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(TPA) Strawberry (ripe)

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: fruit

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This is a amazing vape to me. Mostly sugar cookie with a hint of strawberry and vanilla. Seems like the strawberry gets muted by something in the mix tryimg to figure it out. Still tastes amazing though. Any opinions please feel free to write um down. Thanks and enjoy if you try!

This vape is a lovely watermelon laying in a sweet cream base, I hope ya'll enjoy this recipe. I do;)

I've been working this recipe off-and-on for almost 2 years. I feel this has gotten to the point to get it out there, but I reserve the right to tweak it. This recipe was patterned off of the Peachtree Street eLiquid from HiggyCigs. I will never get that recipe down, but this is pretty nice. The balance between the fruit and the custard still needs a little work, and I’m concerned the flavors are a little too high across the board.

The concept is to have a rich creamy Custard base with a natural Peach and Strawberry topping with a tartness. I played around with many Custards and creams and it never worked well, but when Wayne published King's Custard using Capella New York Cheesecake I decided to try it and it works very well indeed. I know LA Peach is more of an artificial Peach flavor, but it vapes with no bite to it. When the Peach is mixed with the Strawberry and Dragonfruit it ends up quite natural to me. The Strawberry mix was my attempt to make a fresh ripe tart Strawberry with the Dragonfruit added trying to bolster the flavor during the steep.

well I was sitting around watching vaping videos on youtube and one of the flavors that was talked bout was strawberries and whipped cream & I was like oh shit those two would pair up awesome so I figured I would put this one there for ya guys and this is what I thought of so mix this and tell me whatcha think ladies and gents

After 3 to 4 day steep this is a great strawberry marshmallow . After about 5-6 days it’s pretty close to strawberry fluff. I don’t know if you’ve ever had it? But I love it as a kid. I could eat it right out of the jar. This is a great tasteing recipe. Only draw back the OOO vanilla marshmallow will kill your coils. You have been warned. Lol.

Spot on strawberry fluff. After 3 days it’s a great strawberry marshmallow. After 7 it’s straight up strawberry fluff.

So one of my all day vapes from before i started diy was a flavor called spoon licker by ITC Vape. Its a strawberry cake batter flavor and believe it or not i cant even begin to come close to making it like they do. But then again it has been around 3 years since i was buying this e juice so maybe i am closer than i think. So because i dont think my spoon licker is as good as the original i have never released one of my spoon licker remixes. So instead of going after spoon licker i decided to go after a different yet close profile. I went with a strawberry cake batter and and wowzer is it good. I mean it is just an over glorified strawberry cream so how can it be bad?

Sweeten to taste with your preferred sweetener.

This is part 2 to my experimental recipe creation for an excellent Banana split

It's supposed to be a strawberry wafer. I've been mixing for RTAs recently, so this is made to be used in a single coil RTA (I use a HotCig Centaur). Sub FA cookie in for PUR Cookie if you want, I just ran out.

I like using FA Torrone and Marzipan in lighter cookie recipes because the nougat and slight nutty notes they bring definitely help add a bit of a crunch/snap no matter how light your cookie base is. Here, my cookie base is PUR Cookie (FA Cookie is also an excellent one to use, probably my favorite for any wafer profile) and TFA Graham Cracker. I went with the tried and true TFA Strawberry + Strawb Ripe combo, even though it's difficult for me to taste sometimes. It's just a good strawberry flavor. In order to help keep it apparent in the mix I kept everything else low. Dragonfruit is simply there for its emulsifying properties and to help the strawberry from disappearing on me. I debated using Toasted Marshmallow because I didn't want to introduce too much EM into the mix but it's almost necessary to keep a nice airy wafer profile and fluff up that filling. FA Vienna Cream is also fantastic if you're after a nice fluffy cream filling.

Honestly it's vapeable after about 7-10 days, but for some reason I can't taste strawberries for shit unless they steep for like a month. After about 3 weeks it comes together perfectly and the strawberries and creams turn into that gooey strawberry cream inside of a wafer.

It's a profile that's been done a million times over but nothing ever really hit the spot for me. Although in the ballpark, this still isn't 100% what I want. But that could just be down to how difficult it is for me to taste strawberries.

This was mostly a result
Of me playing with some ooo bubblegum I have a surplus of and trying to make the sweetest pinkest abomination going. Well it’s safe to say it worked but as with anything like this we have room for tweaking and improvement!

Ok let’s start at the gum side. The pink bubble bubble has the scent but I felt it is lacking in depth and mouth feel, so we combine that with vanillin to add more of a “thick” almost waxyness when your vaping it. Finally that tiny amount of cinnamon spice adds the somewhat authenticity for me. You can also use watermelon in a similar way but I feel it would screw with things to much.

The actual pink HAD to be strawberry imo and I went with an over the top trio of pinkness letting the FA red touch take the lead, ripe strawberry adding the candy and sweet strawberry bringing the syrup.

Now the sweetener I personally think is kind of essential here but of course you may leave it out if you like. However this is supposed to be a fucking tooth rotting hyperactivity inducing bubblegum profile minus those things of course. Plus after testing with and without I noticed an interaction with the gum and red touch that doesn’t take place without the sweetener.

All feedback welcome

Flavor Notes

By: Chrisdvr1 Score: 80 / 100 Solo: 7.0% Mix: 5.0% Steep: 3 days Difficulty: 40 / 100

This is a much more realistic representation of the sweet and tart strawberry with just a hint of the candy flavor.

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