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(TPA) Root Beer (pg)

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA)
Buy From: gremlin wizard

Used in 37 recipes at an average of 4.906%.


4 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found


Root beer float just the way I remember them just in vape form

So if anyone has ever tried my original A&W root beer float and thought it was good well I got a good tip and inverted it into this one and with the 2 different root beer flavors in this one they give it alil more spice with a nice smooth ice cream notes in the background give this one a shot guys U might like this one better

This is just a simple Root Beer float. TPA VBIC is great in combination with their root Beer.


I know my other rootbeer float that took me forever too make which is fuckin awesome so I thought I would try my hand at a simple root beer float recipe let know what U guys think bout this one

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