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(TPA) Sour

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Used in 1186 recipes at an average of 1.242%.


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Sweet and sour sugar peach, just like peach gummies, great summer juice.

PS1: Peach with Stevia can be changed for following Super Sweet = 0.75% and Yellow Peach = 4.5%
PS2: This percentages were made only for a 70/30 recipe, you may need to adjust if vaping in other percentages.
PS3: Tweaked some percentages, recipe inspired by "diyvapor" in the link "https://www.99juices.com/recipes/3929/"
PS4: Tastes great as shake n' vape but after a few days it gets better.
PS5: Do not mix a giant batch because after a month or two the peach starts to fade away.
PS6: If you want more peach and less critus you can down the Yellow Peach to 3% and up the Peach with Stevia to 2.3%.
PS7: The recipe is not super sweet, if you want more sweet you may up the Peach With Stevia a little and the Super Sweet by 0.5%
PS8: The Marshmallow is used to give some body to the juice.

Apple / Dragon Fruit / Pear - fruit salad with a touch of fresh cream.

There isn't much to be elaborated on the subject, it's a simple, straightforward, right into your face, delicious combo.
Just to mention that awesome Dragon Fruit by VTA without of which this recipe wouldn't be the same. Don't try to
replace with TPA's Dragon Fruit, rather get VTA's dragon fruit, you won't be sorry.

Enjoy, any feedback is appreciated!


I Wanted to take few of my favorite concentrates of 2018 so far and make one Big flavor Bangin Bomb!!

I created this with some of my favorite concentrates that Ive used in recently with the aim to get an amazing juice with all the best notes that each concentrate has but also while complementing the best aspects about these flavors and that falls right in MY Preference of a fruity candy juicy profile, and I say that's exactly what it is.

Its Sweet, Sour, Juicy and Jelly! Im sure a Jelly or Candy fan will Love this!

This started as a clone of Fitzcelli by VPN. Then I felt like I could do it better, and if you like lime, then I think I've done just that.


This recipe is a return to childhood and those Haribo's Fizzy Cola Candy we had.
Cap jelly candy 4% and TPA Sour 3% together to give that jelly sinthetic gummy flavour.
Fa lemon sicily help sour to be more vivid.
Fa cola pleasure is the exact cola taste of those candies of my childhood, 2% is the right amount.
I know Cap super sweet at 0.75 may be scary, but guys these are candies from the 80's, not healty surrogate of the new millenium, you know what I mean!


A sweet Peach lemonade.. Tried a few different things and this way tasted best to me! I love the peach flavors for summer time!

a blueberry cherry cola chill with guava, dragonfruit and green apple

I wanted to make an ADV berry juice for the summer so I've picked OOO Blue raspberry candy, TPA raspberry sweet and FW blueberry. I've added a little bit of FA lemon sicily to boost the berries and sour to the berries.
If you got the flavors and you like berries then you should try to mix this.

Note: is shake n vape

Just a melon candy flavor. Love flavorah wild melon =) Shake and Vape approved.

this recipe is a really weird one. i was drunk and i wanted something sour to smoke so i tried this and it worked. i hope you guys like it. it smells really sour but when you smoke this mix it wont taste that sour but it will taste perfect. please give me your review about it if you mix it

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