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(TPA) Orange Cream

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Used in 969 recipes at an average of 2.822%.


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This is my remix based on the new Dinner Lady Orange Tart profile.

Credit goes to Daz Cole for inspiration on the pastry Tart base from his excellent lemon Tart remix.

I find the mix of FA Pandoro, INA biscuit, Cap graham cracker and AP gets as close as I can get to the pastry base used in the original liquids.

Pandoro is essential to this recipe but unfortunately is difficult to get hold of in the UK so I have had to have it shipped from ecig express in the US or from FA in Italy.

Flavour Notes:

The pastry base:

INA biscuit, Cap Graham Cracker and FA Pandoro combine to create the pastry base, I definitely taste INA biscuit in the original and when mixed with the wafer note in the graham cracker and the light buttery cake flavour from Pandoro, I feel this creates an authentic pastry which sits nicely as the base in this recipe.

I originally used this base without AP and after tasting it in the original liquid I was surprised at what a difference this made when added to the mix. It really helps to bring out the grainy notes in the pastry and helps to keep the layers separate.

The Orange Cream layer:

Tpa bavarian Cream and FA meringue are used to help bring the mix together and to also add to the creamy orange I get from the original liquid.

I think Tpa orange cream is used in the original as I get more of a creamy orange than a straight up Tart citrus flavour . At 3.5% it is prominent in the recipe however I have found it needs a lift to help keep the orange as the top note.

FA Royal Orange Juice has been added to help with this. I don't think this is in the original as this flavour has only recently been released but I like the sweet juicy orange which this flavour brings.

I like Cap super sweet at 0.6% for my recipes but this can be adapted to suit your taste.

Hope you guys enjoy and any feedback would be welcome if you mix this up.

Though typically a summer drink or brunch alternative, these are especially good for a little hair of the dog the morning after that office Christmas party that gets out of hand.

A cool glass of half hoppy homebrew and half fresh OJ. Like a mimosa, but for men. A man-mosa, if you will.

FLV Morning Mimosa's fermented orange "prison wine" flavor is what inspired this. Yakima Hops is an obvious choice, a one-of-a-kind flavor without which this would not be possible. Thank you, Flavorah, for blessing us with the Hops. FA Royal Orange is one of my favorite orange flavors and it worked better here than FW Blood Orange (too bitter), FE Sweet Orange (too sweet), and FA Blood Orange (too earthy). For the yeasty wheat breadyness of beer, FLV Lemba's Bread worked best to tie it all together. RF Baked Bread combined with Morning Mimosa was nasty hooch. And FLV Wheat turned this into barf-tastic bitter raw orange bread dough. Maybe a dilution-level amount of FLV's Sweet Dough or Fried Dough would have worked, but I didn't want to be stuck hate-vaping failed versions involving either of those, so I never attempted to use them here. From past experiences, I knew better than to even consider FA Joy. TFA Orange Cream is the reason why this thing needs the 10-day steep. That flavor takes its time getting where it's going but once it gets there, hoo boy, totally worth the wait. It rounds out the orange flavors and gives the tiny bit of frothy head on top of this Orange Shandy. WS-23, use to taste, or even leave it out. Personally, I don't care for warm beer or room temp OJ. But I also didn't want the nuances here covered up by cooling FX, so I like it at 0.3%, way down from my usual 0.75% that I'd use for an icy cold vape.

Rumblepup Steam Elixir's Cielo is a ridiculously good juice. It is a Cuban-inspired Tres Leches with pear and orange. This is really just a shadow of what the original brings to the table. It was a flavor that I could not put down. Rumblepup's entire line is unique, tropical deliciousness. This was the standout, in my opinion.

I tried to balance the fruit and creams to make a suitable remix that hit similar notes to the original . . . but, by all means, go grab a bottle of this from Rumblepup. I doubt you will regret it. He is an extremely mindful mixer and, as far as I know, does not use sweeteners in his juice.


An exotic orange & mint turkish tobacco, with a touch of ancient turkish kentucky bourbon.
Dedicated to all the crew and extras in low-budget post-apocalyptic movies.


omg guys I saw these at the store a couple of days ago so I picked a box up and I thought they were pretty good so I thought that I would try my hand at this yummy orange creamy pastry mix this up and tell me whatcha guys think thanks

This one has an odd genesis. Watched this back in 2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7noLAUMuosg. The names unicorn puke and dragon jizz sent me on a research bender. Nope. No dragon jizz to be found anywhere, other than in google image search.

Damn furries. ;P

Oddly enough, found an image belonging to a commercially available juice called Unicorn Jizz. http://stores.goodasgoldpremium.com/unicorn-jizz-ejuice/.
Couldn't bring myself to try it. Too tropical in my head for unicorns.

So, after a long discussion with friends of mine who are furries, started joking about making some. This is not the Dragon Jizz (that's still a WIP). But, since my 'sona is a cross between a kitsune, and a unicorn, and has a candy corn horn? Started noodling out what the hell that'd taste like. So here we are:

Orange, creamy as hell, and a hint of candy corn.

Now I just gotta find a dragon. It's for science >.>

This alien tasted Roswell and liked it.
Here's my swing at this strange thing.
Do try So Sour So Good (INW) instead of Sour (TPA) please, it's not in the ATF database, but it is truly amazing.
Hope you like it,

A refreshing , creamy citrus mix made of oranges, key limes, tangerines and blood oranges.

Fuzion had a flavor called "Orphan Blood" described as a orange raspberry sherbet. Only problem for me when I discovered it (and yes, I friggin' squeed when I saw it), was that the lowest they offered it at was 6 mg. At the time, I was very new but committed to my vaping habit to get me the hell off my smoking habit. But, I mentally bookmarked it for when I got down to 6 mg, since I was at 12. Figured it'd only take me like 2 months. I was right. So, with baited breath, I went to order some when I was finally sliding down to 6.


No longer on the page. It was like it never existed.

Soooo, I went prowling for reviews, and only found the one. And the guy could barely taste the raspberry?


And now, here we are. Think it's pretty good, but eh, I'll let you make the call.

Good as a SNV. Better with age. Can't verify if it's any better after 14 days, as I've never had it last that long.

A different orange cream with cardamom , pistachio and saffron. Creme brulee gives a spicy note.

Flavor Notes