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(TPA) Ripe Banana

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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When myself and my wife was in South Korea, we found a most delicious drink. The drink was a banana milk, but not the "Quick" artificial banana but a sweet creamy fresh banana drink.

"Pretty straight forward, looking for a delicious Banana Blueberry Cheesecake. I want this one to be REALLY creamy, sweet, and satisfying. I'm planning for the banana to stand out more than the blueberry. Wish me luck."

The above text is what I put in the description when I originally mixed this juice. I knew it would need steep time, but it was surprisingly delicious right off of the shake. I mixed a second bottle so that I could have one put away steeping steadily. A solid month later I came back to the steeping bottle, upon sampling this juice I was happily surprised. This was awesome! I really nailed this one, I had thought to myself. After a few hours I did realize that I had over-sweetened a little bit.

Given a little bit of steep time, (3 days or so) the banana falls back a little, the blueberry jumps to the front, and the whole flavor melds together much better than it seems off the shake.

This candied banana vape takes me back to the day of being a kid and going to the fair and indulging in all the snacks.

Week 9 - The Year of Mixing Challenge on Flavor-Pro's FB Group.

I had a bunch of recipes to make up for folks I enjoy hanging around and have thoroughly entertained me for months on end. This recipe is dedicated to Gizzard Stew - you may know him from his youtube channel and Fog Lyfe show and hanging out with Fresh03 on his channel.

This recipe we're stirring the Gizz Stew with a large, deep fried Banana, with a vanilla maple cream stuffed inside oozing out the end.

Sweetener amounts to add any one of these choices - CAP Super Sweet 0.25%, FW Sweetener 1%, FLV Sweetness 0.5%

An exotic mix with bananas, coconuts, pineapples and limes. A little rum and vanilla flavor. Note there is also on it Mississippi (INAWERA) 1% but I can't find it in the database.

It's a Banana Cream Pie- not much else to say.
NOTE- add sweetener or not I think it's better with .5 Cap SS but that's just me. Enjoy!

NOTE: You can use any PG that you regularly use.

Raspberry Banana cream dream. The ultimate cream blended with banana and topped with sweet raspberries.
I took my favorite aspects from all the strawberry cream recipes I've tried, ditched the strawberry for sweet raspberry and blended in that soft creaminess of banana.

ok guys this is the time that I have started playing with tfa honeysuckle so I would love some feedback on this recipe help me if I need too tweak anything or take or add anything guys

One of my favorite Youtubers has a flavor that I really enjoy, but I always had things that I said I would change about it. Once I entered the DIY realm I had my chance. This is a cool vape for after you've eaten a meal or brushed your teeth. I always have this on hand ready to be dripped. No steep necessary, but I like to let it sit for a day or two. Great on a series box. :)

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