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(TPA) Pie Crust

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I wanted to make something with a bite in it with ry4 as it always seems so cloying to me. So added pomegranite and cranberry and then for a base creme and merengue and biscuit and pie crust and then added some toasted almond to make it more interesting and lemonade cookie because I figure cranberry needs a citrus with it but nothing necessarily strong. I think this probably is going to be too sweet for me and now I'm wondering why I needed to put cremes in this LOL Those might be cloying on their own. I think I will start over - but this is where I keep my recipes and who knows maybe this will be great.


Flavor Profile:

A dark, smokey caramel cream pie.

Flavor Notes:

  • FA Cookie - Used to help bring out the crust notes, and add some nice AP style bakery notes
  • CAP French Vanilla - This concentrate is used for the creamy vanilla pudding style pie filling. I chose french vanilla because its a bit of a darker vanilla which i thought would pair well with the caramel and smokey ry4 notes.
  • TFA Pie Crust - Main pie crust note
  • TFA RY4 Double - This is the main star of the show, and the concentrate i wanted to build this recipe around. Using it at a rather high percentage and it seems to be working quite nicely. Seems to take a few days to really settle into the mix properly, but once it has steeped for a little while it really blends nicely with the other flavorings in this recipe.
  • CAP Super Sweet/Sweetener - With dessert style recipes, i always like to add a touch of sweetener to get that nice sugary dessert flavor. This is an optional addition to the recipe, but I find it really helps it out. I personally prefer 0.25% of super sweet.

Other stuff:

So im still working on other batches of this recipe, and this was the first one that i came up with for this profile. I wasnt expecting it to turn out as nicely as it did, so after vaping the last of my bottle today i really wanted to share it. If anyone has any suggestions on how i can take this recipe to the next level, i would love to hear your ideas. Im still rather new to mixing so any help or tips are much appreciated! I think I kinda got lucky on this one.

be very challenging week. Borrowing a trick from sad lad for that granulated sugar coating. I have been under the weather this week and can't taste anything so I'm not sure if I pulled it off. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

If you'd like to participate in the Year of Mixing find the Flavor-Pro group and join us for our weekly challenge - all mixers welcome - and there will be some prizes. You can find more information here http://flavor-pro.com/the-year-of-mixing/

caramel and marshmallow with a bunch of chocolate and coffee to balance it in pie crust with vanilla ice cream base

mostly cream and yogurt this has got cherry and black current more as back notes and with pie crust for crunch

After the hype of Vape Train becoming more present I had a little experiment with VT Honeycomb and VT Milk Chocolate and went for a Crunchie Chocolate bar profile.

This should be tasty will all the fun stuff in it - we shall see

sweet berry and ice cream pie with a touch of caramel


This was inspired from the monthly clone challenge, Taruto by Yami Vapor put on by ID10-T over on reddit. This is not a clone but it inspired me to mix a Portuguese Custard Tart. A traditional Portuguese custard pastry that consists of a crème brûlée-like custard caramelized in a crust. The INW Creme Brulee has a caramelized sugar, slight egginess, thick, fresh, creamy texture. I couldn't imagine a custard tart without CAP Vanilla Custard in the mix. The FA Catalan cream brings the filling together with its dulce de leche like flavor (caramel and hint of cinnamon). The Biscuit and Pie Crust combines for a nice crust.

A Fig and Hony Christmas Tart! Made for #The Christmas Mix. Enjoy. Please join us in benefiting St. Judes


Flavor Notes