(TPA) Papaya

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Inspired by the famous Morning Yogurt from DC (Brazil), this recipe is a well balanced fruit yogurt using accessible flavors. Simple but pleasant. Is more fruity and less papaya on the top. Give it a try! There's more room for improvements, but this recipe was mixed with ordinary flavors to be accessible and easy to mix.

Yogurt FW and Greek Yogurt TPA make the yogurt base, creamy and spot on the sourness. Banana Cream TPA brings more cream and adds fruit to the base. Fuji Apple FA and Strawberry Sweet CAP works to the top note, and Papaya TPA puts a touch of flavor on the body. SS CAP on 0.75 is necessary to make all the fruits shine.

Trying to recreate Hawaiian Punch. Pretty good starting point?

Made on Live Mixing:


Shoutout to @mlnikon for one of the best recipes on the site hands down. Mixed countless juices and In a Godda Da Vida holds legend status for a reason. It's such a unique and thought out juice and just 5/5. I can get down with almost every one of Emily's mixes. Check her and @mixenvixens stuff out.
I wanted a little twist on it and stumbled across Da Vida Loca by @MediocreVibes and I felt like he killed it with mango as the addition. This is my take on it and it's not much of a change but it's a fresh enough take to check out if you have the flavors and love the original as much as I do.
You can do without the Pear and Hibiscus if you need to.
V1 had INW Cactus in place of Pear at .5%.

Vaping on 3mm 6-8 wrap .5ohm AVS SS Triple Fused Claptons in a Kylin Mini II 77%VG at 45-55w


Earthy TFA Jackfruit and TFA Papaya work so well together with a touch of FA Lime Tahity (cold pressed). FA Pear keeps that earthy taste wet while adding to the tropical vibe. TFA Marshmallow sweetens without additional sweeteners and a touch of INW Shisha Vanilla just works to turn this into a sweet and fruity island drink. Original recipe had 1.5% TFA Vanilla Swirl instead so if you don’t have Shisha Vanilla feel free to sub. SNV certified.

exotic limonade with a little cool touch // still in progress version

With warmer weather coming soon I wanted to start mixing some Tropical citrus recipes and with the amazingly fresh taste of Vape train Fizzy sherbet fit the bill in this monstrosity of a mix (FA) Pear added @ 1% to add that extra juicy flavor..the rest is pretty straightforward.


Light and creamy earthy peaches, pears, and papaya with a mild throat hit

Papaya don't peach I used a lot of sweetener was looking to make a fruity commercial style juice vanilla custard at ajust under half a percent gives some dappy goodness without over powering the recipe

Using the original Beast Mode recipe as a base, added some INW Cactus to change add some extra juiciness to the recipe.

-TPA Papaya - I wanted Papaya to be the top note here, and being such a strong flavor, 2% fits the bill. It's a nice almost candy like Papaya flavor

-TPA Cantaloupe - Helps brighten up and add more tropical notes to the Papaya

-TPA Pomegrante - Adds a little bit of tartness to the overall flavor

-TPA Dragonfruit - Used as an emulsifier to blend everything together

-CAP Super Sweet - Use at your preferred level.

-INW Cactus - levels out the rest of the mix a little and adds some juiciness as well

Tested on Citadel with 3.5mm, 0.22Ω, 28ga Badazd Super Flat Quad coil at 55w

I was trying to make my own pog and this came out! To me it's a tropical bubblegum pog! I didn't try it as a s&v I let it steep for 5 days and I cannot stop vaping it! Rick's sugar daddy is pretty high at 2% I guess but the last time I used it at 1% it did nothing for me...now at 2% it's right where I like it. I'm not a big fan of fruit eliquid but I think this one gonna be in my rotation for quite a bit! Enjoy!

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