(TPA) Rice Crunchies

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My take on fruity pebbles.
Wf lemon orange rice candy smells/vapes soooo much like fruity pebbles but just the citrus ones. Well the real cereal has berries pebbles too so we bring in the tpa berry crunch cereal. Then we bend things ricey with wf puff cereal and tpa rice crunchies.

Enjoy everyone!

ELR Review by ImJustSaiyan:
Surprised there are no reviews for this. This was awesome you nailed this profile and balanced all the notes really well, from the rice cereal to the citrus and berry mixture and even that sweet sugar coating on the cereal. I would say I think I liked it better than Developed's recent remix of pebbles which is still really good but I think this is more accurate to the real thing, but theirs also was with milk which I can see possibly messing with the texture.

Mochi filled with Sakura (cherry blossom) and vanilla ice cream

Exotic mochi dessert with hints of rice and floral sidenotes

For what feels like an eternity, you are driving through the wastelands that remained from that they called an "Apocalyptic Event".
The sun is burning and you feel exhausted - but visiting the circus seems too tempting, so you speed up a bit more instead of returning home to your shelter.

You finally reach the half-rotten pile of tarpaulin thats seems to be the big top of the circus.
"Ice cream, fresh ice cream! Treat yourself with some nice and cold refreshment!" You immediately aim to where the shout came from. A vendor, dressed up as a pretty bizarre clown (though you have seen weirder things during the past weeks), waves at you, happily pointing at some little red buttony balls. "Go and give them a chance, you most likely wont't regret it!" he says with a strange giggle and a creepy look in his eyes.
-Sigh-, not the kind of ice cream you expected but do you really have a choice?
You grab one of the strange balls, the clown immediately starts to giggle again, so you decide to rather walk a few steps before trying that cold little thingy.

It feels like it has some kind of soft shell around. You take a small, careful bite - the shell is a bit chewy and hast a light taste of rice. Underneath you feel the cold ice cream. But what's that taste? It remembers you of vanilla and cherries, but something's different.
You take a bigger bite - Wow, that's refreshing!" You eat the rest of it in one sit. The taste of cherries and vanilla are dominating but there are floral sidetones you are unable to specify.
'Damn! You crave for another one and you're curious about what you were actually eating. But as you turn around, the strange clown already disappeared.


  • TPA Cherry Blossom Well balanced mix of floral notes and cherries.
  • LB Vanilla Ice Cream Builds the basis of the ice cream
  • TFA Black Cherry Maybe the best cherry around. Supports the fruitiness of the ice cream
  • FE Sweet Rice Basis of the mochi shell. Slight taste of rice that (sadly) keeps fading
  • TPA Rice Crunchies Adds a bit of rice and keeps FE Sweet Rice from fading completely
  • VTA Sweet Cream Supports the ice cream basis by adding a bit sweetness and creaminess
  • TFA Vanilla Swirl Some more ice cream mouthfeel and some support on the vanilla notes
  • OOO Marshmallow (Vanilla) Fades in after the first days. Nice addition for mouthfeel and a bit support on the vanilla
  • CAP Super Sweet Not necessary but I liked it better with some additional sweetness
  • WS-23 It's a cold dessert, here we go!

Additional Notes

  • Sadly the rice keeps fading out during the first days, when the Marshmallow still fades in. Therefor the mix has some slight changes in its taste - though I like it both, SnV and with a steepening of 3 days or more

Testing Notes

Developed for DL on Hadaly (handmade single coil (Alien), 0,2 Ohm, SS316L), Aromamizer Supreme V3 (dual coils, 0,1 Ohm, NiCr90) and Taifun GX (handmade single coil (Alien), 0,34 Ohm, NiCr80)

The picture is taken from Pinterest.es and belongs to bubbiesicecream.com


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Had several attempts at this one over a long period of time and finally got it to pretty much where I want it to be.
Rice crunchies, sweet rice, popcorn v2 and the yam (the yam brings the konjac) surrounding a somewhat artificial milk chocolate. I've tried several different chocolates along the way and FLV milk chocolate fits perfectly and is strong enough to hold its weight with everything else going on.

I don't imagine this is going to be a popular choice for people to mix up, but for anyone who fancies something different, give it a whirl.

This is a strange brew of morning breakfast and the cigarette after.

Lucky Charms Rice Krispy Treat. Simple.


Seen the new Kellogs release and had an idea.
Rice Crunchies makes up the main cereal aspect and is a popular choice amongst many simular profiles, paired it will some acetyl pyrazine so as not to loose the grain/ cereal too much.
Love & Strawberry milk make up the flavoured cereal and milk aspect with the meringue bringing in some extra sweetness to the milk and premium add a layer of subtle richness for the white chocolate notes.

I havent done any tests for this recipe really kind of just mixed what i thought would work then let it sit over night and started vaping it, so if anyone has some suggestions let me know but so far this isnt bad at all and does taste like what it supposed to be. Will get better after a steep i should imagine but let me know your thoughts 😄

new recipe .. lets see how this turns out... first thoughts smells goood of the bat

Me gusta bastente esta receta creo que se puede mejorar.Me gustaria hacer una receta 100% al recuerdo de Rice Pudding que hacia mi abuela esto se aproxima creo me falta algo todavia. Base +Rice Crunchies +Sweet Rice esto hace la base de arroz.Sweet Cream + Love DIY esto suaviza y lo aterciopela y endulza. Bavarian Cream esto lo une todo.Rich Cinnamon le da ese puntito de canela dulce.Custard Premium +Vanilla Swirl esto hace la crema.

Rico arroz con leche dulce y pegajoso se le puede añadir tambien un poco limon y canela (LIMÓN - SABOR XPRESS 0.5 y RICH CINNAMON 1 gota.Alguna sugerencia para mejorar la receta.

I always wanted to try Yogi Original Granola but never had a chance so i decided to mix one my way.

The Granola:

CAP Cereal 27 Is the base for the toasted granola, its AP, toasted cereal and sweet, at 5 % its the perfect base.

TPA Rice Crunchies adds more AP to the mix and a darker cereal type flavour to make it a bit more fuller and interesting.

WF Oats & Cream Cookie gives a tiny bit of a earthy oat flavour at the end and helps adding a bit of creaminess.

FA Nut Mix is the secret weapon it has a great generic, earthy and creamy nut flavour that tricks tour mind making this flavours above mix and taste like toasted granola bar with some nuts in it.

The Honey:

Fa Honey is top heavy and very strong, with 0.5 % you get a lot of honey flavour just how its suposed.. a lot.

Fa Maple darkens the honey and adds syrupy taste and sweetness, while the dry notes it has get blended with the grainy part of the mix.

CAP Super sweet Is essential as honey is basicly sugar so 0.75% + honey+ maple syrup you get that high amount of sweetness.

Flavor Notes