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(TPA) Ry4 Double

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: dessert tobacco

Used in 1298 recipes at an average of 3.776%.


80 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

This is my Adv. I vape about 180 ml of this a week. Mostly in the fall thru the winter. Very good with coffee. I like it off the bat. But it seems to age very well. After 5 days very good. Mix at 60/40. Been making this recipe for about 5 years. Absolutely my all time favorite vape. Give it a try. It's nice and sweet. Taste like a wonderful light vanilla caramel coffee. The biscuit is optional. I just like it cause it adds a bit of grain to the texture that I enjoy.

A simple and inexpensive mix. Basic but delectable. Pistachio pudding with caramel, vanilla, and cookie crumble notes. Enjoyable as a shake and vape but suggested 10 day steep, gets better with more time.

Sweet and mild tobacco with pistachio , almond, hazelnut and pear.

A simple RY4 recipe with brown sugar, bourbon and strong red oak notes.

An effort for a HALO TRIBECA clone. This is how far I've gone with this profile.

Sweet semi-tobacco with biscuit and a twist on caramel.

Sweet semi-tobacco with biscuit and caramel (from RY4 Double).

Semi-tobacco (RY4 styled) with peanut butter and hazelnut cream.

This to me is a nice light dessert type tobacco Flavor. The Ry4 can be harsh but when used in lower percentages work well here. The red burley gives off that well balanced tobacco flavor. The White Peach and Apricot works well with the Burly to make a nice hint of peach while not overpowering the tobacco. The vanilla swirl just adds a nice touch of creaminess to the recipe. Steep 3-10 days for best results.

I needed something to accompany a Jack and coke so a here's mix of ry4 and malted cereal. I added caramel and toasted marshmallow in an attempt to tame the 'green' note i get from fw malt.

Flavor Notes

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