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Mixing Vixen Zinger episode. Sweeten your taste. I used 0.50% fw sweetener

A raspberry cake roll I was already messing with when the Vixens picked something damn close for their pic, so I’ll stop messing and share.
I’ve added .5% FE sweetener to what I’ve been testing, because this is a sugary confection I’d recommend that, but I’ve left it out of the recipe. Add your preference to taste.
Ok off the shake but the cake is nicer after a few days.

Went after the lunch-cake/sweet cake known as Zinger. It is a sponge cake covered in raspberry gel and rolled in coconut. There is a small amount of cream inside. You should try this, I think you will love it. Comments ratings welcome.
Substitutions: JF Yellow Cake for FW @ same %. Sweetener is Cap SS, but at your discretion. I suggest you use at least .25%. Enjoy, this is good.

Watermelon up front. Raspberry on the back end. Very delicious. Very straightforward. Snv certified.

Description & Setup

Sweet Raspberries mingled into a freshly squeezed lemonade. Not to be confused with Pink Lemonade though ;). My GF requested this for her pod, and I had to oblige. After going through a few revisions, I've finally come up with this.

Tested on a Cthulu 1928 & Smoant Pasito, 2.5mm 6 wraps Round Wire SS @ 15w. 25mg/mL Nicotine Content


LA Lemonade & FLV Lemonade - I've done a few lemonade mixes for Pods / MTL devices - and have found these two to be an amazing combination for a more authentic lemonade. It doesn't stray too far from being a powdered lemonade, but it also doesn't straight up taste like it just came from a tub. I find it to be a really nice middle ground.

INW Raspberry WG & TFA Raspberry (Sweet) - INW Raspberry WG is amazing, albeit can get a bit "tart" to me at higher %'s. A little goes a long way though, and when combined with a little bit of TFA Raspberry (Sweet) makes a really nice and sweet artifical / somewhat candied raspberry taste. This is perfect for a lemonade, especially in my case because my GF wanted a more "Sweet" lemonade. I do tend to find an off-note with TFA Raspberry (Sweet) but at this low % it doesn't really show itself.

CAP Super Sweet - Normally I stray from using Cap SS in Pod setups, and this can be optional if you want. I found this really helped edge out the INW Raspberry though and definitely made it feel more like a raspberry lemonade that has a more artifical / sweetness to it than a real tart raspberry.

WS-23 - Lemonade needs to be cold obviously! You can adjust the % of this if you want, but I found 1% in my pasito / cthulu was enough for me.

Hope you enjoy! Please leave a review if you try out the recipe :)

This is a mixed fruit candy with a light taffy effect (think airheads) that I am really enjoying. Raspberry, strawberry, grape, peach, and watermelon combine to make one of my personal favorites. This started as a reimagining of one of my favorite store bought Eliquid's which is a grape peach hard candy (from Stache Vape) that I have been vaping for years and it morphed into skull candy. I actually like this more, I can vape it all day without loosing flavor and it's great on coils. I hope you enjoy it and leave feedback if you are so inclined. It's great as a SnV but 4-5 days and it really pops.

Mein Versuch am Crumble Berry Aroma von Red Dragon

My try to go for the Crumble Berry Aroma by Red Dragon

Going for a nice Blue Razz vape to use as an all day vape. Working on but happy with the results for an ADV.

Tried this before but with blackberry instead of Raspberry. This version seems to be a bit tastier. First recipe, any advice would be welcomed. My goal was to make a tangy simple berry mix. Idk.

This is a simple, light, bright candy fruit vape that has become one of my adv's. It's light with a nice tangy flavor punch that doesn't linger on the pallet. It's alright off the shake but definitely benefits from a steep; the flavors come together and smooth out any harshness.
I am trying boysenberry at 3.5 instead of 2.5 and so far i am enjoying it a bit more..

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