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(TPA) Ry4 Double

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: dessert tobacco

Used in 1529 recipes at an average of 3.767%.


93 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

A holiday spiced Gingerbread RY4 with a hint of whipped cream. A bestselling Chef's Flavours One Shot from the 2016 Christmas Collection.

This recipe was completely inspired by kriswk's dillinger's dairy. I dropped the pistachio and the holy vanilla and added the most amazing flavor Flv Vanilla Bean. This is amazing. It has become my all day work vape, which means 8 to 10 hours a day vaping only one setup. I thank Kriswk and Flavorah because very little effort on my behalf went into this amazing recipe.

Based on "The New Pistachio RY4U", this version boosts the butterscotch & switches out the pistachio in favour of a hazel/walnut mix from FA nut mix.
Additionally, TFA black honey adds a touch of honey/syrup & coumarin to the profile.
Really benefits from a long steep.

So this recipe was inspired by hard times as a smoker. Remember those days when you were 15 years old with no cigarette and no money? Well let's bring back that nostalgic feeling of hitting the Wal-Mart ashtrays for the half smoked cigs, and bringing those suckers back home and rolling them up in a zigzag with no filter! Additionally you could add some FLV Spearmint to emulate those prison-style re-rolls that consisted of Grizzly wintergreen spit out on the ground by the Correctional Officers. If you want that taste of people stepping on the ABC (Already Been Chewed) baccy, add some TFA Dairy Milk!

When faced with the assault of cold months ahead I really wanted a warm and decadent tobacco to shepherd me through the winter winds.

TFA RY4 Double - I mean when you hear "decadent" you know you have to go with RY4 Double, a nice easy bakery-esque flavor with a hint of tobacco. Really one of the best go-to flavors for when you want a mild, non-offensive tobacco.

FW Butterscotch Ripple/ FW Butterscotch (Natural) - Ripple is the go-to Butterscotch for just about every application you need. Its wonderful, rich, and creamy. Butterscotch (Natural) is used to boost the main butterscotch flavor of Ripple. Ripple is fantastic but sometimes can be lost in a complex/dense mix and either needs to be mixed dangerously high or it needs to be reinforced with other flavorings.

FW Butter Pecan - while RY4 Double is a great tobacco flavoring, it wasn't nutty enough for me. Added Butter Pecan to fill out that nutty tobacco note. I didn't want to go too high with this because I've found this flavor will REALLY take over a mix if you go slightly too high.

TPA Brown Sugar/FLV Milk & Honey/ FA Bourbon (Vanilla) - These flavorings are blended together to bring a darker sweetness to the mix. The butterscotch notes are reinforced by the Brown Sugar and Bourbon (Vanilla). The latter also brings a warmth to the mix. FLV Milk & Honey adds a dark sweetness while accenting the pecan.

Mix it up and throw it in a dark cabinet and let it sit there. I'd leave it for a few weeks BUT if you are impatient (like me) it can be good to go in a week.
Personally I mix this at 60/40 and I would probably not go much higher than 70/30.

Made this for my mom who was a long time menthol smoker. The american blend gold is euro flavor brand but it was not in the list. The american blend gold(EF) and virginia(FA) blend into a great tobacco flavor that hits all the right notes. Combined with the ry4 double(tpa) gives it a nice sweetness that my first try of this mix was missing. The koolada and menthol give it a nice "kool" like menthol punch.

Sweet apple, creamy sweet rice, buttery caramel, walnut, with a touch of vanilla custard.
I added a small touch of tobacco flavor to this recipe after it was developed, for those who are in search of a sweet apple, very slight tobacco, recipe.
If you don't want the tobacco in this recipe you don't have to add it.
The slight note of tobacco, however, accentuates the caramel and walnut.

5 Day Steep.
Hardware set up.
Hadaly RDA 0.6 ohm SS 316L (8 wraps) 3mm diameter coil, cotton candy wick, mod set at 35-40 Watts.

This one was created for my uncle.
The conjunction of Arabian and oriental tobaccos with smooth vanilla and ry4d gave him a creamy caramel vanilla type tobacco that he likes
Revised FLV arabian tobacco i lowered the 1.25% down to .6%, it was overly strong for my taste at 1.25%

Butterscotch tobacco custard, light on the tobacco.
Been my ADV for almost a year with subtle changes.
Added butter cream on the most recent iteration and I think it's almost done.
More butterscotch on shake and vape, but really comes together and becomes creamy after a couple weeks.

Pistachio RY4 using a modified Mr. Stachio recipe. I lowered the percentages of the original and added RY4 double. It is good as a S&V, but gets better with time.

Flavor Notes

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