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(TPA) Ripe Banana

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Where I live in Minnesota they sell "Kemps Banana Milk." That's what I'm shooting for here. Sweet, creamy, and delicious. Banana-y milk that you could drink a gallon and it would be worth the stomach ache.


Peanut Butter and Banana Waffle.
Heavy on peanuts and bakery side, but Bavarian and Whipped Cream rounds out texture.
Banana plays in the background.


This is a reproduction of an excellent drink we found in South Korea. This has a real banana flavor, not like a Nestlé milk drink.

This is a simple but good Banana Taffy Candy. Similar to Banana Laffy Taffy. This was inspired by Wayne's Ice cream base.
Flavor notes:
VBIC & Vanilla Custard make for a great creamy ice cream like base.
I add LA Carmel to my ice cream base to give it a deeper richness.
The amount of banana I use is minimal because it is so strong. It has a candy-like taste unlike a banana cream. Paired with the ice cream base it gives it a Laffy-Taffy candy perception.
Steep time is around 1 week but can be vaped as a shake and vape
This is a maxvg recipe


A delicious banana pudding, definitely one of my all day vapes. Not a lot of people use TFA Banana Ripe but I find at a low percentage it blends into the recipe really nicely and adds a great sugary banana.

A very ripe smooth flavorful vape. I kept the peanut butter down as a back note so the ripe strawberries and banana come through first.Enjoy! Aged 1 to 3 days. Mixed at 80/20.

A sort of nanaberry frosting.

Flavor Notes