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Added sweetener and tons of flavoring to the original Betsy. It came out amazing.

Just a real nice little two flavor banger, I've tried it with a couple drops per 30ml super sweet too, its also nice but personally prefer it without, enjoy.

Cyclone paddle pop (icy pole/ice block) not a fan of coolant but works if you’re into that kinda thing

I developed this flavor chasing TNT by timebomb. I did not succeed in cloning that, but i made something better! Strawberry, apple, peach and chilled as cold as Hel. I think this can be better, and have a V2 in the works, but this mix is great shake and vape.

A reformulation of The Ringer by MrBurgundy.

The FLV Peach Gummy was giving me too much strange chalkiness and throat hit at 3%. I like my FA Peach White slightly higher. Added 1.5% TFA Peach Juicy because it pairs so well with FA Peach White.


The day I single flavor tested my Yoghurt Drink I knew I wanted to mix some peaches in there, so this is what I've come up with after 3-4 variations, While not perfect I think this is a damn delicious vape.
VT Yoghurt Drink @ 3.75 Brings a really nice creamy vague citrus/lemon flavor
Juicy Peach & Peach White make together for a good, yet calm combo. I prefer my peach to be a bit light, so I kept both at & under 2%.
VT Sugarloaf Pineapple was originally meant to be used as a "Sweetener", but ontop of sweetening the flavor it also brightened the light citrusy notes in Yoghurt Drink.
I personally don't think CAP/FW/FLV Sweetener is necessary but feel free to add some!
Shake and vape is quite nice but an overnight steep really ties it all together. Would love to hear feedback.

This is a different kind of macaron. Imagine a peach flavoured meringue with an almond butter filling and you're pretty close to the flavour of this recipe.

You don't see almond in the ingredients but it's there, details below.

I think the super sweet could go higher, perhaps 0.5-0.75% but I've yet to try that out.

The idea behind this recipe is to extract the components of a macaron with what I have on hand.

The two peaches and the dragonfruit all contain benzaldehyde, the molecule that gives an almond flavour. Having all three fairly high brings a strong almond note.

The meringue is well... The meringue.

The peaches were the only fruits I have on hand that I know definitely contain benzaldehyde. I don't want this to be juicy like a drink but to have the essence of peach, so the regular peach is higher than the juicy. The juicy peach is more "peachy" than the other however, so I think it's needed.

The dragonfruit also contains triethyl citrate to blend the fruits with the meringue and generally act as an emulsifier and is especially high to contribute as much benzaldehyde (almond) as possible.

The glazed doughnut adds the sweet icing sugar note and the sweeteners the granulated sugar notes.

I'm very happy with how this turned out!

A light milky custard with a discrete but tasty peach accent. Good after 24hr....don't know if it's good after 1 week or more because each time it's gone before that haha! Enjoy


Light and creamy earthy peaches, pears, and papaya with a mild throat hit


Imagine this: you just got your first DIY order. Like an idiot, you bought random flavors that sound good instead of buying for recipes. You mix up something disgusting and throw it straight in the trash after smelling it. Maybe it’s time to spice it up a little bit? You look in the liquor cabinet because why not throw some vodka in there? You can’t find any so you go looking for your secret stash under the sink. Success! It’s there. Looking in the bottle, it seems a little cloudy but you think nothing of it. With a sigh, you grab the bottle out of the trash and open ‘er up. You only filled the bottle 2/3 of the way so you fill up the rest with what you believe is vodka, throw it in an RDA, and take a pull. Oh my god, your lungs burn! What was in that bottle?? You sniff it and can’t tell what it is, so you start sippin’ on Straight Chlorine.

This is a delicious blueberry peach lemonade. The original was mixed up with some guys on the discord (sorry if this was you! I don’t remember who helped me and discord won’t let me search that far back!). The second version was made with the help of wolfwheeler using samples of the trinities. And the third is of my own devices using my new favorite blueberry flavor: FA Blueberry Juicy Ripe.

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