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(TPA) Pear

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Poire belle Hélène (German: Birne Helene) On exhale you get the ripe pear which lingers with the VBIC and ends in only creamy VBIC. Dulce De Leche gives it a hint of chocolate while meringue adds a bit more depth and sweet to it.

Let it steep for one week.

Remarks welcome.


Summery, refreshing blend of pear, lime, and light frosting. For a chilled effect, add TFA Koolada 0.5-1% to your liking.


I wanted a very light fruit mix with a dash of sugar on top. Smooth strawberry with a lingering pear aftertaste. Overnight steep but longer if you want more cream. I personally enjoy it fresh!

A well-rounded summer-fruit vape. Refreshing and wonderful. Smooth but full-bodied.

Pink Guava is at 1 drop per 15mL (out of the standard FLV bottle, should be ~0.2%)


Steep: Short (1-2 days)

Tasting notes:

Strawberry Ripe and Apricot provide a smooth and heavy base for the lighter flavors to sit on.

Juicy peach, Pear, and Guava have potent and upfront top notes that punch your tongue on the inhale.

Sweet and tangy honeydew on the exhale.

Snake Oil my way.

This got a lot of love on ELR...so there's that.

A close variation of placid. *TFA Strawberry

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