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I enjoyed the idea of a 1-2-3 recipe ID10T did with his cranberry sprite recipe. Simple and easy so I made one of my own. This is my 2nd 1 2 3 recipe and they are nice and easy to mix and usually pretty tasty so maybe we can get a trend going.

I recieved some vape train flavors and I really enjoy the pudding base. It works really well with pistachio. I used TFA for the artificial pistachio note and added in the FLV for an authentic notes. Nice easy and tasty mix.

Pistachio pudding fo yo azz.

Oh, pistachio. It's astonishing to me how much this flavor works in vape form. Specifically TFA's variation. It does a whole bunch of different things in a mix. Its sweet, kinda buttery, perfectly nutty, but can be rather thin. It needs help but not too much, depending on what you're going for.

I know, I know...it's also been an extremely played out flavor. Used time and time again but there obviously is a reason for it. The one nut that can be both sweet and rather savory, at least in the nuttier sense of the word. TFA's version cleary went for the former, but they did a really good job emulating it. A friend of mine who loves my other pistachio recipe Dillinger's Dairy, wanted something similar minus the tobacco aspect. I didn't want to just take out that part and hand him the same thing, so instead we decided on a pudding. Anyways without further rambling, for your vaping pleasure, is that concoction.

TFA Pistachio - This was going to be the top note no matter what. You're basically already at the pistachio pudding level when you use this flavor. I tried to add in other pistachio flavors and even use other ones to get a better level of realism but it wasn't necessary. Here, you have all the sweet 'stachio elements you need so I only needed to work on the pudding base.

FA Oba Oba - Actually, this was added to give that pistachio an even deeper candied element and boy does it do that. I never realized how much I liked this flavor when using it for that very reason. It also seems to help with the sweet pudding-like mouthfeel. Try to add this into any hard candy recipes or anything with like a candy shell or a sugary glaze. It has that very same sweet flavor. Some say it's likened to a marshmallow flavor but that's really only if you take it any higher.

TPA Vanilla Swirl - This here is one piece of my pudding base. Simple, yet elegant. Vanilla Swirl is the perfect flavor for a cream dessert. It's not too heavy, very sweet, and the vanilla is not too dark nor overpowering. It stays in its place as a base note which was exactly what I wanted.

FA Fresh Cream - A nice light dairy cream to punch up the...well dairy aspect of a pudding. The nice thing about this flavor is it blankets anything in a smooth, subtle mouthfeel without adding way too much flavor to anything. It does have its own tiny bit of sweetness but its hardly noticeable with other sweeter flavors.

CAP Super Sweet - This is actually not optional. At least, I wouldn't try it without it. This is pushing the candied side of the pistachio flavor forward and making the creams into a real commercial pudding. Without it, you can't really shake and vape until everything steeps together. If you had to replace it, I guess I would use (maybe) 1.5% Oba Oba instead of 1% and make sure you steeped it for the full 4-5 days.

FLV Butterscotch - Ah, the finishing touch. I am telling you, any sort of pistachio dessert will be pumped up to 11 if you add even a small touch of any caramel or butterscotch. This particular one is perfectly smooth and ties in with the pudding. There isn't an overpowering butterscotch flavor to it either. It's there but it simply sat with the pistachio sweetness and connected itself and the pudding together as one. The DAAP in this flavor is just a bonus ;-)

P.S. If you don't have Butterscotch, try to use FLV Caramel but you're missing out.

So, put this away for a few days and enjoy(5 days at best). Keep on mixin' on! Hit me up on DIYorDIE's discord if you have any questions!

Started working on a clone for creme de la creme and while making a few mixes I decided to try and sub out for a different nut. The pistachio works so well with the creams and caramel. Dropped the coffee note as that didn't play as well with the pistachio, but this is a rich, slightly nutty caramel cream that is delicious after a week steep.


This is a pistachio cookie I mixed up awhile ago that's really smooth, creamy, and rich with a nice pistachio flavor. Inspiration was from The Kennedy by Conspiracy Liquids.

This has been one of m ADV's for awhile. I wanted to try something a little different with the sweet rice. Pistachio came to mind from an Asian influence and these flavors just work really nice together. Even with vanilla custard in the mix the FE Sweet Rice still hangs in there as the top note. This has a nice pistachio flavor that lingers through the vape with a creamy vanilla finish. I can't put it down it is addicting and just works.


Pistachio Macaron Remix of Rhodonite. I removed the raspberry and fuji and adding in some TPA Pistachio. Why? Because pistachio is lyfe.


Kind of an omage to mustard milk, without actually being mustard milk. Two All-Star flavorings doing what they do best.

Banana cream + pistachio = yum so just fucking mix it it's only two flavors.


Toasted Coconut, Mixed Nuts, Sweet Brown Sugar, Toffee Undertones

A remix, with tobacco added.

This is the basic description of the commercial juice this is inspired by. I went on a business trip and did not take enough juice for the entire week. I wound up checking for a B&M but the only things near the hotel in that part of upstate NY sold their own house juices so I picked the one that looked more professional. This juice of theirs was the only one that resonated with me so I did their special for the day of 3x30 for 30$ From the minute I tasted it to the end of the third bottle all I could think was DAMMIT THIS NEEDS TOBACCO.

I went about this a bit different from my normal approach which is to get my tobacco profile and build on it. I went with an established profile, got as close to it as I wanted to adjusting for my tastes and added the tobacco. This is a darker rich profile, I wanted to keep in that vain keeping it rich and dark. I do not know that this is ADV material. But it is really good for me, I have been vaping this in the evenings.

Pistachio RY4 using a modified Mr. Stachio recipe. I lowered the percentages of the original and added RY4 double. It is good as a S&V, but gets better with time.

Chocolate, caramel, and hazelnut coffee with cream and sugar and a hint of tobacco.

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