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(TPA) Pie Crust

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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This profile all started a while back when a friend mine asked me to make him an Apple pie with Ice cream e juice. I thought it sounded pretty simple so I threw some stuff together, it turned out ok and he loved it but I knew it could be better, a lot better. So I played around with it (made it not better) Then I got back on track. I tried some things that I should have thought about in the beginning and I thought dam this is good but I know it can be better still. So I let Joe aka RAGEISALOTOFWORK try it and he really liked it. I told him I think it still needs work. So he vaped a 30ml and hit me with a couple of changes that took it over the top. I now believe that this recipe couldn't be any better. It nails the perfect balance of pie crust to pie filling and the cream sits right to the side like I wanted. I really know that if you dig this profile, you will definitely love this recipe. Mix it on up and let me know what you think. Thanks KRUCIAL (this recipe is also interesting when you compare it to the original /Apple Pie Allah also available on ATF\ you can see the development of a recipe profile, see what changes were made and ascertain why)


Pastéis de Nata AKA Portuguese Custard Tarts.

This recipe came about after seeing Grimm Green review a juice called 'Taruto', it sounded delicious but being from Australia, I wasn't able to find it without paying exorbitant shipping costs; thus I decided to try and make my own take on the profile.


This is the base for the butter pastry cup. They all mix together well to create a nice flaky, all butter, decadent pastry for the custard to sit on.

This is obviously the custard filling, the vanilla custard, dulce de leche and cookie dough create a nice dense custard with caramel notes, having the vanilla custard at such a high percentage means the eggy notes are pretty obvious and up there which is what I wanted, however adds a lot to the steep time. The Dulce de Leche adds more of a sweetened milkiness to the custard, it adds a brightness and really boosts it into something delicious and unique. The Cinnamon Danish swirl is there to add the cinnamon, is also adds a bit of fluffiness to the pastry base. I would have just gone with FLV Rich Cinnamon instead of CDS, however I don't have it, give it a try?

This works with the cookie dough and toasted marshmallow to create a caramelized and 'burnt sugar' taste to the custard, like it's fresh out of the oven. The toasted marshmallow was also added to fluff everything out and provide the nice mouth feel you get from the recipe.

Give this bad boy at least a 10 day steep to let the custard really come together.

As always, constructive criticism is always welcome.


Croissant aux Amandes
(Almond Croissant)

After 25 iterations, this was the closest i've been able to get. It's been my "White Whale" since I started mixing about a year ago. This recipe is delicious and has been since #5, but was always missing something.


FA Almond / INW Marzipan / TPA Pistachio
This combination is there to form the Almond, The Marzipan plays two parts, it boosts the almond as well as plays as the backbone as the marzipan filling. The Pistachio is there to hopefully add a bit more nuttiness to the Almond as well as help replicate the slithered almonds found on top.

FA Meringue
The Meringue is here to add a bit of powdered sugar on top,

TPA Pie Crust / INW Biscuit / CAP Cereal 27 / FA Zepolla / TPA Butter
The is the nucleus of the recipe, they bring it all together to form a nice, buttery croissant. The Zepolla creates a nice cake bass, adding the Cereal 27 adds a bit of a cooked quality along with some nice texture. Pie Crust, Biscuit, and Butter brings the fluffiness down and adds the pastry texture and taste of a croissant.

INW Marzipan / FLV Butterscotch / CAP Vanilla Custard
Mixing these creates a decadent Marzipan filling,

By no means is this a shake and vape, needs at least a 5 day steep...but the longer the better.

Let me know what you think! I always welcome constructive criticism.



If you've ever had a peach-glazed pie, you know it is a sweet juicy treat! When I was a kid, my mom used to get them at "Hahn's Bakery" which closed a long time ago. After a 2-3 week steep(3 weeks or more is optimal), this is the most authentic peach-glazed pie I've ever tried in vape form. Somewhat strong crust, but with my taste buds, I usually find peach pie to carry more of a crust flavor than cherry, blueberry, etc.


