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(TPA) Pear Candy

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Used in 96 recipes at an average of 1.895%.


13 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

I remember as a kid, placing my coin into the gumball machine then slowly turning the release handle and quickly pulling out the chute cover and grabbing hold of my gum ball before another kid had the chance to put their grubby little mitts on it. I'd run away with it clasped in both hands. Once I scanned the area to see if I was safe, it was then and only then that I would wish for it to be an orange flavored gumball.
And this is what made me think of an orange flavored gumball recipe.

The (TPA) Bubblegum (fruity) is the main profile at a very safe 5% in this mix, I did try it at 4% but it was a little too weak. It does bring the authentic bubblegum flavor and a little bit of chalkiness which you do find in a real candied bubblegum. I'm only getting a very mild fruitiness from this flavor.
You can use this flavor as a stand alone at around 8 to 10 % too.

Whilst you may find the use of the (TPA) Orange Cream a little strange, it's the orange and the candy that is expressing it's self within the bubblegum that makes the orange gumball into what I wanted, not to forget the cream, which is acting like a little juice carrier here.
A word of warning, if you still have this mix around in 10 to 14 days time, it's gonna pop stronger and really knock your socks off.
You can use this flavor as a stand alone at around 8 to 10 % too.

So what role does the (TPA) Pear Candy play? I wanted a little more candy flavor and I know that pear can be juicy and do nice things to an orange, why else would you have them both in a punch bowl?
You can use this flavor as a stand alone at around 3 to 10% too.

Inhale, exhale, same same, you get, a juicy orange flavored gumball.
A Top Shelf Gumball that you can shake 'n' vape, steep for 3 days for some added pop or leave it alone for 10 to 14 days and it will knock ya socks off.


Check out what DIY Downunder has to offer:

An attempt to recreate a wonderful fruity/minty vape, Philosopher's Stone, by La Vap Shop.

This recipe was developed for pod devices, though tastes pretty wonderful in a dripper. Mixed at 50/50, you'll certainly get more flavor.

The inhale is minty -- think spearmint, wintergreen. The longer you inhale, the 'harsher' the minty throat hit. Its a pleasant kind of harsh.
The exhale is fruity -- peary, berry, fairly refreshing.

This recipe works fine as a shake and vape, and I couldn't discern much differences after vaping it a week later.

This recipe was made for a challenge, which you had to use TPA Papaya at 7% and TPA Rainbow Sherbet at 2.4%, the challenge was set by SydneyVapour.com in the DIY Downunder face book group. As part of that challenge, you were only allowed to use the TPA/TFA concentrates that are available from SydneyVapour.com. With those rules in place there was a great selection to chose from.
With the Papaya being the biggest player in this recipe you'd expect it to be over powering but it's not. The Papaya plays very nicely with all of his little companions. On the inhale the Papaya is slightly in the lead on a mild note, then his juicy friends are right behind him and all at the same time. It's a lovely moist and juicy, not so tropical inhale. The exhale is almost the same and you are left with a refreshing feeling. If I did have a TPA Meringue I would have used it at around .5% for a chewy center and also a small amount of sweetener would not have gone astray. But it is what it is and it's actually refreshing, I find myself picking it up and vaping on it just as you would pop a piece of gum or candy in your mouth for a refreshment. I see it as a Papaya flavored juicy fruit with a nice light bubblegum factor. Tested on an rda.

Soda base adds the fizzy bite.

Wild melon, watermelon, watermelon candy make the base watermelon flavor.

Pear candy adds the body.

Yumberry adds slight tartness to the soda base.

Dragonfruit helps lift the watermelon candy making it a bit brighter.

Cotton candy adds to the candy quality.

Add whatever about of sweetner you prefer.

This was made for a DIY Down under face group mixers challenge in which pear needed to be the main ingredient. if you are interested in joining the monthly challenges you can find the DIY down under group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/diydownunder/

Top note: I wanted the pear to stand out in this mix not the cream so pear candy will boost the FA pear nicely. and also add some sweetness to the mix

mid note: Hangsen ice cream has an almost caramel buttery note @ 1.5-2%. which is what I wanted to add to support the golden syrup and buttery note The FA custard combined with the ice cream and sweet coconut create a lighter cream base that I was after ..( the coconut is not necessary but it adds a bit of sweetness and fluffiness ) NOTE: can sub out regular FA custard but will give you a bit a citrus note which actually works to bring the the pear forward.

base : The shortbread and cookie create the buttery crust for the mix and add the base notes. The fig and golden syrup contrasts the brightness of the pear and create a fig glaze that coats the pear.

This is a very nice mango vap it is very sweet right you get done mixing it but much better after 5 days

Delicious Strawberries with orange cream and pear undertones that will keep your taste buds guessing. The Cap Dragon Fruit is used here to pop the strawberries. Tfa Pear Candy adds the moisture and that spectacular back note of pear. You really have to mix this up for yourself and see just how good the Cap Orange Creamsicle works with strawberries . Enjoy!


This recipe is simple yet spectacularly delicious. Sweet juicy berries picked from the forest with a dollop of yogurt. I could picture this being Bigfoot's all day snack.

The caramel apple from our challenge episode of SaturDiy'ing with fresh03 and friends.

A frosted cinnamon sugar donut filled with with delicious baked apple filling.

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