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(TPA) Pineapple

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Lets be real. We've talked about it on BLND and Beginner Blending. I'll stop being lazy.
It's Sweet Tarts. True to the name.
It's easily the most authentic profile I have ever made, down to the chalkiness.
It's just an amazing candy vape, and is spot on Sweet Tarts.

All image rights go to http://www.instructables.com/id/Homemade-Sweet-Tarts/


This is a great ripe fruity summer vape with a lot of flavor! I have quickly turned it into one of my ADV. I made it for a girlfriend who is a big fan of pineapple. She wanted to be on a beach somewhere & this is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy <3

A popular cocktail, the June Bug is fruity and sweet with a slight citrus kick


A delicious take on one of my favorite liquids a wonderful pairing of strawberry coconut and pineapple with some subtle additions to make the flavor pop.


So about a year ago, I tried my hand at mixing up a recipe that was inspired by that Banana/Pineapple/Orange juice blend that Dole makes. I had made a few adjustments since then, and found that the base from a year ago was still the best. Here is the most current iteration. It's a great shake and vape, but a little separated. Give it two days, and it's all melded together into something inoffensive, consistent, and my favourite ADV when I get burnt out on bakeries and the "heavier" mixes in my arsenal.

CAP Sweet Tangerine / CAP Juicy Orange - here's the orange juice base. These two flavours are great together, but carry some strangeness straight out of the gate. Juicy Orange has a little waxiness to it if you push it too high, and 2% is right about the threshold on that. If you pick up on that waxy note, dial it back half a percent. After an overnight steep though, most of that off note gets pushed aside. What we end up with is a really wet and bright orange juice base.

TPA Banana Cream / LA Banana Cream - you already know this is my go to ratio for bananas. The touch of LA helps push the accuracy of the banana note, while the TPA carries it home with the creamy sweetness. The mouthfeel of these two in tandem help emulate the mouthfeel of the real-world counterpart of this recipe. That Dole juice is almost like the middle ground between juice and smoothie. It's thicker and smoother than a typical glass of juice, and these two concentrates help get that aspect going in the right direction.

CAP Golden Pineapple / TPA Pineapple - here's your pineapples, the TPA is around to really give that bite of tartness you want, it cuts through the sweets so well in this mix. The CAP Golden was a new addition to the recipe, and just really helps dial back on some of that battery acid note you get from TPA Pineapple.

FA Fuji / TPA Marshmallow - the extras in this recipe are what really make it, in my opinion. The FA Fuji helps emulate the fact that almost every commercial made fruit juice on the market has apple juice in it as a base. While Fuji doesn't inherently taste like apple juice, at this low of a percentage, you get the idea of it, while still having one of the best fruit emulsifiers we have available. The Fuji brightens up the oranges, gives some depth to the banana, and helps make the pineapples less one-dimensional. TPA Marshmallow is our sweetener, and helps add to that mouthfeel you get from the banana creams. Using TPA Marshmallow will push this recipe right into the realm of accuracy to the real fruit juice blend. Thick, creamy, and sweet.

TPA Koolada (OPTIONAL) - use to taste. If you like Koolada, it really helps this recipe come together. Without Koolada, it's still good, but adding a few drops just pushes it to a whole new level. Because, well, let's be honest, who the fuck likes drinking warm orange juice?


This recipe was inspired by a desert I had a while back. The dish had marshmallows, cream cheese, and pineapple. I thought it would make a great profile to replicate. Not a complex recipe but very delicious. Not much to mention on flavor notes, pretty self explanatory....just a nice creamy, marshmallow, pineapple vape. Can be a Shake n Vape but only gets better with time. Suggested steep time, 3 days. This is a first version. I normally post my first versions of recipes and keep 2nd or 3rd versions private for commercial purposes. MaxVG ....Enjoy :)


Spring is upon us and it's about time for the guilty mixes to come in again. This mix blends perfectly with the fruit and light cream ratio. I wanted to make it very simple.

