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(TPA) Strawberry

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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A delicious blend of dark berries, watermelon, fuji apple, and strawberries.

pretty close to tasting like you just shoved a handfull of those bad boys in your mouth.

This is amazing and awesome. Everything you wanted from a blueberry vape.

Fresh. Authentic. Super moist. Great mouth feel.

++** Add one drop of super sweet per 30ml if you like it sweet. And great with ice**++

Finally a strawberry cream that I can vape and enjoy!! Really thick creamy body with nice pleasant fresh strawberries. I came up with the recipe after i watched fresh03’s youtube video on strawberry cheesecake and wayne’s quik recipe. So shout out to them for all they do and leading me in the right direction! I haven’t steeped it yet, but its kick ass either way. I can only see it getting better.

My mother used to (and still does) make a strawberry cheesecake every Christmas. And that is where this comes from.

This tastes just like Mum’s cheesecake. The buttery crust. The fresh, sweet strawberries. Served cold, straight out the fridge with whipped cream.


There isn't anything too complicated here, it's a nice watermelon candy with a kiss of cherry.

MB Red Cherry is pretty amazing, it doesn't have any of the weirdness that most cherries have. It's not a black cherry, it's a sweet red cherry as described in it's name. It does have some candy properties, but it will work well in a juice or anything else that calls for a bright cherry. Best of all there's no medicinal qualities. If you're a fan of cherry, you should definitely have this.

The watermelon is simple enough, the new CAP watermelon candy reminds me of watermelon bubble gum on it's own. I don't exactly want the gum, just that candied watermelon it does well. Adding some PUR watermelon helps push that candied note further to the top.

The TFA strawberry here doesn't lend any flavor. It's only used to help drive the candy home and give that cherry a boost. It helps the cherry linger on the back end of the vape so this is what remains after the exhale.

Its solid right after the shake, but I always prefer at least an overnight steep. The sweetener isn't mandatory, but it's a candy profile so I highly suggest some. FW at 1% was perfect for me.

When I saw this picture I envisioned a nice summer poolside drink.
Cranberry juice with Tea and Brandy for an afternoon refreshing mixed drink, infused with strawberry oranges and lemons.

FA Lemon Sicily and FA Bergamot for the realistic citric aspect

FA Black Tea with a touch of FLV Red Tea for the steeped tea leaves aspect

TFA Cramberry Sauce with TFA Strawberry for the juice part of the cocktail.

FA Brandy for the light yet dry boosy aspect.

INW Cactus and FA polar blast for the refreshing effect.

Sweetener to mimic the syrupy taste of concentrated fruit juice.


Ah the memories, they come flooding back when I think of this recipe. This was the very first 'original' mix I ever created without outside influence from YouTube or Reddit. I originally posted this on a thread I made about simple mixes on Reddit a while back, and though I would "import' them over here on ATF for all of my homies.

This mix is by no means luxurious or complex, it will not win any awards, it will not go down in history as one of the greatest ever concocted with surgical pinpoint accuracy, and it's not supposed to. This however may be the very first thing that someone mixes and tries and has a "holy-shit-I-made-something-mostly-vapeable" moment and inspire them to keep experimenting, that's what happened to me with this recipe and that's my overall goal here.

This is absolutely a shake and vape mix if I've ever had one. Literally shake well and wait for the bubbles to dissipate and it should be set to rock.

This is an updated version of a post I made on Reddit a while back about super simple two or three flavor mixes. I am a lazy man so I may have (read: did) copy and paste my initial info and just fixed the bits and bobs that were changed.

Pretty simple right? Definitely needs some steep time for the LA Watermelon because it's initially harsh as hell for me. If you want to add some Marshmallow it will tend to mellow out faster, but both fruits are already really sweet. I say skip sweetener on this one, especially cotton candy?EM sweeteners due to the fact that TFA strawberry is already packed with EM and the addition of more EM will most certainly cause muting.

Also please pretend that I found an image that included strawberries or alternately that I shopped one in to the included picture.

Super duber dope candy recipe for ya. Wayne wasnt lying when he said candy wizard is so good! Hope you all enjoy it.

Flavor Notes

By: Chrisdvr1 Score: 80 / 100 Solo: 7.0% Mix: 3.0% Steep: 3 days Difficulty: 20 / 100

Sweet and tart very candy like strawberry flavor.

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