(TPA) Pina Colada

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Strictly Reserved for Royalty:
Not intended for use by peasants and Ill Fated Necromancers.
Magic spells will not be tolerated.
No Mirror Mirror on the Wall Bullock's
No Abera - Cadabera Bullshit either.
Don't try it. Weird shit will happen.
You Have Been Warned.
And, Ve R No Dun, so Witch out

Vape a coctail instead of drink it.Very tasty and easy to make this recipy

This is a very bright, fruity mix. Reminiscent of a nice Juicy Mango.
Extremely delicious off the shake. I can't put it down to let it steep.
You can easily pick out each flavor layer, BUT! It also tastes like a single mango mix.
Very intriguing to say the least!
If you like Mango, you will definitely like this.
Give it a mix and enjoy! You won't be disappointed.


From /u/fizzmustard


"Hobbe's Blood is a strawberry-watermelon-coconut modeled after the “Tiger Blood” snow cone; a familiar and straightforward flavor on the surface. Breaking it down, the strawberry is sharp and has some zip, the watermelon is candy-like, and the coconut is subtle and a bit creamy."

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