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(TPA) Pistachio

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: bakery creamy custard dessert nut

Used in 1071 recipes at an average of 2.908%.


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Pistachio Cupcake with Cream Cheese Icing!

No substitutions recommended.

Steep anywhere from 2-10 days. I vape it fresh personally and find it best after the 5 day mark.

75% VG recommended.


#E-JuiceMakers Oneshots!

This recipe was shared in good faith. Please do not use this for commercial gain. Thank you & enjoy!!


When thrown into the arena with Satan's greatest demon, one can't help but consider the easy way out.

Anise cookie is a traditional sicilian (Italy) cookie. It has a well cooked body, not too sweet, and the refreshing flavor of anise. We use it with red wine for dessert (like Marsala wine). I grove up with this cookie (without wine, of course).
For the cookie, after many trials, I find the perfect combo with an high 2.5% of FA cookie and a 1.5% of JF cookie.
FW pie crust work well to give a brown, hard crust to the cookie.
Golden butter essentially make a wet contrast to the dry biscuit base.
FA Anise is a strong, violent, flavor. So, even if it is the profile of this recipe, you can not use more then 0.75%.
TPA Pistachio at 0.5% is the perfect husband for the marriage with anise in order to give a nutty constituency to the recipe.

I needed something new to have with my morning coffee,so I created the Marshmallow Pistachio Butter cookie

Untested, work in progress, yada yada yada yada yada yada 10 words my @$$


One of my favorite desserts growing up has always been that green bowl of fluff. I had no idea what it was actually called until I got older and went in search of the recipe. As soon as I smelled the bottle of TPA-Pistachio it took me back and I knew exactly what I wanted to recreate. I used the TPA-Pistachio along with FLV-Vanilla Pudding to create my pistachio pudding base. Then I used the OOO-Cream Milky Undertone along with the OOO Marshmallow (Vanilla) to add in the whipped topping and marshmallows. Naturally I had to throw in a bit of INW-Pineapple to keep it authentic. I am still going to try one more version with FLV-Pineapple instead of INW and a bit of FW-Butter Pecan. If I like it even more I will come back and update this. This is better after 3 days but the best flavor is before the 2-3 week mark IMO. Some of the nuances start to blend in together if it steeps for too long. Smaller batches would be better for this one.

This is my take on a pistachio tobacco flavor. I let mine steep for about a month.

TFA- Vanilla Custard - I only used this because I ordered a 4oz bottle on accident. It would probably be leagues better with CAP vanilla custard V1. If you use V2 idk what to tell you I don't use it.

WF- Vanilla Ruyan Custard - The main Tobacco note here. I started off by grabbing some to add to my regular vanilla custard at .25%. It's a very rich creamy tobacco.

INW- Yes, We Cheesecake - This is used here to pair with the custard. You can use CAP New York Cheesecake at 2.5% and Some INW Biscuit at .25% instead if you don't have this.

TFA- Pistachio - My personal favorite pistachio. All of the others are too dry to use for this recipe. I suppose you could use pistachio cream at around 1.25% instead if you do not have tfa.

VT- Butterscotch - Personally I do not like caramel so I use butterscotch instead. You can sub your favorite caramel or I would have used FW butterscotch ripple at 2%.

INW- 7Leaves - Used here to boost that tobacco note slightly.

FLV- Popcorn - Used here for its butter notes.

Also you don't have to add any additional sweetners or additives they are only there because that is how I personally like to vape them. You can sub the EM for FLV cotton candy at the same percentage. If you use CAP vanilla custard V1 don't use vanillin you don't need it.

STEEP TIME- I steep all of my custard for a max of 30 days if I can. Give yours about a week and you should be good.

Juggalocious pistachio custard with a hint of honeysuckle. sub flv cream for a fine and unique cream soda.

Quick recipe drop before school this morning . . . caramel-pistachio pudding RY4.

FW Salted Caramel and TFA Pistachio bring the nutty, caramel top notes that intertwine with the Jungle Flavors RY4 Double. It's pretty amazing how much the Salted Caramel stands out against the rest of the flavors.

VT Pudding Base brings more of a spongey cake type of pudding note (typical of what the Brits refer to as a pudding). This is made more creamy and luscious by the pairing with FLV Vanilla Pudding, which is what is more commonly considered pudding in the States. The addition of DIYFS Holy Vanilla boosts the FLV Vanilla Pudding's smooth, creamy pudding.

I was not a fan of this as a SNV, but, after letting it sit for 5 days, I came back to it and found it to be quite tasty. As per usual, mixed it 60vg/40pg.

Really smooth, but bold and spicy, dessert tobacco.

I needed more words, sorry.

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