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(TPA) Sour

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Used in 1186 recipes at an average of 1.242%.


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Time for something fruity. Mixed this up on a whim and very pleased with the results. Enjoy everyone.

This alien tasted Roswell and liked it.
Here's my swing at this strange thing.
Do try So Sour So Good (INW) instead of Sour (TPA) please, it's not in the ATF database, but it is truly amazing.
Hope you like it,

Here's my take on a Green Slushie, it is my ADV of the year, just can't get enough of it. Must have vaped more than a liter by now...
Enjoy and comment.

One of my favourites. Coconut , mango , pineapple cream , papaya and peach. Some sour is needed. EDIT: For some reason I can't add the Mississippi (INAWERA) concentrate at 1.6% which is the pineapple cream.

Refreshing berries, grapeberries, fuji apple and pomegranate juice. Added some Sparkling Wine (INAWERA) to boost the texture.

A ridiculously delicious mix of fruits both sweet and sour. This juice is sure to make your mouth water and have you squeezing your bottle to get the last drops.

Refreshing and vivid summer vape , With a nice fizzy feel.

this is just another crazy blue razz flavor but as a bubble gum form with a hint of a sour note

Hotter Than is a refreshing cocktail vape that is meant to enjoy on a summer day. I get a nice citrus cocktail with a sugar coated rim.

Good as a shake & vape, but a few days steep doesn't hurt.

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I've been mixing bubblegums like this one from the day I discovered INW Bubblegum yummy classic. For some strange reason they have a soothing effect on my pallette. Every time I change something a little bit and try new concentrates, and it has now come to a point where I think is worthy of a public recipe. It is great after a 12-hour steep but it balances as it should be on the 5th day.

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