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If you love Monkey Mix Papio by Twelve Monkeys you should check this one out.

8% CAP Golden Pinapple because I'm pretty sure this is the main pineapple note in the original. I'm going this high because it's a really light flavor.
Golden Pineapple is my favorite Pineapple flavor but it's really light and doesn't have a lot of body to it. That's why I layered it with TPA Pineapple.
2% TPA pineapple to give it body.
2% Sweet Guava to help the Golden Pineapple stand up against TPA Pineapple.
.7% CAP Double Apple to get that moisty mouthfeel.
.5% CAP supersweet (optional)

I'm mixing for a few years now. Most of my mixes are based on premium juice profiles.
My recipes are remixes and not clones. In my attempts to remix these juices I'm always trying to make
it as good as, or even better than the commercial juice without the loads of sweetener these companies throw in.

Give it a try and enjoy ....................................

Original Scotch Pears used River Supply's Honey Oats, that flavor may or may not be accessible soon. So I had to tinker and tweak but I think I have it back where it belongs. Either way this recipe is delicious. Comments welcome.

Very simple fruit mix of all core AKA Pome fruits. Apple, Pear, Quince. I slapped some percentages together where I thought they would best fit for a rounded mix. Although this is an all fruit mix, it seems to need a few days to mellow out to something enjoyable.

Basic Coconut and Pear mixed with Bavarian Cream

I used WF Bavarian Cream for this recipe because it's delicious, but it also doesn't have the stronger caramel or brown sugar notes you get with many of the other BCs.

For Coconut I'm using both FLV Sweet coconut because as it's named, it's sweet, and delicious, and a little Coconut Custard to help bring a smoother coconut flavor, and sit well with the bavarian cream.

For pears, I've got the SSA Ripe Pear providing a majority of the body for a fresh pear, and am using the TFA Pear to bring a little of the floral top notes you'd expect from a fresh pear, as well as FA pear to provide a little more pear flavor, and add some juiciness to the pear.

Super Sweet could be optional, however I like the additional sweetness it brings, and it also helps stave off a little dryness.

This tastes fairly good when vaped right after a shake, but after a week long steep you're left with a smooth creamy light sweet coconut and pear cream that I find thoroughly enjoyable.


Light and creamy earthy peaches, pears, and papaya with a mild throat hit

I started this recipe in 2017. Back then Lord Nimbus Elixirs made a flavor called Prestige. They described it as "Caramelized Pears in a Golden Nut Cluster". It was amazing. This is a remix of sorts as well as a truly original recipe. My aim through the years has always remained true to the profile. Here I have Caramelized Pears in a Nut Cluster and dripping with Butterscotch. Please don't be fooled by the number of ingredients, this is a very enjoyable vape. I hope this recipe brings you much joy......

A recipe for u/Tunguch on Reddit. You said you have some TFA flavors so add the pear if you have it :))

Unintentional juicy chewing gum was aiming for something completely different and ended up with a copyrighted chewing gum.


This isn't really meant to mimic anything, it's just supposed to be delicious. If you must give it a "profile," I suppose we could call it a spiced pear torte with butterscotch cream sauce.

This recipe is a mash-up between my Titanic recipe and Foment_life's DAAPled Pears.

As soon as I tried his pear trinity I knew I wanted to try transplanting it to a different base, not that DAAPled Pears wasn't already perfect, but just to see how it might work as a plug-and-play. I took out Foment's cream base, which I hear is also super portable, and replaced it with the pair of CAP bakeries I used for Titanic. However, after steeping and trying it, it seemed to have a hole in it. I stared at that hole until right shape to fill it came to mind, and that shape was FW Butt Rip.

Pear Halves with Vanilla Ice Cream and Cookie crumble topped with Caramel sauce and some boozy Bourbon.
Best after 7 days.

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