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The Two Rivers make the best tabac world wide. I think I found their secret recipe.. RY4 Double is the base, I was told that Turkish and Navajo make a good tobacco. The vanilla brings a sweetness and dark creaminess to the mix. The DNB has the ashiness that most tobacco users like.. Can be mixed without the DNB for a softer flavor.

Tested on a Elder Dragon with a fused clapton 2.5 mm 1.9 ohms, 65 watts power. Vaped in a podmod 1.5 pnp coil at 65 watts

A very tasty RY4 Vanilla Pistachio Cream. I blended both TPA Pistachio and WF Pistachio Cream. Although WF Pistachio Cream isn't quite a pistachio, it is a very flavorful and creamy nut. It works great with TPA Pistachio and in effect, adds more nuttiness to the recipe. I used TPA RY4 Double and added 1% of WF Vanilla Cream Extra and .5% of WF Cookie Butter to give it even more creaminess, sharpness and butteriness.

Please enjoy and feedback welcomed!

The legendary Holy Vanilla was unavailable to me to try White Falcon by @slushy so I substimixed a version of it that turned out quite tasty. This was sent in to March 2021 Mixers' Club as an informal submission.

The original:


FA Glory has a lemon note that combines with the creams in a very interesting way.

LB White Chocolate Peppermint for the obvious pair with the tobacco.

FLV Vanilla Pudding to thicken the mouth feel with TFA RY4 Double for the caramel that darkens and furthers the dessert aspect. I have also tested JF's RY4 in this and although it too turns out tasty at the same usage rate it just doesn't survive the steep and ends up just a tiny bit too light.

The coolant was omitted in favor of something lighter and more subtle on my palate and personal taste.

A remix of the classic VCT Private Reserve by Ripe Vape's. Its a creamy vanilla custard infused with Kentucky Bourbon and rich and bold tobacco notes .

This is the best Ry4 I have made to date. Perfect balance between caramel and vanilla. I like the Tahitian Vanilla Cream much better than the vanilla swirl or shisha vanilla I was previously using. The Qlmond cookie could go up more or an addition of FA almond could take this more nut forward, as recorded above you get a ever so slight nutty note on the emd inhale and very beginning of the exhale. This is very creamy. I am going to sub jungle flavors ry4 double for the tfa at 4 percent and see what happens. This is Very flavor intense and does well in both mtl and dtl. For mtl mix at 60/40 dtl 65/35. Works well with both freebase and salt.

Findings with this recipe are that Wf tahitian vanilla cream, tfa bavarian cream, and fa caramel create a delicious vanilla caramel cream similar to that of the inside of a caramel drumstick ice cream cone.

After messing with tobaccos for awhile and at certain times did not think tobaccos should be vaped ever. I made one about a little over a year ago and it just didn't fit the profile I was wanting. However about two months ago I put it into allot thought, allot of deep, nauseating, and exciting thought... So while the two days went by I really thought it might be possible, and a leap on faith that with the right tobacco combinations that there might be a recipe that looks dangerously bitter but taste so dam good, after aging of course. Thanks to the ry4 in this mix is what made it possible...

Everyone! Give to you RY4 Woods, A nice smooth, yet sort of richness, with a hint of darkness to it, profiled tobacco. This might be a finished recipe, for now..

ok so this one is all over the place, but this was one of my first attempts at getting more creative with baccos. has a nice, dark complexity to it in my opinion, gonna be revisiting it soon for changes for sure.

It's sweet, creamy, nutty and full of dirt. Love it, hate it, tfa ry4 double isn't tobacco, it's a dirty caramel full of nastiness and I love it. Enjoy....or don't
Good after 3 days, the longer the better.

Fool's Gold has been a challenge since Sep 2020 to May 2021. RY4 is one of my favorite profiles and Fool's Gold is definitely my most perfect recipe. It was heavily inspired by Obsidian from DIYORDIE. It has been through a couple of submission's to Wayne's "Midweek Critique" and by listening to the critiques and putting my own touch to it, I believe I have now achieved what I can now consider the final version.

Fool's Gold first version [https://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/3772952? 3.75/5 on Midweek Critique] was a recipe I was loving to vape but after 2 weeks of steep it was feeling too muddle. It was not having off notes but it was not reaching where I wanted it to reach. Once again after hearing Wayne's critiques, I came back to the board with it. On the second version [https://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/3797154? - 4.25/5 on Midweek Critique] I already thought I was done but a slight decrease on Bavarian Cream made a huge difference on the long term of the recipe and switching from VCv2 to VCv1 gave it more body.

Flavor notes:

Bavarian Cream TPA / Vanilla Custard CPA - I saw Solitude by Vapeboar, which uses Bavarian Cream with RY4 and I had never thought of it. It was a needed tweak for the recipe! Bavarian Cream and Vanilla Custard add that body, thickness and also sweetness.

Butterscotch Ripple FW - It adds a nice back flavor and complexity to body of the recipe.

Cookie FLV / Cookie Bite Molinberry - Cookie Bite, Cookie Bite, Cookie Bite. First time I used the flavor and I loved the outcome. Just these two powerful aromas paired together can make a juice so they were used carefully in order to give the cookie aspect of the recipe.

Cured Tobacco FLV / RY4 Double TFA - A crucial pairing for what I wanted to do. RY4 alone wouldn't go where I wanted it to go and since I love Cured Tobacco, decided to give it a try. I am proud of making that decision.

Super Sweet CAP - Well, Super Sweet... It's optional. Totally not necessary in this recipe.

I always shake and vape my recipes but this one definitely benefits from shelf time. Bavarian Cream and Cured Tobacco are too muddle in the first days. After 2 weeks it is almost there but it shines after 4 weeks.

Designed for MTL, tested on a Hadaly.

This is a strange brew of morning breakfast and the cigarette after.

Flavor Notes