight difference in texture and taste so if you can't find Maynards Swedish Berries, Swedish Fish will be a suitable reference. A search for the flavor of these candies will tell you that although many have guessed raspberry, cherry, fruit punch and even lingonberry, the exact taste is unique to the candy and of course, undisclosed. My palate detects a combination of strawberry and raspberry so that is what I went with to get this delicious taste. I think you will find this to be a very authentic representation of this candy.

TFA Raspberry Sweet - this flavor is sort of the center of this mix. I needed to pick a sweet, candy like raspberry and Raspberry Sweet fit the bill perfectly

TFA Sour - There is just enough of this flavor in the recipe to give the candy a tartness that you find with the real thing and to make the fruit flavors pop. In fact you will see citric acid as an ingredient in the real Swedish Berries.

TFA Strawberry - This strawberry, although not the first ingredient chosen, ended up being a better fit just because of how well it blended all the flavors together. I don't normally use this strawberry as it is not my favorite but it just works so much better in this mix than any others. It is a very sweet strawberry that is almost syrupy in nature, which is exactly what you want when trying to emulate a gummy candy.

TFA Swedish Gummy - I used just enough of this flavor to carry over the perception of not just a candy but a gummy candy. This is what supplies not only the flavor but that unmistakable mouth feel.

TFA Sweetener - As you all probably know, Swedish Fish/Berries are a very sweet, syrupy, cloying candy, and I needed help from this flavor to get the mix to that level.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: DOD WORLD MIXERS II Round 2

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