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(TPA) Orange Cream

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Used in 965 recipes at an average of 2.824%.


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Apricot-cream lollipops, ladies and gentlemen! And another use for that FW Hard Candy! Credit goes to SadPandaVapes for posting the recipe that gave me the base profile here: https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/547quj/weekly_recipe_pomcitrus_lolipop/

I tweaked this based on my stash and the idea to come up with an apricot one. The result is akin to what an apricot creamsaver could taste like. Delicious right away. The Hard Candy should settle down a bit and the custard should thicken some more after a steep. The apricot should become more assertive as well. The 'cream' element is mainly incorporated for mouth feel. Feel free to play with it if you would like it to actually be creamy.

My recipe from February 2017 Recipe Thread on Reddit.

It is one sweet recipe (both in terms of it cuteness and actual sweetness).

Profile: a creme brulee with a slice of pink guava / grapefruit inside the caramel crust.
The body: the soul of a recipe is INW Creme Brulee - it is nice, fully developed creme brulee flavour with decent caramel / burnt sugar notes. I used FW Butterscotch Ripple to support it and make the body a little bit round and caramel-y.

The slice: FLV Pink Guava is a pretty straightforward guava / grapefruit, and it will fight the brulee-caramel body in your very mouth. Which is good, because this is what I aimed for. A drop of TPA Orange Cream to make it even more sour and flashy.

The accents: Vanilla Custard v1 makes the whole bouquet a little more buttery and creamy, without extending it into even more caramel-y zone. And TPA Peach (Juicy) helps with a tricky aftertaste: I've found that this pairing (flv pink guava + inawera creme brulee) gives some almost-peachy aftertaste, so I used some TPA Peach (Juicy) to make that ghost a real thing. Because it was annoying to almost taste peach but not taste it at the same time.


This was made the other day on the fly and turned out pretty damn good IMO. I was leaving for work and had no juice to vape. So made this up. When I got off work I spent some time to perfect it.

CAP. Sweet tangerine and TFA orange cream is obviously the orange in the tic tac. These two together are not quite the exact flavor you get from a tic tac but I didn't want that wierd sour after taste that the candy can leave.

CAP. super sweet is obviously the sweetener here so sting less than a percent is just right.

CAP lemon lime. Now when I left for work this wasn't in the recipie I made. After vaping it for 10 hours and it was good, it was still missing something. As soon as I picked this off my self I knew this was it. It gives it that citrus flavor and at 1.75% it still doesn't give that wierd after taste.

So a mix and a good steady shake this is great. But 2 days is perfect

Feel free to give any ideas to see if you think it could be better.


I have been playing with the LA Banana Cream/INW Cactus combo for a little while now. Always craving a unique flavor profile, I decided to make a cactus-banana-pineapple smoothie.

I would give this 10 days to develop into a tasty, decadent treat.
See full notes here: https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/55d4en/october_2016_recipe_thread/d8gruy4


!!!! Updated!!!!! The addition of orange cream really Mary's the icing to the all the recipes. After vaping through 30 milliliters of the original in less than 24 hours I knew I was a fan of this recipe. The addition of orange gives you a lovely contrast and a little bit of that fruit flavors making this already great recipes even more addicting. Be sure to check out the original!!!! Fairly quick steep time on this one joy needs at least 24 hours to blend in with everything else after that it's good to go.

Sweet chewy peachy RINGS need i say more? this is version 2 better than the first but still needs work the only reason im sharing is so that maybe YOU can crack the code and get it past 90%


Needs a week steep to properly shape up and smooth out. The idea here was to have cantaloupe inform mango with some creaminess among a simply delicious KB/TM combo. Add a bit of FLV cream or FA Fresh Cream if you want more of a creamy texture. Some TFA Vanilla Swirl would be pretty good here as well.

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