The Crust:

I'll start with the easy part. TFA Pie Crust is used here at 1.5%. At 1% I had a very hard time even tasting it. But once you hit the right percentage, it's dead-on accurate!

The Peach Glaze:

In order to achieve this, it was necessary to form the peach using several flavors. INW Peach has an almost 'nectar' like quality that added to the part I found lacking in FLV Peach. And the FLV Peach was used due to its' authentic fresh quality. I still found the peach portion needing a boost, and CAP Sweet Mango added that fleshy, sweet aspect to finish it out.

The Extras:

What can I say? I love brown sugar. It goes so well with peaches, pears, apples.... you name it! Brown Sugar makes ANY bakery taste better!

FLV Rich Cinnamon is a SUPER concentrated flavor and not for the heavy-handed! Just a touch is needed! That's not a suggestion. It's expensive, but believe me, as concentrated as it is, it will last a HELLUVA long time. It's used here at 0.15(equal to 3 drops). Any higher and it will ruin the mix. Due to its' high concentration, A STEEP IS NEEDED. At least 2-3 weeks, if not more. Try to vape this any sooner and all you will taste is cinnamon. FLV flavorings are rarely SNV flavorings and to use them as such is a disservice. It took me awhile to get that through my thick head.

The Enhancers:

FA Liquid Amber is a great way to give fruits that "baked/cooked" flavor. This is something you want in your flavoring arsenal.

CAP Super Sweet is added of course, to wrap up the whole dessert in sugary goodness!.

65-70% VG recommended

2-3 week steep recommended.

No substitutions recommended. I don't know what to tell those of you who aren't willing to spend 11-12$ for the FLV Rich Cinnamon. There is nothing out there like it. And if you don't spend the money, you will have no idea of the perfection you're missing.

If anyone creates this recipe 'as is' with no subs, please try to remember to rate/review it & give it how ever many stars you think it deserves. Thanks & happy mixing!!

Do not take it upon yourself to copy and publish this recipe over to ELR. THIS ACTION IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.
Respect mixers, they are not your ticket to success...They are your friends.

You may not reproduce this recipe for commercial sale. This action is strictly forbidden


Moon Shot! A Banana Moon Pie! This is for Wayne's weekend assignment....Banana Desert recipe. Tastes just like it's supposed to. INW Biscuit and TPA Pie Crust works well to give it a nice flaky but somewhat cookie-like flavor. TPA Marshmallow is sandwiched in between and creates a nice fluffy feel. The TPA Banana, TPA Banana Cream, and LA Cream Cheese Icing works great for that hard banana icing that surrounds everything. This recipe has it all, full textured mouth-feel, fluffy marshmallow, and sweet banana icing.

Shake and Vape

Please comment, mix, and or rate, it make us all better mixers. Enjoy :)

DIYorDIE Weekend Assignment

This is my take on a cookie dough without using a cookie dough flavoring. I wanted to create a light chocolate chip flavor with a peanut side note.
FW sugar cookie 1%. Used as the cookie base and adds a slight sugary note
FA cookie 1%. Used also as cookie base and to add texture
CAP vanilla whipped cream 2%. Used to balance out the chocolates and adds a creaminess to the profile.
CAP vanilla custard 2%. Used to make the recipe a little denser and to add an eggyness to the profile.
TPA pie crust 1%. This was the first time using this flavoring but hoping it will add to simulating the "cookie dough" .
TPA Brown sugar 0.5%. Used to add a dark sugar for the chocolate.
FLV peanut butter 1%. Just a bit of peanut. It seems to be a little dry but at 1% it seems balanced with the CAP golden butter at 1%.
TPA sweetener 1.5%. Well who don't like sugar.
CAP Golden butter 1%. This seems to give the FLV peanut butter the creaminess it requires.
TPA bittersweet chocolate 0.5%. I like to use this flavoring at a low % to give it a chocolate chip feel.
TPA double chocolate (clear) 1%. This pairs well with the TPA bittersweet chocolate to give the chocolate a more balanced flavor.

