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(TPA) Philippine Mango

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This's the discontinued Canary Coulis recipe that Charlie Noble posted on their blog. Haven't mixed this one up yet, but looks fairly tasty.

The blog post didn't give any sort of steeping time. I'd recommend a week, just to be safe.

Reddit thread;

Original blog post here;

Peaches & cream whipped up and stuffed inside little pie crust raviolis that have a hint of cinnamon & sugar to balance out this pie crust just right for these delicious cookies.

I got inspiration from CheebaSteeba's recipe, Mango Lassi.

A Mango Lassi is a yogurt based mango smoothie. I worked on this for a while and I'm proud to share it.

The breakdown of the recipe:

Yogurt Base:

-Creamy Yogurt (CAP)
-Greek Yogurt (TFA)
-Cream Fresh (FA)


-Philippine Mango (TFA)
-Golden Eye (NR/PUR)*
-Sweet Mango (CAP)
-Mango (FLV)

*Golden Eye (NR/PUR) - This is a sweet, an almost tangy mango all mixed into one. It's a great blender flavor and is very smooth. Works great to help with the top note for the mango. Love this flavor.
-If you don't have Golden Eye, mix it without it. It's still delicious. Then when your at Nic River, pickup a bottle, mix this up with it and see the magic happen.

Mango Enhancer:

-Lime Tahity Distilled (FA)
-EM from Sweetener (TFA)

Low Pass Filter:

-Vanilla Swirl (TFA)


-Honey (FA) 1 drop per 15ml (used original Flavour Art bottle)
*If you don't like honey, then omit this flavor.
-Sweetener (TFA)


MTS Vape Wizard (FA) - 1 Drop per 10ml (used an original Flavour Art bottle)
*This is not a must have but it helps the recipe.

This is my first post on ATF and wanted to make it a good one. A big thank you to Wayne for introducing me to this great art, and everyone I have learned from. I began mixing when Wayne first started his channel and love it to this day.

I mix this anywhere from 60-70 VG. All the ingredients are important in this recipe and make it work.

*Update 2/11/18 : I have tried to remix this recipe using less ingredients, numerous times, and I can't come up with one as good as this version.

Feedback is welcomed. If you mix this recipe and give me a review, in return, I will mix a recipe of yours and give you an honest review. Enjoy!


Hot Tamales, the classic chewy, spicy jelly candy, now comes in a tantalizing new variety: Hot Tamales Tropical Heat. Unlike the purely cinnamon originals, these new Tropical Heat Hot Tamales come in three fruity flavors: Limon Fever, Pineapple Picante, and my favorite, Mango Tango.

3% CAP Jelly Candy + 0.5% TFA Cinnamon Red Hot (no PG) + 1% TFA Sweetener. This is your classic Hot Tamale flavor. The candy starts off sweet and then the heat builds as you chew. It creeps up slowly, mostly hitting the back of your throat, followed by just a little burn around the sides of your tongue. The spicy cinnamon continues to build with each piece, so the more you eat, the more you feel the heat, until your tongue sizzles four or five pieces in. This vapes the same way. Weigh the TFA Cinnamon Red Hot carefully; it’s a powerful ingredient and being even one-tenth of a percent off will easily be too much or too little. TFA Sweetener is NOT optional and cannot be substituted with EM or a sucralose solution; Hot Tamales need both the sugar lips effect of a little sucralose and the sweetness-enhancing and flavor-rounding properties of maltol. You get more of a homemade, pectin-based gummy treat, rather than a mass-produced jelly bean-type candy, without the TFA Sweetener.

CAP Sweet Mango has the density and depth to infuse this recipe with mango flavor and the CAP Jelly Candy interacts with it in a way that curbs its tendency to taste like cloyingly overripe, fast approaching rotten, fruit. However, it’s still not quite vibrant and fresh enough to mimic the burst of bright mango flavor you get as soon as the sugary shell of a Mango Tango Hot Tamale crumbles on your first bite. TFA Philippine Mango is too weak to lead any mango profile without using a ton of it and bringing along a gnarly chemical off-note, but the addition of it here gives CAP Sweet Mango’s fleshy flavor a brighter, more nectary taste like the candy's mango flavor.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: DOD WORLD MIXERS II Round 2

Fruity Juicy Iced Tea. A refreshing blend of peach, mango and pineapple with a light tea background.

Work in progress fresh tropical smoothie, this tastes like tropical fruits blended with milk

A Mango Lassi that I have been working on. Based on a recipe from reddit that I have adjusted flavoring on and added FA Cardamom! 1 drop per 15ml. Add more to your liking.

Tasty Philippine Mango and sweet creamy goodness...

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