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(TPA) Pumpkin Spice

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Used in 63 recipes at an average of 1.282%.


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This should be tasty will all the fun stuff in it - we shall see

Smooth fall/pumpkin blend. Made this recipe for my friends who cant seem to get enough of it.

The pumpkin element - HS Pumpkin Pie (4%) and FW Vanilla Butternut (2%) come together to create the canned pureed pumpkin (which is far superior to harvesting your own pumpkin). HS brings the pure, un-spiced flesh of the pumpkin, while FW Vanilla Butternut adds some sweet, gourd-like body with a touch of vanilla and maple (which brings to mind the natural caramelized sugars in the cooked gourds).

The spice element - Wanted this to be mellow and nuanced . . . not in your face pumpkin spice, so the pumpkin flavor could be the star only backed up by the spice. I went with CAP Cinnamon Sugar (1.5%) and TFA Pumpkin Spice (0.4%). This lays underneath the pumpkin just right, in my opinion.

The custard element - The obvious choice, INW Custard (2%), mixed with CC Devon Cream (1.5%), which brings a creamy/vanilla marriage to the custard base. It's nowhere near in your face vanilla custard . . . but paired with the pumpkin and spice, it adds a nice body of custard to fold the pureed pumpkin into. On a lark, I threw some CAP Whipped Marshmallow (2%) into the mix to, possibly, add some more body to the custard and help keep the spice element in check. Whether or not it did either of those things . . . I'm not sure. However, this is the 4th iteration of this recipe, and I was trying to use a few concentrates I hadn't tried in the recipe previously. I am happy with where it landed

The cookie element - I didn't want to use gingerbread, as I was not happy with what it did in previous mixes . . . it was too forward. I went with CAP Sugar Cookie (1.25%) and FLV Graham Cracker (1%). It is by no means a crunchy cookie crumble here. It is like a cookie that has been submerged in the custard and softened (like a vanilla wafer that's soaked in the vanilla-banana goodness and become a part of the lusciously thick custard). It adds some overall sweetness to the recipe, in my opinion.

Not being a huge fan of the pumpkin spice profile . . . I was inspired by Centerfold Vape Co's Bebe (a pumpkin cream dessert flavor) which I found to be extremely enjoyable. This is not a clone, per se, but simply inspired by how much I enjoyed the original flavor profile that I expected to be underwhelmed by.

I mixed it at 60vg/40pg and sat on it for a week before trying it. All in all, I'm pleased but am open to critiques and suggestions. Enjoy!

well I was in the mood for some pumpkin pie I don't know why but with cap pumpkin pie @1% and tfa pumpkin spice @1% makes a very good pumpkin pie base and the whipped cream is the topping of the pie and cap graham cracker and super cookie makes for a good crust and with tfa Bavarian cream fills in the whipped cream and makes it seems like there is real whipped cream on top which makes for a yummy vape and I could see myself mixing this up for thanksgiving this yr so guys mix this up and enjoy

After months of just learning from others, I think I'm ready to release a recipe. It's something different that I haven't come across and encompasses the feeling of fall.

The Cheesecake base here is taken directly from ENYAWREKLAW's "The Real" recipe because he nailed that, so why reinvent? So that's where the NY Cheesecake, and Sweet Cream come in along with the Super Sweet (If using TFA Sweetener double the amount).

Mixed in this base I layered in the Pumpkin Spice and Cinnamon Danish Swirl. The Cinnamon adds just a dash of extra spice to help that Pumpkin Spice come out ever so slightly. I did not want to overpower the Cheesecake.

The Milk Chocolate and Graham Cracker Clear are used to replicate a somewhat chocolate cookie crumb layer underneath that Cheesecake and works really well.

To top it off, the Cream Whipped, just a touch.

Mixed at 70/30.

Caramel Drizzled Pumpkin Spiced Cannoli

Great after a week or more steep. Pumpkin spice is very subtle in this mix, if you love spices double the pumpkin spice.

Biscuit/Crunch Cereal/Joy - adds the crunchy shell.

Vanilla Custard/cheesecake - make up the rich filling.

Caramel Candy - adds a light syrupy drizzle and sweetness.

Pumpkin Spice/Cinnamon Ceylon - adds a touch of fall spices sprinkled on top.

Tis' the season for our basic white girl sides to proclaim "pumpkin spice matters" in all our yoga pant, ugg boot and north face glory.

I'll let you in on a little secret though. I'm not actually fond of things pumpkin "butt" damn who doesn't love properly executed yoga pants.

On to the recipe notes. Hangsen Pumpkin pie has the creamy sweetness you want from pumpkin pie filling but it lacks the spice (cinnamon and nutmeg) and crust of an apple pie. 5% worked out nicely to keep the creamy pumpkin pie sweetness but it needs some complimenting flavors to fill.out what it's missing.

I'm new to real flavors concentrates but what I have used and the reviews I've found all note that they are true to their descriptions but due to their VG base tend to need to be used at much higher percentages as well as needing longer steep times. Hangsen accomplished the creamy aspect with a hint of pumpkin and tpa pumpkin spice added the spice aspect but the pumpkin note still wasn't where it needed to be. Brace yourselves for violation of the 20% overall flavoring percentage rule... Real flavors pumpkin pie at 10% completes the pumpkin note.

Tpa pumpkin spice is some potent stuff that nails the nutmeg taste present in all things pumpkin spice while lacking the more desirable creamy sweet pumpkin taste brought on my the hangsen Pumpkin pie. 1% almost overdoes it for that needed nutmeg pumpkin spice taste but it gets tamed with other additions.

Cap cinnamon swirl danish seemed like the best flavor suited to add a dough/pie crust flavor while imparting some sweet cinnamon taste to compliment the nutmeg taste introduced with the tpa pumpkin spice. At 2% I thought I was going to have to go back to the drawing board because I started getting too much cinnamon coming through as it was making the cinnamon aspect of tpa pumpkin spice stronger. It added some that hit that while not unpleasant was more akin to what you would expect from a pumpkin spice latte rather than a pumpkin pie. I considered ditching that flavor all together until I got an idea.

The pie crust aspect was still missing despite the addition of cap cinnamon danish swirl that was supposed to fill that gap. Queue the TFA pie crust. At 2% it mellowed out the sharp cinnamon and nutmeg notes and added that butter flakey pie crust that is a key part in the enjoyment of any good pie. Now on the the topping(s).

When I on the rare occasion partake of pumpkin pie it is usually in a 2:1 ratio of whipped to pumpkin pie. While cap vanilla whipped cream would suite the needs I had other plans for incorporating sweetness and a vanilla note. I went with fa whipped cream and at 2% it adds that dollop of whipped cream to the pumpkin pie and compliments the creaminess already added from the hangsen Pumpkin pie.

Now to address my preciously mentioned plans for incorporating some sweetness and vanilla. Rather than going for tpa vanilla swirl and em or sucralose I toke a note from a beginner blending episode and used vanilla cupcake to sweeten the pumpkin pie. Cap vanilla cupcake at 1% did the trick of adding sweetness needed while also not adding a distracting amount of vanilla.

I didn't expect this to work as a shake and vape due to the creaminess and potency of some of the ingredients. I've got to be honest though that it's quite wonderful as a shake and vape but I would recommend at least 1-2 weeks of steeping.

Alltheflavors does not have pumpkin pie added to their flavor listing yet which is why you see hangsen Pumpkin spice listed as it was the only hangsen Pumpkin they had a listing for. So hangsen Pumpkin spice is actually hangsen Pumpkin pie.

A nice pumpkin pie blend

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