(TPA) Raspberry

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Recipe made by Max Savage using the flavors from Beginner Mixer Week (Episode 2) on Developed.
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A surprisingly accurate Swedish fish ...... you’ll forget it’s vapor and not really her.

Simple 1-2-3 Sour Blue Razz Candy, ready for spring and summer!

After hearing AlfredPudding rave about WF Sour Ball Candy on Noted, I had to pick it up. It brings a sour note as well as rounding out the other ingredients to make it a single entity.

I'll be honest, I've never even used TPA Raspberry. It was sitting in my drawer, I was brainstorming flavorings for this profile, tasted it on the back of my hand, and threw it in here. I feel it compliments the WF Sour Blue Raspberry Candy well, and adds more sweet depth to the raspberry flavor.

WF Sour Blue Raspberry is such a good Blue Razz. Sour, sweet, and syrupy. As soon as I exhale, I want to pick it up again. Lick a drop of this flavor off the back of your hand and you'll know all you need to know.


Best vaped from drippers or flavor forward RTA's. This recipe tastes like slightly sweet air out of most pods and sub-ohm tanks in my experience, even with percentage's doubled.

Update: 9/10/2020- Almost a year and a half later, but adding WS-23 at your desired percentage is great with this as well

This started as a clone of Fitzcelli by VPN. Then I felt like I could do it better, and if you like lime, then I think I've done just that.

My inaugural entry! I feel that this is a good full-bodied SNV raspberry-peach sweet tea.


This juice will kill your coils quickly. But it's still a brilliant all day vape. It tastes just like raspberry statburst. lt Vapes like nail polish remover in a dripper, but goes great in a sub ohm tank. It takes higher levels of nicotine very well without losing flavour. Mix and vape at your own risk.


Just a raspberry candy! You can shake n vape but better after a few days steep

This is a Ghostberry by Steamjunk Clone. It may not be exact, but I think it is pretty darn close!!! If you like the original, I hope you enjoy my variation.

Feel free to lower the sweetener, I only added so much because I was trying to clone the original.


This is a blue raspberry jolly rancher

Raspberry/Razzleberry - this is where the main "blue" raspberry flavor comes from, that razzleberry is very candyish which lends perfectly in this mix.

Cotton Candy (Circus) - this flavor helps sweeten up the mix and give it more of a candy taste while helping out the blue raspberry taste

Sour Wizard - this is what gives this recipe that extra tart and in your face flavor. It really makes the raspberry flavors pop.

Sweetener - I really wanted to drive home the whole candy idea and needed more sweetener to do this. Jolly Ranchers are a very sugary candy.

Dragonfruit with a hint of raspberry wrapped with french vanilla. It's another one of my special mixes I came up with personally while playing around in my "lab" (basement). As always mix until frothy then I heat up in a baby bottle warmer for 15 minutes then cool with the cap off. Then I let it sit for at least 2-3 days. Taste is all relative though...enjoy!

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