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(TPA) Orange Cream

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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Something between an Orange Julius and a mango lassi. Twangy and yummy. The Orange Cream and Sweet Tangerine meld well with the mango and almost overtake it, so add more if you feel it needs it. Would love any criticisms, if you please. I want it to be perfect!


This is my take on a Lost Fog Neon Cream clone. It's not exact but I've come to like this even more than the original.

I've been mixing this for well over two years but always love criticism and suggestions to make this better.

A Greek traditional orangepie. Steep 10 days. Profile from the 5th day.

Just a delicious Pom/Orange/Ginger ale. Im damn happy with both combos of pom and orange in this. The ginger ale is definitly prominent, but more in a syrupy way...if that makes any sense? Again, sweetener is on you and a bit of coolant would be great

I really love the WF Peach pie and cream flavor so i decided to build my butterfly kisses around it. It's a little weak so i paired it with one drop Peach and to give it a little boost I added the orange cream tpa. All built over the beautiful flavor VBIC by FW with a little added cream fa Vienna cream. I seen the first yellow butterfly yesterday so this recipe reminds of the delicate and beautiful kiss of a butterfly 🦋

While I am putting this up for the contest this is an untested recipe. Okay for the flavor-pro-year-of-mixing challenge week 19 - my take on a drink that has gin in it - which I don't like gin so I'm swaping that for my take on vodka which is made up of hops/moscato (not really very vodka-like but I couldn't find my black tea darnit) - then the drink has peach, an orange cordial, basil, lemon juice and soda (I'm using a combo of champagne, cream soda and orange cream but in small amounts). Off the shake it tastes alcohol-y but not very peachy or orange-y - I think it needs a steep. Or maybe more peach and orange LOL - we'll see.

This is my first original mix, though I use the term "original" loosely. It is heavily inspired by The Best Damn Loveless Orange Milk by matthewkocanda. His recipe has been one of my ADVs since I started mixing a few months ago. This week, though, I have a head cold complete with sinus congestion and a sore throat. That means it's time for me to be vaping menthol. It didn't take me long to run out of what I had on hand, but I remembered I had picked up some 10% menthol with my first batch of flavors. This would work just as well, and very possibly better, with koolada, but menthol was what I had.

I decided to try my hand at one of my favorite things from childhood that I can no longer enjoy because I got the diabeetus: Orange Julius. I altered the ratios of matthewkocanda's Orange Milk, added in some Vanilla Whipped Cream and menthol, and completely forgot to use the Vienna Cream that was in the original recipe.

An Orange Julius is much more of a frozen orange juice rather than a proper orange cream flavor, so I have the total orange flavoring at a higher ratio than the total cream flavoring. The honeysuckle and hazelnut are holdovers from the original recipe. I tried to have the orange at the front with the other flavors holding it up rather than blending into a secondary note in and of themselves. The menthol adds a touch of coolness. I could probably go higher with that, but I don't really want a minty note, so I think when/if I get around to mixing v.2.0 I try to have some koolada for that instead.

At the time I'm writing this, it's only been one day since I mixed this up, so I haven't tried it after a steep yet. So far it's good as a shake 'n' vape. Good, but I wouldn't say great. I mixed it at max VG. I would love feedback on this.

I wanted to try something along the lines of a raspberry citrus sherbert ice cream. This was pleasantly different!! It's a soft light citrus with a full mouth feel of wonderful flavor! It's great as shake n vape! My Son who is very picky and normally buys vape shop juice loved it!! He had to have a bottle and actually filled his tank n vaped it over his new store bought bottle.

I will be steeping a bottle just to see how it develops, and get back here to update.

Have a happy vape day today!! May all your juice be amazing!!!
Day 2-this is really fantastic! Very bright with a creamy light lemon tartness. Not tart like a sweet tart, tart. If light lemon cream ice cream could be sherbet. This would be the flavor. I hope you enjoy it as much as i do.


Oranges have been grown since ancient times and originated in Southeast Asia.

orange and jasmine over a cake base with some cream and buttercream to sweeten it up - straight after making it it just tastes like cake but I am hoping I put enough orange cream and jasmine in there to make a subtle orange flower taste

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