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(TPA) Peanut Butter

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Used in 2135 recipes at an average of 3.946%.


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A rich and decadent toffee that I can vape all day based on Folkart’s recipe, The Real Cookies and Cream.

damnit wayne! ive been working on this juice for 2 months, then you had to suggest TFA bananas foster. off to BCV i go, tested and holy freholes batman thats the guy! best christmas ever!

in the original im SURE they are using TFA bananas foster as “honey” and it should die off quite a bit after a steep becoming a pretty convincing honey flavor.

this recipe tastes damn close (tested side by side). i am sure TFA VBIC is in there as i am sensative to its cardboard notes, and that funk that i get seems matched at 4% with the advantage of adding weight, and rounding out the throat hit of bananas foster. it does however seem to be missing some bakery??? towards the top end that adds a toasted (almost burnt) bread quality. i used 2% TFA cheesecake (graham crust) because it seems they are only using TFA and it works pretty well bringing a bit of that sour dairy i was looking for with a prominent cookie and just a hint of coconut that i always swore i tasted in M&H - may just need to be bumped up to 3%. still might need a graham cracker, likely TFA’s, but it could be FW’s, CAP sugar cookie, or even just AP. i will be trying a small percentage of TFA gingerbread cookie in the next week.

This is my take on Jennifer Jarvis’s recipe. Unfortunately, I didn’t have all the flavors on hand to mix hers so I changed it up a bit. My palate is not nearly as refined as hers, but this worked well for me. Oh yeah, I’m a sucker for FW yellow cake so there’s that...and yes I know about how bad it is to vape, but using it every now and then is okay. If you don’t like yellow cake try subbing it with tres leches. Anywho, thanks Jennifer for all the awesome recipes and flavor notes. I’m a big fan!

Here’s the link to Jennifer’s recipe: https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/53069#choco_coffee_peanut_candies_by_jenniferjarvis

This is a nice well balanced textured Peanutbutter and chocolate cupcake. Taste Good on the Shake. Great after 3 day steep. Mixed at 60/40. Nice and sweet just like I want it to be. Plus this uses my absolute favorite chocolate concentrate. If you.
Never had inw Chocolate Cream it’s. A must have.


A beautiful smooth peanut butter in the front with heavy cream and custard notes underneath. Not too sweet.

Surprisingly good right away, but develops nicely after a about a week.

Inspired by munday78 g

Became too sweet after steeping, could not taste peanut butter at all.

Dropped the EM and reduced the Toasted Marshmallow and reduced Custard.
Am hoping these reductions will bring the Peanut butter out.

Saline solution 1drop per 10ml

In future revisions, consider lowering the PB and adding other nuts. Perhaps FW Butter Pecan


Vanilla Bean Cheesecake like the kinda you get at Cheesecake Factory
Video here ->


Quick and simple Banana Nut bread Covered in peanut butter.

Banana Nut Bread Is the main profile and using a little bit of vanilla cupcake helps to fluff it up
Banana cream accentuates the banana flavor and adding creaminess to the peanut butter
GCC helps to sweeten up the recipe a bit without providing the cookie feeling.
CDS gives it a nice twist from regular banana nut bread


Semi-tobacco (RY4 styled) with peanut butter and hazelnut cream.


I love to have this vape in the morning with my coffee. Perfect amount of Flavor just a great Vape. Steep 3-5 days for greatness.


This is a great cookie recipe. Perfect for desert. It has the perfect amount of sweetness. Good off the Shake. Great after 5 days.

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