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(TPA) Pie Crust

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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This recipe combines blackberry, blueberry, and fig all tucked in a light flaky graham crust
-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eg-8oh92TgQ


If you fancy a blueberry vape, you should give this recipe a try
After making several experiences with various blueberry flavors, I went with this combo. Is fruity, bright, authentic. And the FA Blackcurrant just blends the fruit layer.
It wasn’t easy no reach to a crumble, but I’m very happy with the final result. The TPA Pie Crust merges very well with the cookies.
The FA Nut mix is the final touch to the recipe.
Give it 5 days steep.
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Pastéis de Nata AKA Portuguese Custard Tarts. [Revisited]

A few months ago I shared a new recipe I'd been developing for a while, a Portuguese Custard Tart. Having now received a few concentrates from Wonder Flavors, I decided to give this another crack.

This new revised recipe is a lot more with what I wanted, on the draw you get a face-full of rich custard; on the exhale you are met with a nice flaky, golden, buttery pastry that lingers on the tongue.

I have included updated notes below.


This is the base for the butter pastry cup. The first batch of the new revisited recipe omitted the Funnel Cake, without it I found the pastry cup tasted raw and underdeveloped, The funnel cake adds a cooked and somewhat caramelized note to the pastry. The WF Crepe give the pastry dough more weight, it adds a nice denseness without distracting from the flaky pastry you get from WF Butter Tart.

This is obviously the custard filling, the vanilla custard and cookie dough create a nice dense custard with caramel notes, having the vanilla custard at such a high percentage means the eggy notes are pretty obvious and up there which is what I wanted, however adds a lot to the steep time. In the original recipe I used CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl to add a bit of a spicy note, this is now done with FLV Rich Cinnamon, which adds more authenticity to the profile and doesn't bog it down with too much of a bready note.

This works with the cookie dough and toasted marshmallow to create a caramelized and 'burnt sugar' taste to the custard, like it's fresh out of the oven. The toasted marshmallow was also added to fluff everything out and provide the nice mouth feel you get from the recipe.

Give this bad boy at least a 10 day steep to let the custard really come together.

As always, constructive criticism is always welcome.

If you're interested in comparing at all, the original recipe can be found at https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/53890

Updated: Version 5, I'm calling this finished.
In Glendale, CA there is a Cuban Bakery called Porto’s. They serve literally hundreds of different baked goods but among them is a favorite of my Fiancé and I, their fruit tart. The crust isn’t your traditional pie crust—it’s more like cake. The cream tastes rich like custard but isn’t too sweet. On top they put blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, kiwi, and dragon fruit. They top the whole thing with a very light apricot glaze. It’s amazing.
I used FA Kiwi as it was more of a real Kiwi flavor as opposed to a booster. At 1% it is present without being overbearing.
CAP Dragon Fruit was a bit different from my normal use of TFA Dragon Fruit but once again I’m looking for candied pieces of fruit and not flavor boosters so this worked well at 1%
FA Forest Fruit is just wonderful and covers the whole range of berries I was looking for. FA Fuji Apple complements all the fruits and brightens them up.
For the crust I used a mixture of TFA Pie Crust which is what you would normally expect from a fruit tart and mixed with the classic FW Yellow Cake. It represents the unique crust of Porto’s fruit tart perfectly.
And that cream--- not just any cream would do. I’ve fallen in love with OOO Cream (Milky Undertones) because it can be used in just about any recipe that needs a cream note without added vanilla tones or sweetness. I took this almost as high as one should possibly use it and it works great. Combined with a light use of everyone’s favorite VC, CAP Vanilla Custard v1, this made the cream rich but not too sweet just like the real deal. The vanilla notes of CAP VC fortunately get lost in the mix and is just barely detectable.
Finally to top it all off, a very light usage of FA Apricot for the glaze.
Best after two weeks. This one benefits from a steep but if you insist on S&V, microwave it for 5 seconds.

What is there to say, it's all there apple pie with vanilla ice cream. Mix it up


mIXATHOn Pie crust to kick up the pastry note and pear candy to brighten up and moisturize the apple in the mix.

Sweet Cookies with Peach and Apricot.

Sugar Cookie FW - The recipe started with this concentrate, it was mostly an effort to see how this conc works instead of the CAP version and it worked well according to my taste.

Pie Crust (TPA)/Cookie (FA) - I used Pie Crust to make the cookies more crusty and hard to the mouth and FA Cookie is there to enrich the cookie flavour of this recipe.

This is a bit of a weird one for sure.
For me 9 times out of 10 I get off to chase a profile based on things I crave to eat but can't eat at least on a regular basis, so this one came about do to the fact my family is ALWAYS cooking buttered biscuits and serving them with honey butter. One day I walked into the house after getting off work and right as I opened the door the smell just knocked me over, the entire house smelled like homestyle buttery biscuits fresh out of the oven and that's when I decided I wanted to try in recreate that as a vape.
This tows the line of savory and sweet, and it's not an ADV for sure, at least not for me. But something about it makes it nice when you want something different that your normal fruits and creams or such.

JF Biscuit/TFA Pie crust/FLV Sweet dough/FLV fried dough/CAP cereal 27
Unsurpringly these make up the biscuit. JF Biscuit is a great flavor, very buttery but seems more like a cracker style "biscuit" than a homestyle biscuit, but the combo of the TFA Pie crust and FLV sweet dough add body and layers to it, turning it more to a soft, raised, doughy biscuit, the FLV Fried dough and CAP cereal 27 add the crisped, browned top and bottom of the biscuit taking it to a fully baked biscuit instead raw/semi cooked dough. Keep in mind the FLV Fried dough is stupid strong and you're looking at around 1 drop per 10 ml's.

FLV Milk & honey/FA honey/TFA butter
These three make the honey butter, TFA butter and FA honey is pretty obvious, but they don't work without the Milk & Honey. M&H works as a emulsifier of the to, toning down some of the floral notes of FA honey and softing the in you face buttery taste of TFA butter, melding them together into a compound honey butter that's melted over top of the biscuits.

This one is a steeper for sure. Don't even try it till for at least 7 days please, the FA honey still stands out way to much and get's weird, plus the yeast flavor from FLV fried dough won't fully sit down and those two together aren't pleasant. But at the 2 week mark it really starts to simmer down and come together. 3 weeks is it's best, but 2 weeks is doable if you really want.

I know the the FLV dough's aren't going to be super popular flavors, so if anyone is curious to try them out I would suggest www.diyvaporsupply.com for them, they sell 10ml bottles for a bit less than the typical 15ml FLV bottle price. Sweet dough can be used higher so 10ml won't last as long but Fried dough is super potent and I'd suggest making a 10% dilution of it to make it easier to work with so that one will last forever.

A lemon tart

Flavor Notes