TPA STRAWBERRY RIPE gives it that true fruit feel. Almost that natural ripeness.

TPA APRICOT & PINEAPPLE is what you really taste here. Together they almost give it a tart sweetness.

TPA RASPBERRY SWEET gives it sweetness that's add to the other flavors without destroying coils.

TFA VBIC blends it all together. It really doesn't serve as a cream just helps glue the fruit together.

Add koolada if you'd like for some coolness.


There are a few twister ice cream recipes out there some good some not so good, but every one I have tried I have always thought it could be better so this is mine and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. With spring now appearing and the promise of summer on the horizon this is the perfect summer time vape.

TPA VBIC 3.5% / CC Devon cream 1.5%
This is a thick and creamy ice cream base for all the other flavours to sit on top of. Its strong enough to be present through the vape but not overtake the whole recipe. TPA VBIC is my go to ice cream flavour so seemed like the obvious choice to start with and the addition of CC Devon Cream is a great supporting flavour to the VBIC and helps bring out that rich creaminess that is required and helps give the recipe that cream base for all the other flavours to cling onto.

TPA Pineapple 2.5% / TPA Dragon Fruit 0.5%
TPA Pineapple is a good flavouring for this recipe and I have tried a few in it. It has a good citrus sharpness that I wanted to have in this recipe but by itself it can be too sharp and can easily overpower a recipe and bully other flavours to sit behind it and I didn't want that so the addition of TPA Dragon Fruit helps round down the sharper notes and helps it sit nicely with the other citrus flavours. The other reason for the Dragon Fruit addition is it gives the whole recipe a bit of juiciness that you would expect from an Ice Lolly.

FA Lime Tahity Cold Press 1.5% / CAP Italian Lemon Sicily 0.5%
FA Lime Tahity Cold Press is a fantasic flavour and one I use a lot, Its a lovely natural tasting lime that is a good pairing with the TPA Pineapples natural sharpness. The addition of CAP Italian Lemon Sicily was used because I felt the lime just needed a bit of a kick to help it sit more forward as I wanted sitting beside the pineapple.

INW Shisha Strawberry 3%
I used this strawberry because I my opinion this is the best strawberry out there. It has a good full flavour that can stand up to a lot of flavours and can handle a steep without fading. I tried pairing this with a few different strawberry options but to be honest I thought it worked better alone in this case and of course the addition of TPA Dragon Fruit also helped pad this strawberry out a bit anyway. I wanted this strawberry to be present but sitting more in the background like you were licking the lolly rather than taking a bite out of it.

CAP Super Sweet 0.5%
Now this is really down to personal taste but I really do think this recipe really does benefit from a touch of super sweet to give it a bit more sweetness against the sharp notes that in the recipe and helps just round the whole recipe together a bit more but this can be adjusted to your personal taste.


This vape reminds me of sitting on a tropical island with a nice cool breeze. Nice fruit & coconut flavor on the inhale & cool exhale. You can up the Koolada if need be, this is where I personally like it. Its absolutely delicious!

I have been working on this flavor for about 6 months to get it perfect. Although not the original recipe from my local shop, it comes very close. I may even like this recipe better & I feel confident enough & with a much needed little push to publish. I know this recipe is high in flavor % but it is all (TPA) which requires higher %'s anyways & it works. Add 1 drops of 10% Citric Acid per 15ML. The Citric Acid is key to this recipe. These are popular flavors everybody should have in their arsenal. Sweeten to taste. IMO best as shake & vape. This has been my ADV for several months now & for any strawberry lover out there Im sure it will become yours too.
The Pineapple & Pomegranate are just additives to give the Strawberry something to hold onto. The Citric Acid pops the fruit flavors and is absolutely necessary. The marshmallow is self explanatory, giving a light fluffy feeling to this vape. None of these flavors can be substituted. I hope you all enjoy... Thanks

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