I may not have nailed the cookie dough base in this recipe, however, it has a great flavor with hints of chocolate and peanut butter on the exhale. Can be a Shake n Vape but I would suggest a 3 day steep. This is a first version. I normally post my first versions of recipes and keep 2nd or 3rd versions private for commercial purposes. MaxVG ....Enjoy :)


Original artwork done by Matthew Kocanda at http://matthew-kocanda.com/

This is my take on Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Its pretty god damn good. Lots of stuff in it. Some cinnamons. Some crunches. Other things too.

I've been forcing people to try different versions of this recipe for the last month and this is by far the best and most authentic. A sharp cereal with a touch of milk, works as a Shake and Vape but really forms after two or three days. I recommend it to everyone.


A rich but tart Key Lime Pie. It's a bit heavier on the custard and pie crust than some other variants might be, but that's what I was going for.

TFA Key Lime - This is the main note. A tart and not too sweet key lime that hits you right up front.

TFA Cheesecake Graham Crust/Pie Crust - The CGC helps to cut through the tartness of the key lime and paired with pie crust creates a nice pie base.

FA Meringue - This is there to give us that whipped meringue that you often find on the real thing. 1% is all you need to achieve this.

TFA Custard - This gives you the body of the recipe. Pretty straight forward.

Strapple Crisp Flavor Notes:

TFA Pie Crust / CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl
TFA Pie Crust is a great foundation for the crisp crust, since you get the flakey crust of the pie ready to be layered on. CAP CDS at 1.5% adds in the additional bread like feel with a hint of cinnamon that accentuates the crust.

FA Meringue / CAP Vanilla Cupcake
I find that a mix of FA Meringue & CAP Vanilla Cupcake work together to sweeten the whole mix, but they really work well to sweeten the crust and bring a nice bakery style frosting to glaze the fruits.

JF Fuji / TFA Strawberry Ripe
These fruits are the top notes and are pronounced throughout the vape. JF Fuji builds on TFA Pie Crust / CAP CDS to give the “warm apple pie” with just a touch of bright apple fruitiness taste as well and TFA Strawberry Ripe comes through with the sweetness of a glazed/cooked strawberry note that complete this – Strapple Crisp!

Steep 3-4 days

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

Setup i used: dual fused clapton @0,21Ohm on a Velocity RDA @75-80 Watts

The Idea:
I did not want to use the basket ingredients to be the base for a pastry,which would be pretty obvious.Especially Cinnamon Danish Swirl and Fuji together could already be a pretty good and simple recipe.
So i had the idea to use CDS only as a top note.But the challenge was to find something that binds to this ingredient and is strong enough to cut through the fruit mix without overtaking it.Pretty soon i found that TPA Pie Crust could be a good match for what i was looking for.It's not sweet,dry and strong enough to differentiate itself from the sweet fruit base.I also think it mimics the crisps quite well in this particular case.
It's a little "sharp" though at this fairly high percentage so in order to round those sharp edges a bit i used EM at 0.5%
EM also brings out some of the inner sweetnes of the fruits,which isn't a bad thing at all.

The fruit base: Fuji is the main note and Strawberry Ripe is more of a sweetening agent here.It's not supposed to be a strawberry blast which hits your palate like there is no tomorrow.The good old FA Meringue has never let me down when it comes to add some white sugar to a recipe. FA Liquid Amber was also a No-brainer.It brings some fermented,warm feel to the table which turns that fruits/meringue combo into something that has slowly being cooked and stirred for some time .Meringue and Liquid Amber together brought me the Compote taste i was going for.

The Conclusion: A sweet,warm Apple Strawberry Compote freshly made with some Cinnamon Crisps on top

Steeping:after 4 days everything comes together nicely and especially the Pie crust tones down a bit.

Sidenote:After i had the recipe together i realised the i have been using V2 of Capellas CDS.I know i'm an idiot but i hope that V1 is not completely different than V2.I don't know if you guys see it as a major mistake,but now it's too late anyway because i can't get V1 in time here.
Thanks for this awesome Competition!

Feedback would be highly appreciated especially if i won't make it into the next round!

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

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