(TPA) Raspberry (sweet)

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A handful of sour quarter machine candies. Very sweet mix of flavors. My first recipe.


To be clear, the (INW) Raspberry is actually Raspberry concentrate. But it was not listed. Anyway. This is, what I consider, my first successful original recipe. I would love to have some feed back if anybody stumbles upon this. Thanks


This reminded me of a grocery store mixed berry yogurt cup, the razz is bright and all the fruits in here play off of each other quite nicely in my opinion :D


Hey everyone, I'm back again with my 5th E-juice in my Ultra Series! Please try it out and let me know if you like it!

This is a tasty mixture of the iconic shark gummy candies. Taste great off the shake and will see how it holds up on a short steep ( if it lasts me that long haha)

I really love how the new WF CCJB blends in with this! If you like fruity gummies then this is for you! Enjoy! :)


Just something simple I threw together on a whim and haven't been able to stop vaping it, so thought I'd share.

The cheesecake note is deliciously creamy. And great off the shake.

I'm sure it could be made better but I'm no genius. Lemme know if you have any thoughts.


I vape this 60/40 in an Aegis Boost Plus.

VSO Kanzi Ice Cream been my ADV for a while now thought i would share it...let me know what you think !

This is a clone/remix of TWELVE MONKEYS BONOGURT. Myself and 3 other mixers made 100s of versions over a year and a half to come up with this recipe.

Its all in there from the delicious bright non-descript fruit flavor to the cream yogurt with just the right amount of sharpness fron the Greek yogurt. There's even the phenomenon of getting individual flavors for a puff or 2 then back to the combined flavors just like the original does.

Best after a week but can be a SnV.

A simple strawberry and mint ADV.

This is a mild and refreshing flavour to vape when you're looking for something that tastes good but you want to give your palette a break.

Can be vaped off the shake but it's better left for a few hours/overnight.

First atempt to clone Roybot Sauce's Flare

Check it out and leave me a comment how close you think i am

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