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(TPA) Rice Crunchies

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Adapted from FoggyPhoenicia

I felt FoggyPhoenicia recipe needed a thicker more full mouth feel and after a lot of tested settled on Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) at 2%

i would like to try replacing Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) with "Tapioca Pudding - One on One" as this recipe is still missing the subtle tapioca flavor.

Here is what FoggyPhoenicia had to say and i agree, ENJOY!

I find this recipe to be an enjoyable complex vape with distinct layers that play well together.

IMO FA mango is not "ripe" enough so I use it in combination with TFA Mango.
The combination of Sweet and Whipped creams along with the FA Fresh Cream form the base of the sweet and creamy coconut milk. 3% FA coconut might sound like a lot for an FA concentrate but it is needed here because the coconut would be drowned out by the other flavors otherwise.
TFA Rice Crunchies is basically "sticky rice" in this recipe. I think going above 2.5% would ruin the recipe.

The vape I get from this is a sweet mango on the inhale followed by a pleasant creamy rice flavor in the middle and a deliciously sweet coconut milk on the exhale.

This is a Corn Pudding recipe that's still in progress.
Made on "LIVE MIXING: AUTUMN VAPES (09/15/2017)"

Honey nut bunches of oats cereal in honey milk
Would add in some more cream for a more milky flavor


I've been trying to find this recipe but decided to try to create it myself so this is my first real attempt to clone a flavor. I'm guessing two week steep. I'm not sure if it'll work so please send suggestions.

This is my remix of another famous e-liquid made by Dinner Lady from UK and my contribution to the "Remix Month 2017" by the DIYorDIE community.
As you would expect, the main profile of this e-juice is a rice pudding-flavor and it is topped with raspberries or a raspberry sauce. If you like the original I suggest you give this a try, since it is pretty close to the original. And even if you are not a big fan of Dinner Lady's version, but are attracted to this profile in general, give this a try and please let me know what you're thinking. Many of my friends prefer my version, saying it is more round and full in taste. In my opinion, I have to work a bit on the "rice-flavor" and maybe try other flavorings; please let me know if you have any suggestions on that. Hope you like it and if you do, I'd be very pleased if you leave a small review ;) Enjoy!!

Some "quick" notes:

CAP Horchata / TFA Rice Crunchies

Horchata gives the impression of a rice milk but also leads to some weird off-notes when used to high in this context. I used TFA's Rice Crunchies to add more of a rice flavor to the mix.

TFA Bavarian Cream / FA Fresh Cream / CAP Vanilla Custard

The combination of these three flavourings gives a nice milky impression of a pudding with some vanilla notes. Fresh cream adds some light "milkyness", while Vanilla Custard adds some more heavy and buttery/eggy cream notes, leading to a thicker pudding-like vape experience. The Bavarian Cream adds more vanilla and is used to blend everything together.

CAP Raspberry V2

I used Capella's Raspberry, because I didn't want a too realistic and more syrup-like raspberry flavor as a topping and it does a very good job in this context. Note that I used the V2 just because I don't own V1. Since I don't know if there is a big difference between Version 1 and 2, I can't say for sure that you can substitute V1 for V2, but you probably can...

Mix @ 70/30 VG/PG. You can shake&vape this, but i suggest to let it sit for at least 2-3 days.

I have yet too try my hand at a cinnamon crunch yet guys but I'm gonna give it a shot and I would love feedback if you guys like this and give it a star or thumbs up

This is one of those recipes that worked so well on the first mix I didn't want to change anything. All I did was add 1% sweetener to get rid of some dryness from the crunchies but it's definitely not necessary. This has turned out to be the best chocolate I've tried imo. Always nice to have a new recipe that goes well with coffee too.

This is one of those classic carnival or fair foods. I always look forward to the whole in the wall food stand at the local fair that makes these delicious caramel rice crispy corn ball. I used kettle corn by tfa because it adds a great sweetness and texture it is perfect for this mix and is a great flavor overal.l I then added caramel rice crispies another good flavor both this and kettle corn have a sweetness to them which when you add caramel original by tfa you definitely shouldn't need sweetener. Caramel original and kettle corn both by tfa have plenty of sweetness to go around. I added rice crunchies by tfa to add a little more of the rice cripies grainy properties. I add caramel by flavor art to help push the caramel original into having a more authentic taste. I added toasted marshmallow to pull it all together and help bLend all the flavors while also adding almost a creamy caramel feel to this Vape. I feel that this recipe is at its best after a 7 day steep its definetly a quality Vape after a day or two but it really comes together after 7 days the kettle corn and caramel rice crispies start to melt together into there own magically balanced sweet treat.


Original artwork done by Matthew Kocanda at http://matthew-kocanda.com/

This is my take on Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Its pretty god damn good. Lots of stuff in it. Some cinnamons. Some crunches. Other things too.

I've been forcing people to try different versions of this recipe for the last month and this is by far the best and most authentic. A sharp cereal with a touch of milk, works as a Shake and Vape but really forms after two or three days. I recommend it to everyone.


This a blueberry forward juice that has gone through months of revisions. Blueberries dropped into a bowl of sweet milk and cereal.

Original and adaptations: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/773412/Blueberry%20Cereal%20V4

Flavor Notes